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Sam's Poker Blog - PLO Edition

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  • Sam's Poker Blog - PLO Edition

    Hey, so I was thinking of giving PLO a try! Am not terribly optimistic about my chances because cash games are still my priority, and I've heard so many stories of really great NL players finding PLO very different.

    But there's some games out there that are cheap, like the $0.10 240 player SNG. Was thinking of signing up for that when I sit down to play Zoom, and then I can give that a try at least once a night and see how that goes.

    Have no idea what I'm doing LOL! So that always makes for a fun blog

    Hope to be including stuff like:

    1. Basic Theory - starting hands, when to know when to continue or fold post-flop, raise or call, etc.

    2. Trying to Apply that stuff to the $0.10 games

    3. Any profitable players I run into and stuff I've seen them do

    4. My Results - good or bad, no matter what

    It feels a little bit scary to try playing with so many cards!! But will see how it goes

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    Awww, geez ... so it's only been like 5 minutes, and apparently I already screwed up by jumping in feet first, and then looking at the list of starting hands :/ So here's the 30 best starting hands: And the hand I played wasn't suited and except for the KK, the other two cards were kinda junk :/ Then again, I jumped into a zoom table because I just wanted to see if my HUD was working, and it wasn't. And it looks like people are as tight at 2PLO Zoom as they are at 2NL Zoom, so maybe it's okay to play a hand like KKxx, I don't know? :/ Another interesting bit from the same article I got the starting hands chart from ... it says PLO is SUPER swingy. Guess I'll need to keep the Jared Tendler book close by lol! Sam


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      Another very useful and intetesting blog Sam, for sure i will be one of the #1 reader of this as i'm really confused about omaha. Nice chart as a guide for starting hand. Looking forward to your success and some post flop thoughts. Good luck at the tables.umbup:


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        Thx Hitman I'm not getting the best feeling about this so far LOL LOL But since the tourneys are only $0.10, that means I can play one a night for a whole month and it'll only cost me $3.00! That's less than it costed me to make a deposit for those Depositor Freerolls umbup: All in good fun I guess ... we'll see how it goes, eh? lol


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          Good luck Sam and Wish you all the best.

          Keep us update.



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            Thx Hitman My plan seems to have hit some snags First is that I've got some issues with my HUD I have to get sorted out, so that will take time :/ Second is that those $0.10 Omaha SNGs aren't filling up at night ... boo (not boo scary , boo sad ) Will have to shop around and try to find the best way to get lots of practice for cheap! umbup: But maybe everything happens for a reason ... look what happened last time I got impatient and tried playing first, and learning second (see above hand :/) Anyways, found some more cool info on making a transition from NL to Omaha - some differences to look out for and stuff: And here's some more info on starting hand selection: And some info on post-flop play: Think next before I start to try playing, Im gonna look for more examples of strong flops that would be okay to go all-in with and what only looks good but isn't really. But that's a lot to digest ... maybe I should play first to get some experience, and then maybe I'll better be able to remember all this stuff? [] Good idea [x] Not I'm gonna do it! (We'll see ... ) Sam


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              nice article about omaha

              good luck and run good


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                Hi, Sam, I've been dabbling in PLO for a while now. I started originally because I have that $55 ticket from Member of the Week. I find Omaha very difficult, I like to have an actual hand before I shove lol.

                I've played a couple of the .10 PLO tourneys since I read your earlier post. I don't think most of them have any idea how to play. Pre-flop pot bets with bare pairs (like say AA72 rainbow) were common.

                They are great fun for practice, as the .10 entry is small enough that you'll never miss it. There's a video on the PS blog where Talonchick talks you through some of her PLO play. It's in a PLO8 game, but you might find it interesting.


