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2012 Challange from 2nl to 25nl

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  • 2012 Challange from 2nl to 25nl

    Hi all, as some of you might have noticed I have joined PSO about a week ago. And so far I have been actively participating in several live trainings. So far so good! Learning quite a bit so far and I am seeing it at the tables. A bit of history on me: I have been playing on and off since the end of 2007 and I have played on several pokersites. I never really got rid of the bug and I played quite seriously for about 5 months from sept 2010 - feb 2011. I played 99% tournaments and had some good results. But then school became more pressing so I had to lay off. I ended up taking out almost everything because I needed the money for school (and a motorcycle ). And then came the summer holiday of 2012. When I had some time I started playing some Zoom in the evenings after work (summer job). Since I had less than 50$ that was my only option. SNG's where never my game and tourneys are just to high variance to play. At the end of last month I hit a bit of a downswing at work. I was bored and not really motivated anymore. And Zoom was showing some promise. So I decided to say screw it to the summer job and reduce that to just 1 day a week (still need some guaranteed income to buy food, pay rent, etc :P). And spend the remainder of the time on studying poker and putting in hands. So now I am here To prevent death by wall of text umbup: Goals and some hand numbers in the next post.

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    So, some statistics.
    Before August
    So at the start of this month I had 54k 2NL FR hands in my HEM2 Database.
    About 20k of those are 1,2,4 tabling when I started doing some cash in 2011. Then there are 14k Zoom Hands I played in juli, paying 4 tables.
    And the last 20k hands are from playing 24 tables of 2NL. Yes I know it is madness, but it netted me so much more bb/hour compared to less tables.

    And during this month I certainly understood that I was not learning much from it, as I was going into ABC Robot mode.

    I started the month by mainly just putting the grind on at 2NL.
    Playing 4 tables of zoom or 24 regular tables at 2NL.

    And I got sufficient bankroll to get on with 5NL in the first week.
    There I quickly ran into a wall with 24 tabling. People there were paying more damn attention. So I cut it back to 6 tables of 5nl and improve my game.

    This seemed to help and I really noticed this helped me notice spots better and fall for less traps. After muddling around breakeven with 5nl for about a week I got fed-up and slapped myself for being cocky.
    Time to find some training / knowledge resources.

    And that is how I ended up here.
    So far from just ready the forums, hand reviews, video's and especially the live trainings. I have learned loads and loads and loads. I am noticing patterns better and seeing spots where I thought there were none. Or atleast I didnt knew there could be any

    Goals for 2012
    - Update this topic with monthly summary at the end of each month
    - Update this topic with special sessions / hands (big loss or win)
    - Build bankroll to €1000,-
    - Work up to 25NL
    - Get Silver VIP every month
    - Get Gold VIP before 31st of december
    - Reach 15.000 yearly VPP bonus
    - Aim for 30k hands a month
    - Study poker for 20h a week
    - Follow as many live training sessions as I can
    - Play the big $11 and Sunday Storm a few times
    - Satellite into $109 WCOOP event
    - Get a workout schedule going to increase focuse and stamina, both on and off the felt

