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Challenge and Goals for september 20 2012 to January 01 2013

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  • Challenge and Goals for september 20 2012 to January 01 2013

    Whats up every one as some of you may know I have had BIG issues in the past with bankroll management.

    So I decided to write down my goals and create a challenge just for me.

    The reason I'm doing this is because I have lost a ton of money playing poker in the past year or so and want to make a change for the better.

    Someone told me I need to write this stuff down so I don't mess up. So here I go.

    My First Goal

    Since I have no cash and can't afford to deposit and used up all my resources for poker cash I'm gunna have to do this the hard way.

    I am gunna have to build up some money playing free rolls.

    So here is my first goal/challenge. Build up a bankroll from $0-25 before December 2012. DO NOT DEPOSIT.

    Right now I have 12fpps, pso open league tickets, 100k depositors tickets, 1 ticket to the main event Poker Stars Radio Depositors Freeroll, and zero balance in my Poker Stars account.

    What I'm gunna do is play those 2fpp rebuy sattelites to the Saturday Splash and hope for the best 12fpps isnt much but its worth a try.

    I'm gunna play some astronomers freerolls and try to get tickets into the weekly round two and play those.

    Gunna play the 100k depositors freerolls and pray to final table one.

    And then incase you guys dont know there is a freeroll to the WCOOP Main Event. You just have to listen to Poker Stars Radio to get the depositors code so if you want a ticket you need to deposit and type in the code. Its a turbo winner take all tourny so I'm gunna need a ton of luck to win that.

    Hopefully with all this freerolling I can make enough dough to have 100 buy ins to .25c games.

    Goal Number 2

    Having issues in the past with bankroll management I decided I should set another important goal.

    My second goal is this. Do not touch bankroll until I have 100 buy-ins.

    This goal is to help practice self control. So when I do have a big bankroll I will be able to control myself and stop jumping in stakes I shouldnt be playing in.

    Why 100 buy ins? Because I don't ever want to bust again and I think 100 buy-ins is ALOT of cushion for run bad and tilt.

    Goal Number 3

    Well lately when I have been playing I have been letting my emotions get the best of me. It costs me lots of money of money also.

    So for my third goal in poker I am going to try my best to control my emotions at the table.

    Like if someone beats me by a lucky donk river river suck out with five two off suited. I'm just gunna let it go and laugh it off to calm me down.

    Goal Number 4

    My fourth goal is to try to spot where I'm making mistakes and correct them in the future.

    I'm gunna do this by talking to people who can help me improve and going over hand histories and stuff.

    Goal Number 5

    Keep this post updated.

    Im gunna try to keep this post updated on my challenge and how I am doing following my goals for anyone who is interested.

    Ok so thats it for now thanks for reading this.
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    Heres an update while I was making this post I registered for the 2fpp rebuy to saturday splash I used 4 fpps of the 12 I had and managed to win 2.22 tournament dollars. So Im one step closer to my goal.

    I also played the 5fpp rebuy to the sunday storm but that didnt go well.

    I have 3 fpps left and I think im going to register for the sunday storm hyper turbo sattelite for 1fpp. Need lots of luck.

    Also having this 2.22 in my account is tempting but Im gotta stick to my goal and not use it.
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      Keep up the good work buddy. We will help u from going broke. Keep that BR good and tight. Dont play with luck. play with skill and think your way through the game.. ask your self...why did I 3 Bet? why am I raiseing...why am i folding.....keep that up and u will be doing good before u know it


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        Ok dude I will keep those things in mind each time I am about to play. Thanks umbup:
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          Hey gl pokerstar!! Looks like you're on your way there with that nice cash!! umbup:


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            Thanks sam .it still might take a while since freerolls dont run all the time. but with some luck and solid play i may reach my goal sooner then expected.

            Since freerolls arent running all the time im able to use up more time learning the game better.
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              Good luck bro! Its definitely possible umbup: BTW loving the avatar, i recently stumbled across that weird video


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                Hi pokerstar671, You have the potential to be a huge force at the HUNL-FL and HUSNG tables, I've seen it in you as well many others that we are frequently associating with have seen it in you! Improvise, adapt and overcome! You have my support 110% on this goal, this is truly going to be a great right of passage for you and many things will come! Good luck my friend! mileypoker:

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                  Hi m8,

                  gl on the grind
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                    @cannon Thanks bro for your support man. And thanks for pressuring me to write down my goals.

                    @chilipops Thanks man. Also good luck in your team challenge/goals also.
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                      behappy thanks man
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                        Well so far guys no luck in the freerolling and I think I'm just playing bad not taking the freeroll games so seriouse.

                        I also started playing in these bankroll mob freerolls and signed up to qualify for the leaderboard. I like these because they are turbo and have cash prizes.

                        I noticed I am playing alot looser then I usually do in the nl freerolls so I think next time I play im gunna tighten up and pay more attention to whos shoving junk and stuff like that.

                        Oh I played a couple open league games and that didnt go so well either. I think its to late this month to qualify for the leaderboard but next month I'll start trying to play these more.

                        Oh well thats it for now if anything exciting happens ill let you guys know.
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                          Bankroll update! I cashed in a freeroll today for $1.81. Finally a small bump in my bankroll. Placed 04/3547

                          I want to post the hand I busted with so I can get some advice.. Ill do that in a minute tho

                          anyways my current bankroll $4.03... oh so tempting to gamble it up right now but gotta stick to those goals right?
                          Last edited by pokerstar671; Fri Sep 21, 2012, 04:17 PM.
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                            Ok I'm going to post a couple hands from the last tournament I played just wondering what you guys think... This was my last hand and the reason I went all in is because were short handed Im short stacked and the guy who opened was raising alot of hands I can beat. The guy who called tho I wasnt sure if he was on a weak ace or something like 10j or a small pair but I think if he was I could have got him to fold it just sucks he happened to have AJ suited. This hand I just played so bad I think this might have cost me the tournament. This is an interesting hand from earlier in the tournament. I flopped really nice here. Ok just wondering what everyone thinks about those hands... Anyways theres a weekly round two tomorrow so tonight I'm going to try to score a ticket in an astronomer freeroll. Going to try to play as many as I can and try my best.. GL GL
                            Last edited by pokerstar671; Fri Sep 21, 2012, 03:22 PM.
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                              Bankroll update!

                              Today was a good day a friend of mine let me run 2 $11 mtts for him. I cashed in one and placed 21/1483 for a cash of $57.83

                              With my cut of that added to my 4 bankroll I'm now at $27.00 goal/challenge complete!

                              Now that I have this $27 bankroll I take some time to play .25c games and below....

                              I will keep this post updated so I keep myself on track.
                              Last edited by pokerstar671; Sat Sep 22, 2012, 06:53 AM.
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