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                  Hey, thx Marvin, thx Joy!!! umbup: I finally understand that 'inside joke' that I've heard PLO players make about some people playing like it's NL+2 ... I guess they meant people are playing with danglers, eh? LOL LOL!!! oops ... guess it's too late to erase my KKxx hand up above, since everybody's already seen it, eh? lol I had to give up on those $0.10 tables because they weren't filling up. And then I tried some of those play money games, but they're even looser than NL freerolls because like I guess apparently it's hard to be at too much of a disadvantage with a lot wider range of hands, or something like that? So there was a money who built up a huge stack early on, and then just kept shove shove shoving *every* hand ... not a lot of room for post-flop practice I guess So I tried playing the penny zoom tables, but I don't know what I'm doing lol Got impatient to just jump in and give it a try, but seeing as I'm already down $3 I guess that wasn't the best way to go about trying to learn something The Talonchick vid looks awesome!!! umbup: umbup: umbup: I should make a pledge not to play any more PLO until I've watched it first umbup: And then, I got some more detailed starting hands from the people in the beginner PLO thread at 2+2 ... they have stuff by position and how to tell between good AA, great AA and meh AA, and same with drawing hands too: Have to admit though ... those two charts are confusing the heck out of me!!! Before I start playing again, maybe I'll see if I can make them more simple so they're easier to use and stuff too? umbup: That'll be fun if there's a bunch of us trying to learn at the same time though!! Will have to see how it goes, eh? Good luck to us!! umbup: umbup:


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                    hay sam i played plo for 2 years before i took up holdem for the 6max challenge all i can say is variants so double your bankroll u use for holdem at least and bye yourself a tin hat your gunna need it piggy


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                      Be careful, PLO can be highly addictive
                      You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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                        Originally posted by PIG SICK View Post
                        hay sam i played plo for 2 years before i took up holdem for the 6max challenge all i can say is variants so double your bankroll u use for holdem at least and bye yourself a tin hat your gunna need it piggy


                        That sounds like fun

                        I'd heard that about the big swings, but I hadn't thought of that in terms of doubling my roll - which means I should probably quadruple it, since I keep playing like it's NL+2

                        I may try to get signed up for some of those $0.10 SNGs on the weekends - hopefully I don't get too addicted to those the way I got addicted to hyper-turbos


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                          Originally posted by Da Sens Fan View Post
                          Be careful, PLO can be highly addictive
                          Oh wait ... Still sounds like fun!!! umbup:


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                            PLOmaHa haha ... the First 1,000 Hands - it's Been a Real Lollercoaster Featuring a Table Appearance by PSO Pro Dag Palovic Well, so I've been on this ride before Here was my start at 2nl after moving over from STTs: So on the one hand, I guess it's nice to be break-even. And since I was able to learn to be profitable at NL cash games, perhaps there's hope that the same can happen at PLO? Thing is I'm so into nl Zoom, I haven't been reading up on PLO at all, so I don't know what I'm doing, and there isn't much hope of things changing much either if I'm not putting in any time or effort, eh? But it's been fun so far - lots of action!! And there was even a PSO Pro playing at the $0.02/$0.01 tables tonight - I guess he's just trying to learn like the rest of us, but I got so nervous when he popped up at the table, my clock timed out and got auto-folded Here's a screencap of the table - I left my HUD stats in, because it's probably already obvious I'm doing something wrong ... and playing too loose might be part of the problem I suppose The biggest thing I've learned so far was from an article I had from before, that the goal of PLO is to: - like try to make boats, flushes, straights, or at worst sets ... but be careful of 2pr or TPTK because it's not that strong? - and try to draw to the nuts - because it's not uncommon for people to have a lot of big hands like boats, flushes and straights, and you can lose a lot by having the second best hand? I've seen that happen a lot - to me, and to other people by me. Lately I've started trying to up my standards for getting stacks in, but I think it's too early to tell if I'm still being too loose, so I guess I'll have to keep going and see? And hopefully maybe I'll be able to find some time to read more stuff on PLO? Will share what I find - if anybody has any interesting resources, feel free to stop by and share!!! GL to anybody else trying to make a go of PLO!!! umbup: umbup: Sam
                            Last edited by TrustySam; Tue Nov 27, 2012, 02:56 AM.


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                              funny graphs esp with the roller coaster, you can do it Sam



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