    For the curious people
    - 4 tabling zoom is a little over 1000 hands per hour for me
    - 24 tabling normal tables is around 1450 hands per hour for me
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      August summary So during this month I managed to put in quite a bit more volume than I expected. And I also managed to follow quite a bit more live trainings than I could have guessed at the start of the month. During this month I continued my previous grind of 2NL, both normal and Zoom. And my winrate showed that I should have 2NL under control. I first started playing 5NL with Zoom, which shows in the winrate. And I did better with normal tables. After having a few goes, I managed to find my groove at 5NL and recovered all my tryout losses. Also took a shot at 10NL where I lost quite a bit (was down $45,- at one point. But I managed to atleast get close to even there (only down 6,59 in the end). So things seem to be looking good for next month. I will be looking to grind 5NL and 10NL depending on where I can get better tables and my bankroll ofcourse. I will also try and get a few sunday tourneys ($11 and less) in and depending on my bankroll the $109 WCOOP event. If any one has any requests for other interesting stuff on my progress, let me know umbup: and I will take a look if I can make it happen. These are the numbers (all full ring on $ or € tables): 2NL - 24 tabling - 11.973 hands - 14,75 bb/100 winrate 2NL Zoom - 4 tabling - 23.041 hands - 10,74 bb/100 winrate 5NL - 6-9 tabling - 11.459 hands - 5,00 bb/100 winrate 5NL Zoom - 4 tabling - 21.944 hands - 2,07 bb/100 winrate 10NL - 4-9 tabling - 5.937 hands - -1,11 bb/100 winrate Total hands: 74.354 End of month Bankroll: € 166,98 Next month I will also post the amount gained/lost, but I didn't note my starting bankroll at the beginning of this month. Total VPP gained: 1.882,97 VIP Stellar Rewards cleared: - 750 yearly vpp: $10,- - 1.500 yearly vpp: $10,- - 2.250 yearly vpp: $10,-


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        Sounds good Mike, love to see people setting goals. Gotta have something to aim for to improve, this is why goals are so important Good luck. Oliver umbup:
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          so far so good Mike...umbup: m grinding zoom 5nl myself rite now, n sundays r MTT days. anyways,keep up the good work m8, GL at the felts and cya at live training
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            Status Update

            So it is time for a small update on my progress this month.

            With the WCOOP 20% reload bonus coming around I decided to deposit 300 euro's.
            This is just spare money I had and am not going to need in the near future.
            With this deposit I had enough bankroll to add 16NL into my playing range.

            And so far I have been doing pretty good on it. So I also added 25NL with a 500 euro bankroll.
            And while 16NL was almost no different from 10NL, 25NL was certainly a step up in opponent skill.
            But so far I have been doing alright and am just about break-even.
            On 10NL and 16NL I had some hot running though. So I decided I had enough money to try and satalite into the $109 WCOOP event.

            I managed to get in quite cheap by winning a $5 rebuy tourney. Running hot in it and only having done the buy-in, the initial rebuy and the add-on. For a total of $15,50 I got into the $109 event.

            I started the tourney with some bad plays and lost a few chips. After that I managed to get myself together and playing correctly. From then on I have played very few hands as I was getting an endless stream of junk. But luckily on the good hands that I did get action and I managed to keep winning those.
            And for a long time I managed to stay around the 60-80bb mark. But with the blinds and ante's picking up I eventually got down to 15-20ish bb. But I was still not getting many hands.

            During the entire tournament I played about 60 of the 500 hands that I was dealt. Getting 16 of them to showdown and winning 13 of them. I also managed to suck-out 3x in a pair vs bigger pair situation. To eventually get busted with AQ vs QQ in 199th place out of a little under 10k runners.
            For a price of $480, bringing my bankroll up to its current number of 830 euro's.

            So to summarize it was a pretty slow and boring tournament for me, with some bad play in the beginning, but in the end a descent result and overall descent play. With my biggest challenge being to not spew chips because of boredom and not getting any hands for long stretches of time. Although being Railed LIVE on the PSO live training from André HoRRoR77 certainly helped to keep things interesting.

            For the remainder of the month I will try to keep my focus on 10NL, 16NL and 25NL cashtables.
            With a goal to reach atleast 50k hands in 25NL before moving up, regardless of bankroll. Although it is very unlikely I will reach this 50k hands goals this month, I think it is a good thing to have a good amount of experience at 25NL before moving up to 50NL.


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              Nice going! Seems like you'll hit your $1k very very soon!


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                So the last few days have been quite tough.
                It seems I have hit a bit of a downswing in cash games.
                Getting very little playable card and even less playable situations.
                And my draws are not getting there.

                So yesterday I decided to end the day with some tournaments. Just to have some different action away from Cash games.

