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Team 6-Max results and comments thread

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  • Team 6-Max results and comments thread

    [img]//[/img] Hi all, This is the official Team 6-Max results thread for the Full Ring vs. 6-max Team Challenge. Please post updates to your grind, results and questions here. I will try to tune in as often as possible to give some answers and advice. If you have a hand you wish to post for some feedback, I'll ask you to do so in the Cash Games Hand Analysis Forum and I will offer analysis there, and encourage other Team 6-Max members to chime in as well. In case you would like to have me analyse some of your hands in one of the challenge trainings please post them here as a spoiler ("["spoiler"]" Hand History "["spoiler"]"). I will ask you to send me your hand histories once a week, best would be Sunday after your weekend grind is a good time for that (so include this first weekend with next Sunday's send)... please combine them all to a single file when possible, so I'm not getting 50 tables worth of files emailed to me. If you are extracting from a stat tracker this will be easy, just filter for the stakes and date range, copy all hands to clipboard, and paste into notepad. If you are copying from your hard drive PS saved folder, maybe the easiest way is to select all and compress them into a .zip (or .rar) file... then send that. Please post regular updates here, doesn't have to be daily (especially for days you don't play) but it would be nice if you can share results after a session, and use this thread to bounce ideas off your team mates, etc. If you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise, have at it! - Felix (who blatantly copy/pasted a lot of Dave's thread)
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    Hey guys, m done with my session for today. Played 3644 hands over 2-4 tables on ZOOM for a profit of $12.77. Hope to grind the bankroll up to +$40 then will move up to 5NL. GL allumbup: Btw, tried to copy n paste the graph but it doesn't seem to be workin... lol
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      Nice start, wikked! Did you try "["img"]" image URL "["/img"]" (leaving out the "")?
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        Day 1 –

        Date............. S Roll.... Hands.. Profit/Loss.. C Roll
        15/09/2012..... $80........1280.....$+1.77......$81.77

        Here are some of the biggest pots of the session -

        Got lucky a couple times but im due some luck didn’t really manage to get anything going in terms of profit, any feedback would be great thanks

        GO TEAM 6 MAX
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          Day One results

          Just two short zoom sessions today. Struggling to get my confidence after an extended downswing recently, but at least I booked a small profit.

          I feel I am being floated to death, specially on my steal raises. I'll try and dig out some examples for analysis over the next few days.

          2080 hands: +$2.29


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            My update I've also seen a few of you ....... folding ... LOL I'm done with the 2NL for now Had 3 sessions of an hour Played Zoom 2NL, 4 tables 00:30 to 01:30 12:40 to 13:40 14:51 to 16:11 2,246 hands played Won $20.31 BB/100 of 45.22 5NL here I come Later umbup:
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              Up $1.92 for the day ... lol. Profit's profit though, eh? umbup:


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                Originally posted by PSO-xflixx View Post
                Nice start, wikked! Did you try "["img"]" image URL "["/img"]" (leaving out the "")?

                hey Felix, r u talking about posting the graph image on the post?

                if so, then the answer is no.. i din even try "img-ing" at all.

                what i tried doing was stupid.. lol
                i was copying the graph image directly n trying to paste it directly onto the post, unsuccessfully.. lolol

                think sam has pointed me into the general direction which is to post the image onto a photo sharing site and then copy/paste the link into the post correct?
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                  Finished for day one.
                  Don't have a tracker any more so no idea how many hands I played (I guess a lot!)
                  In profit this time.


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                    Well tilt, frustration and a few 1 table Zoom sessions. 809 hands $0.17 profit Saw some of you Zoom x4 out there. umbup: Thinking of a hedge bet $10 insurance and play 10NL (off challenge) at the same time. Good luck and great results guys and girls.


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                      dam guys i thought id settle in and play a few hundred hands and some of you have played thousands already for nice profit way to goumbup: ive only played 313 hands 1.38$ profit bb/100 22.04 total 81.38 may the cards fall your way


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                        That's funny I went to a regular table and played 31 hands and won 30c.

                        profit 47c

                        Remember the old days sit down at a table and get reads?
                        Worked out how to use the easy seat option for two non-Zoom 2NL tables.

                        profit now $2.27 over approximately 890 hands

                        Can't get an accurate hand count as the stats window is cumulative over as many sessions as the client has been open.
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                          I don't have a poker tracker to keep track of my winnings and just gonna do it manually lol

                          Starting BR: $80
                          Hands played at 2NL: 1000
                          End of session BR: $84.75

                          Profit: +$4.75

                          Good luck everyone!

                          GOOOOOO Team 6-Max!!


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                            @adsthepro: If you like you can post or send me the hand histories from those boom hands and I can use them for wednesday's team meeting?

                            Same applies for all of you of course. Please post or send me some of your biggest pots/most interesting hands for Wednesday.

                            And of course, keep crushing team 6-max!
                            Live Trainer


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                              Hi all, just played some 2NL fast


                              Hands: 180
                              Profit: +$4.80
                              BR: $84.80

                              Would love to continue playing but had taken some medicine, feeling very drowsy and decided to stop after only 180 hands. Maybe I'll continue later.



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