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My blog about my road towards the top

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  • My blog about my road towards the top

    Hey guys I invite you all to read my blog if you are a cashgame player. I'll be regularly writing blogs about how I take poker and improve my play aswell keep the mentality up.

    First 2 blogs should be out. For sure 1
    Talking about my downswing of over 20buyins. and how I'm grinding it up again at lower stakes.

    I'll discuss:
    - ranges I open
    - when and why I call
    - How to take a downswing
    - How to take reads in zoom and abuse it from just seeing 1-5hands of a player.
    - And open for a lot more if you guys want it.

    Together we improve!

    Blog1: The downswing... What to do?
    Blog2: The importance of NOTES... in zoom
    Blog3: General approach with opening ranges
    Blog4: Calling ranges & postflop play with bet sizing.
    Blog5: Extra side motivator at my cashtables
    Blog6: EUR banking | bluffing | PLO grinding and comparing it with NLHE
    Blog7: The zoom Upswing!
    Blog8: Playing all the Pocket Pairs. Easy, fast & profitable
    Blog9: My last month + finally NL10 (again)

    I will stop posting my blogs here. Only the real followers of my blogs will get to read it. Or if it gets featured.
    Last edited by Sentras; Tue Dec 25, 2012, 05:59 PM.

  • #2
    hey Sentras,

    looking forward to read your blog because I'm a terrible cash game player

    good luck


    • #3
      Hey marvinsytan I seen you around on this foruma nd see you are MTT SNG player.
      I actually also come from that background. Now last year I fully put my attention to cashgames and such. More like deepstack poker.
      Last month I lost all of my bankroll due partly not efficiënt bankroll methods, and not dropping down. Which I paid the price for.

      But working my way up again, and i feel the need sharing the story and how I play. With the info's you'll read you'll be able to abuse and beat me in zoom.
      (Until I notice that you abuse me and make a note about it.)


      • #4
        I just added a 2nd part in my blog about the importance of notes in zoom and which I use. Hope you like it.


        • #5
          Hey Sentras nice blog

          just a suggestion can you paste the link here so we can all

          just click the link of your blog to read it


          • #6
            And the 3th blog is online! Have a nice read for those who want. Comments suggestions discussion improvements more than welcome!


            • #7
              And my 4th blog is online! Calling ranges & postflop play with bet sizing

              Hopefully you'll all have a nice ready of my 4key blogs for NL2 how I beat zoom 6-max. Obviously there are way better ways of approaching. But this felt to me the easy and fast way to beat it with a low variance.

              On avg I had 20-25BB every 100hands. I'm also confident this play has major leaks in it. Or missed value due my strange bettings but hey. It's how I feel I get lots of safe & good value from them.

              I'm currently looking for a new theme to blog about for NL2. Else I'll soon start my transition blog towards my NL5.
              I might also add a blog about playing drunk and how to optimize that. I played while being toxicated Some people can't help it such as myself. But I made myself some basic rules, which I can easely follow during that time. Avoiding a huge dumb in my stack the next morning Somethimes even a decent raise.


              • #8
                And I added another blog. Hope you like it.
                This time its more of a motivator tactic which seems to be working well for me. I think it can also be used in MTT SNG's. with some variants of it.


                • #9
                  And yet another got written. Hope you have a nice read.
                  Here is the blog.


                  • #10
                    Blog7 about my upswing is there

                    But mostly I made a new blog 8!!! about
                    Playing all the Pocket Pairs. Easy, fast & profitable

                    Read more here.

                    Let me know if it helps you guys or whether some other blogs improved your play!
                    Last edited by Sentras; Wed Dec 05, 2012, 04:37 PM.


                    • #11
                      Cannot get the PLO one to open I think the link is incorrect?


                      • #12
                        Strange, for me it is working fine. However that blog isn't really giving much info over PLO. If however you are intrested in starting to grind PLO I must suggest you go to:
                        Videos => advanced: lessons & omaha => search

                        You'll find only 3videos. Those 3 will let you beat the PLO microstakes without a problem! best of luck.



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