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Hitting the MTTs

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  • Hitting the MTTs

    The other day I decided to try my hand at a big field MTT for a change. I remember long ago when I barely knew what pot odds were I entered a freeroll, won it and earned me a hefty 15 bucks. Ever since, I occasionally tried one and never got much done.

    So today after a rather nasty cash game session I decided to sign up for a 10 cent MTT with $50 added. It's also a turbo, frankly something I don't play too often, but I wanted to do a big MTT and I didn't wanna sit at the table all night. So it made for a nice combo. In the end, 3670 people entered, creating a prize pool of $417 with $57 going to the winner and 765 people get paid. A nice prospect. Actually, that was the big thing I liked about the MTT. Over 1 in 5 get paid, and so I gave myself a decent chance to cash. Also - we hit the bubble 5 minutes before the first break. In other words: it's a pretty quick structure so even if I run deep, I won't have to pull an all-nighter to finish it.

    Now I'll have to go review the entire hand history if I wanna see how I played. I do recall one badly played hand where I got lucky and it vaulted me into a position where I could actually set my sights on at least cashing. Some guy to my left and UTG+1 opened for 2 x and I shoved on him with KQ suited and he decided to call me off. I hated that. Fortunately, I caught my flush on the river. The rest of the hands to my memory were pretty normal. But as I said, I'll have to go back and look at them.

    The one thing I did miss was a decent HUD. In the MTT, I was playing with the same people for a fair amount of hands, so a little info on them would be nice. I flagged a few as fish and took some notes, but the HUD would be nice. Still - there's a few more hours of play in store for me before I get my HEM2 for free.

    What surprised me most is some of the plays that were made. For instance, we're down to 350 players, blinds at 500/1000 with a 125 ante. So there's almost 3k in the pot before the cards are dealt. It's folded to me in the small blind, and I shove my 4.3k stack into the big blind. He tanks, and then calls me. That sucks since I have 8,4 suited. What's worse - he has 8,6 off. Now I know that from his perspective I'm probably stealing his blind 9 times out of 10 here, but still - calling with his hand seems extremely awful play. At best he has two live cards, and there's almost no chance he's ahead. I wonder why he was willing to risk half his stack with the garbage he showed me. Fortunately for me I hit my flush (again), but I feel that's a bit of justice - that pot should have been mine preflop. And once people get to this stage, you don't expect them to be calling off their chips with a holding as bad as what he had. Shoving from late position with it yes, but calling off? Yikes.

    Anyways, my first real MTT experience was a memorable one. I cashed, finishing in 250th place and collecting 33 cents. That's good for my ROI... (well, it increased from 1.69% to 1.75%). I'll definitely be playing more of these 10 cent Turbo MTTs.

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