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This Video's Great Because......

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  • This Video's Great Because......

    Well this will be my first blog ever, so might as well be for the Million club right! Name Is Taunto_88. Some of you may have seen me playing in tournaments and SNG's. Rarely post here on the fourms due to the fact that there is so much information to be found and read already. One thing that did stuck me is Session 3 from Dave TheLangolier "Hand reading".

    I think alot of players under-estimate the value in the ablility to hand read and range opponents. Here in this Video Dave explains key points to look for in opponents that can give off the strength of there hand. Things like Image, stack size, Pre-flop bet size, 3 bet%, type of player, Nit,lag, loose passive, position etc. If ever possible Dave will try to give examples from live events or team pros, Live tables that he him self may be playing, or written examples. " if you are playing a live event and you have Daniel Negreanu at your table, don't talk to him lol. He is very good at making small talk on trying to find the strength of your hand"

    In this video Dave explains that hand reading is a "ability" and not a "gift". This ability can be learned from anyone over time. It really gave me a new and creative way of trying to hand read opponents. Not to multi-table and stay focused on the game and your opponens and watching there play.

    One key point that Dave made in his slideshow presentation on the video was " when ever something un-expected hanppens, Stop and ask yourself, what does this mean for there range" I never thought about this too much. Now after the session I have looked back and actually started looking for this on the table. Knowing now that when i 3 bet from LP with KJs if a NIT player or TAG player 4 bets me from say the SB there is a possible chance they are holding KK, QQ, AA, AK,AQ etc, and I need to re-esses my position and cards and are possibly behind their range.

    This is what I like about Dave's videos's, not just this 1 but all of them. Great presentation, sound is always loud and clear. Points made are simple and concise. He throughly explains each and every point in the video. He asks the class questions on the topic. His class stays on point, progresses at a steady rate not moving on until everyone in the room has understand the current slide and examples.

    This video is great because of everything I have listed and my own personal views and experience but it is also very benifical video to members of all skill levels and it can be looked at it for freshening up or having a hard time ranging a certain oppponet this video can show you Key points to look for.

    I hope everyone has and will benefit from this video as much as I have. Dave is a great instructor and wonderful poker player. I look forward to future videos from Dave TheLangolier.

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    Hi Taunto_88, Blogs for this competition need to be written in the Blog Section. Any Blog written in the forum won't count as an entry. A full explaination of what you need to do for this promotion can be found in the opening post of THIS THREAD If you have further questions about this promotion please post them in the Q&A Thread. Cheers, Raiser umbup: ***closed***



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