                I regged the big $11, $2 turbo, $3 rebuy and $1 rebuy 3x turbo. And with my cash game streak continuing I quickly was out of 3 tournaments. But I did manage to make up for that with the $3 rebuy. I managed to finish 20th out of ~2350 dropping out just before the final table.

                When I got busted I had been card dead for about an hour and eventually just pushed rather light with only 8 BB vs a guy that was stealing quite a bit. And he won and that was that. But I am pretty happy about my play in this tourney and I can just see that final table around the corner in the coming months.


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                  So an other week has passed. And it was quite a shocking week. With some good and some very bad results.
                  As mentioned earlier, I got 20th in a 3$ rebuy tourney for $70. So that made me pretty confident in my tourney game.
                  Knowing that when I get a good run of cards I can make a final table (I know it must be coming soon ).

                  But sadly my good tourney results are being completely destroyed by my cash game results.
                  Which are absolutely appalling. Over about 10.000 hands I managed to lose 250 euro's. Most from 25NL.
                  Atleast I know what caused this downswing, if you would even call it that.

                  I would be more inclined to call it a mental downswing, caused by my regular job and school giving me unusual amounts off stress and bull****. And together with some bad decisions and bad running this tilted me very easily. Of course only adding to the amount of money lost.

                  Saturday was the last day I played, and seeing the results of earlier in the week I decided to just relax with some 2NL Zoom. And even that was a mistake. I just could not get in the groove so to say. And I managed to lose 5BI over 1000 hands.
                  After that I decided to take a few days off from poker. And untill now I still have not played.

                  Luckily I feel like playing again. So that is atleast a good thing. The plan is to play some tomorrow, if time and mood allows. Probably sticking to 2NL or 5NL just to not tilt off to much bankroll and to get my confidence going again. Reset and get the grind on.

                  All together I am down to €680 euro bankroll after a peak off €830,- following the WCOOP score.
                  Still a descent bankroll and I can't complain about it. Other than the fact that I blew part of it away stupidly.


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                    So it is that time of the month again.
                    Time to see what bottom line is for this month.

                    At the start of the month I was doing pretty good with both tournaments and cash games.
                    But during the month I started running bad in cash games. And only about half my session were positive this month. Main reason I lost so little was because I played less than normal during my bad run and played a lot of 2NL Zoom. Which is a bit easier than 25NL.

                    But I still managed to loose about 100 euro's (120-130 dollars) in cash game this month.
                    And I was up about 150 euro's after the first 10 days of the month.

                    During my bad run in cash games I also mixed in a few tournaments, and I did very good in tournaments this month. Having a few nice runs and a very high ITM%.
                    And most importantly I had a big score in the 109$ wcoop event.

                    All together a very interesting month. Toughing out a (small) bad run streak was quite a hard thing to do. Besides that there was a lot of stress from school and my side job. But with some nice tournament results to keep me going and motivated.
                    And at the end of the month, not a bad result at all

                    So time for the numbers.
                    31 tournaments - ITM 22% - 99% ROI - €292 net profit

                    Cash Games:
                    2NL ZOOM - 4 tabling - 7.333 hands - negative 5 bb/100
                    5NL - 6-9 tabling - 2.422 hands - 0,24 bb/100
                    10NL - 6-9 tabling - 2.731 hands - 18,75 bb/100
                    16NL - 6-9 tabling - 1.228 hands - 0,95 bb/100
                    25NL 6-9 tabling - 5.983 hands - negative 9,65 bb/100
                    Total hands: 19.697 hands

                    Starting bankroll: € 166,98
                    WCOOP Bonus deposit: € 300,-
                    Money lost in cash games: € 96,-
                    Money won in tourneys: € 292,-
                    VPP Bonuses cleared: $ 10,-
                    WCOOP Bonus cleared: € 40,-
                    End of month bankroll: € 696,39
                    There may be some rounding differences between actual conversion rate and the one I used.



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