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Official Full Ring vs 6-max Challenge #2

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  • Official Full Ring vs 6-max Challenge #2

    Hi all,

    We are planning to run the next team challenge for PSO members who either play 6-max or full ring No Limit Hold'em cash games, starting on September 15th at 00:01 ET and running for a full month this time, ending on October 14th at 23:59 ET (ok actually 1 month + an extra weekend, games are good on the weekends

    We will be forming two community teams - one for 6-max and one for full ring - that will be competing against each other in a race for the most profit. Team members will have to be starting out on 2NL with an $80 bankroll and grind their way up using our bankroll management guidelines.

    I will be supervising team full ring and xflixx will be supervising Team 6-Max. The team with the highest total profit will be the winner.

    For this purpose, Flix and I will be opening up a team blog for each team to post results and daily updates about their performance. The blogs can also be used to post and discuss hands or questions with your team mates and team trainer. During the challenge Flix and I will be holding live training sessions to present and discuss the team's performance, stats, possible leaks and to review interesting hand histories.

    We will start gathering teams at this time. You can sign up if you will be able to meet the following requirements:

    Terms & Conditions

    - maximum number of members per team is 20

    - each team member has to start out with an $80 bankroll on 2NL and strictly follow our bankroll management guidelines (40 stack minimum rule):

    - at the initial 2NL starting level, there will be a stop loss of 20 stacks imposed, so if a player's BR falls below $40 they must stop playing at that point and should consult with their coach.

    If your bankroll exceeds...

    ...$100 you may take your first shot at 5NL, but have to move down to 2NL if you fall back to $80
    ...$240 you may take your first shot at 10NL, but have to move down to 5NL if you fall back to $200
    ...$464 you may take your first shot at 16NL, but have to move down to 10NL if you fall back to $400
    ...$740 you may take your first shot at 25NL, but have to move down to 16NL if you fall back to $640
    ...$1200 you may take your first shot at 50NL, but have to move down to 25NL if you fall back to $1000

    - each team member has to play a minimum number of 10K hands between Sept 15th and October 14th, and send all their hands (original PokerStars hand history .txt files) to their team trainer.

    - The winning team will be the one who accumulates the most profit.

    The deadline for submitting hands will be 01:00 E.T. on Monday October 15th (giving you time to play right up til the last minute if you like then pull and send the hands). Emails are: and

    - each team member has to post regular short statements about their current performance in the team's blog thread.


    -Members of the winning team will each receive an $11 ticket

    -Members of the losing team will each receive a $5.50 ticket

    -Each team's MVP (Most Valuable Player, as defined by making the most profit for the team) will receive a $22 ticket in addition to the team prize of the $11 or $5.50 ticket

    -All participants will have access to a $5.50 buy in private tournament with $100 ADDED to the prize pool.

    *Eligibility to receive the added prizes: A player must complete the minimum of 10K hands played for the month OR have been stopped by their coach for reaching the 20 stacks lost at 2nl bankroll management rule to be eligible for the added tickets. If a player falls short of 10K hands but completes at least 5k hands for the month, they will not be eligible for tickets, but will gain access to the $100 added private tournament. This is solely to prevent someone from signing up and not really playing but just tagging along for the tickets.


    Please post in this thread if and for which team you would like to register and we will put your name on the list! Registration is open until September 14th at 23:59 ET.

    A couple notes:

    -We think 10K hands is a reasonable target for 1 month... the first time we ran this challenge it was 2K hands in 1 week, and players had no problem blowing past 2K hands. Even those who don't multi-table were able to do this easily playing Zoom.

    -A player who does not complete the 10K hands for whatever reason, will still have their bankroll total counted in the team totals.

    Team 6-max

    Team Full Ring
    Roland GTX
    Last edited by TheLangolier; Sun Sep 16, 2012, 01:42 AM. Reason: updating team lists
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  • #2
    I'm in on the 6 max side again, looking forward to this it was lots of fun last time
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    • #3
      is this applicable to zoom games as well?

      cause if it is, i'm on 6max as well...

      bring it!!
      Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        Yes, absolutely! Players may play regular tables or Zoom, or a combination of both, at their discretion. umbup:
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        • #5
          Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
          Yes, absolutely! Players may play regular tables or Zoom, or a combination of both, at their discretion. umbup:
          thanks for the reply Daveumbup: yep, count me in, on the 6max team please?
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          • #6
            I am going to switch teams and play for the Full Ring team for this challenge. Looking forward to it. umbup: Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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            • #7
              Sticking with "Team 6-max" please. umbup: Something to look forward to. Hot water boiler and car gave up today. Not a happy bunny.


              • #8
                Count me in with Ed on the FullRing Team please! Raiser umbup:


                • #9
                  6 max for me again please.


                  • #10
                    Thanks for coming along! I will update the team lists in the OP periodically. If during this process I miss someone, it's an accident, just post again and remind me what a silly fool I am and I'll get you added. PS- Flix is on holiday and will be back right before the start, so if team 6-max has any questions prior to then I'll help answer them. umbup:
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                    • #11
                      I'm in for another 6 max umbup:


                      • #12
                        Ok, this time I already made a yellow sticker on my monitor - so I dont forget about this challenge. Count me in Full ring team. umbup:


                        • #13
                          I'm in for Team Full Ring - Roland GTX I'm happy that this challenge will be running for a month now. The added time ought to allow us to move up to higher levels which should make the challenge even more exciting, as well as resulting in significantly more fppsumbup: Roland GTX PS: I would be up for a similar challenge playing Omaha... perhaps PLO HiLo.
                          Last edited by Roland GTX; Fri Aug 31, 2012, 12:39 PM.


                          • #14
                            This sounds like fun, I wish I played more hands so I could compete. At the moment I get about 4-5k hands per month as I only single table on the regular tables. Give me a few months to improve my game and start multi-tabling and I'll join you guys.

                            Good luck to everyone competing!


                            • #15
                              I'd like to participate on the full-ring team.

                              - Thomas / Kjernekar



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