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holdemace486 challenges - 1

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  • holdemace486 challenges - 1

    For a bit of fun I have decided to set a monthly challenge. As with cowboys challenge, this will be set on 45 people sngs. There are no prizes for this challenge, except for pride to win the challenges each month. This challenge does not matter what the buyin level is. OK for my first challenge, This should be interesting To see how many in a row, final tables in 45 people sng tourneys you can make. It does not matter if you bubble the ITM its how many you can make in a row without been busted out. GL umbup:

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    Also keep in mind that it's not about winning the most pots, it's about winning the biggest pots!umbup: Good luck!

    Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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      I am currently sitting on my third final table in a row. The hat trick is complete. The standard is set at 3 in a row I still have the forth to play but will leave untill tommorrow now. Can you get 4 to top the challenge leader board umbup:


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        5 or more for challenge hi all I have just played my forth and made the final table again. It now stands at 4 in a row The challenge is now set at 5 or higher, I have still have not played my 5th so fingers crossed for tommorrow.umbup:


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          Way to go holdemace!

          Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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            5 in a row Thank you for your support cannon appreciated. The challenge is now set at 6 or more to top the challenge. I have 5 in a row final tables umbup:


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              7 or more to top the challenge Hi all, I have just had my 6th consecutive 45ppl 25c sng final table The challenge is now set at 7 or more to top the challenge this month umbup:


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                Busted out the 7th I busted out the 7th, so my challenge stands at 6 to beat. I will take a few days rest from my challenge then try again GL umbup:


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                  Did you cash in all 6? Or did you finish 8th/9th in a couple? Very well done though!

                  I am thinking about grinding a few 45 man 25c SnGs per day soon. What advice would you give so I can be successful in doing so? Are the fields pretty soft?


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                    To obaylo

                    Hi obaylo, yes i finished in the money <itm> in all 6.

                    and thankyou.

                    These 25c 45ppl are the place to start, its a good place to build a steady bankroll<BR>.

                    The opposistion is a mixture from good players building up a steady BR, down to the leisure players who just like them because its cheap good fun and practice.

                    My advice to you in this structure would be to sit tight, only play premium hands and avoiding early risk taking.

                    Watch for the loose opps, these opps will gladly call your all in with ace rags or worse.

                    I sometimes have a 6%-9% vpip in these

                    Also in the later stages, bubble posistion, do not be affraid to make the odd move to steal blinds but be strongly aware of reraises.

                    I do not even think about panic stations unless down to about 7-8 blinds

                    Sometimes folding everyhand untill its a push situation

                    Final table depends on stack sizes, can i fold a few times for greater money and so on.

                    However, on the final table im never shy to bet a premium hand or call an all in shove

                    hope this helps


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                      Thanks for the reply

                      I have just started playing the Open League again, which is leaving me with a VPIP of what seems like 1% at times (probably around 5% tbh)... Which is a good thing I suppose; it's improving my short stack play and it seems I am making the correct Shove/Fold decisions more often than not now in the Open League when I am down to like 3 or 4 Bigs.

                      So to put it into short, treat these games similarly to the Open League? Tighten up a considerable amount in the opening stages and throughout the middle stage of the game, then start opening up with A7+ towards the bubble to hopefully pick up blinds and make it through to the money?


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                        hi obaylo

                        Yes thinking about it the comparison is similar to the open league in the way and style I would play them.

                        Yes a tight nitty range to open and mid section, then yes towards the later stages look for a double up if I have not hit a big hand before hand.

                        However ,now and again I will call in posisition just to mix up my range and if the values right.

                        hope this helps



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