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Quest for cash challenge

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  • Quest for cash challenge

    Hi all, as some of you may know I'm a STT specialist with a few MTTs thrown in for good measure. My ROI is 13% in 5500 games which I think is decent enough but lately I've hit a brick wall and my ROI has taken a nosedive from 18%. I've decided to take a break from STTs (I'll still play a few) and I'll play loads of multi's on other sites (deleted:violation of TOS) where I'm doing well. This leaves me wanting to become a decent cash player. I've never been a good cash player and I hate the volatility of it but I realise there is decent and quicker profits to be had over STTs. This years cash totals to date are not impressive but I'm showing a profit. Graph: As you can see I don't run so well at Zoom but I don't think any of my stats are a big enough sample so it doesn't overly concern me. I do run well at 1c/2c and although I don't really want to hang around there, it's where I'm showing the most profit so I'll start my quest at these stakes. I'm going to adopt an aggressive strategy and move up stakes when I win enough for the next level. I'm bankrolled for much higher but as I don't think I'm an especially great cash player I'd like to earn the cash and prove to myself I can beat the stakes. I'll also play between 1 and 4 tables depending on how many MTTs I have running at the same time. Table selection will be a big factor. I'm looking for fish and lots of them. I'll use tablescan turbo (free software atm) to scan the tables and fish find for me but I'll look for tables with a high VPiP and high average pot. I'll also study/ read as much as I can. I thought I had a good understanding of the game until I read some of the posts by hand analysers. They really are a level above me. One key thing I want to understand is how to get full use out of Pokerstove. A lot is mentioned on these forums about the program but I don't use it much except for looking up VPiP and PFR hand ranges. I really want to move to the next level of thinking. I have no set amount of hands I want to play, I simply want to turn over a profit. Most of my profits will come from MTTs on other sites and STTs here (assuming I start winning again) so they will take precedent over any cash tables should I start to place high in them. I'll post up a few trouble spots and hands I'm unsure of. I'll also post any hands where I think I played well. I don't mind if anyone rips my play to pieces, that's what I want, I want to learn. I'll allow myself 5 x $2 buy ins for 1c/2c NL, if I lose it all then I'll re-evaluate my challenge. Wish me luck umbup:
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    I see the forum gestapo has deleted me mentioning other networks which I think is pretty unfair. I didn't mention the sites on these networks just the networks themselves. Players must be really naive if they think Pokerstars is the only place you can play poker online. BTW I have mentioned other sites before on this site but never to promote them. I think Stars knocks the socks off any site out there but players should also realise there is value to be had elsewhere besides Stars. Anyway, I finished my first session with a whopping 19 hands on one table. Don't think I could have picked a better seat or table as I had 2 massive blue whales to my right. I only made 14 cents off these players before they left and I left as soon as they went. Can I have some thoughts on the following hands? Was my line too aggressive? At micro stakes STTs this line usually pays off as it's no foldem to the river. I was hoping in both hands this would also work. Names changed to protect the innocent. I really want to build chips in this pot especially with the flush draw. The A was a good card imo as I felt opponent would call a flop bet with an A. Didn't play another hand and when the 2 to my right left so did I. They both had 70+% VPiP and raises well into the 20's. One other question. Is there a way I can upload these hands without revealing their usernames? I don't want players spotting their usernames if I'm exploiting them. I seventy percent pot this flop as it's a standard Cbet for me, was it too much?
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      Hi Ovalman!

      I try to use 1/2 pot as my std c-bet (but may up it a bit if the pot is very small to start with... ex: the 22 hand, I would make a 4 cent bet on the flop). I will however raise it to 2/3, 3/4 or pot-sized, depending on the number of opps in the pot and how large of draws they could have (flush, OESD, combo draw).

      The way to change the names is probably how you did it. When posting the HH into the replayer, go in and change the names of the players on the appropriate lines. I don't blame you one bit on wanting to change them if it is someone you want to continue exploiting. I'd do the same thing.

      John (JWK24)

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        Think I got away from this hand pretty lightly, maybe I could have raised pre but I joined this table because it had several fish. Vz especially had stats of 89% VPiP and 7% PFR and I know he's not folding to any raise pre once he had chips in the pot. I was more wary of __ who has position over me. I changed seats halfway through the game to get position on Vz as I felt he would pay me at some stage. I had the added bonus of Pk sitting to his left as he was a totally loose aggressive maniac. In the end I got no chips off either of these players, instead Gr donated his stack to me in a coinflip. He sat down with minimum buy in and played the shoving game. I called his 3rd shove with TT which held up against AKo. 37cents profit in 2 sessions now and running at 20BB/100. Again when Vz and Pk left the game so did I.
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