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From 2NL to 100NL - behappy621

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  • From 2NL to 100NL - behappy621

    Hi everyone, I am one of those people who have found felix's videos interesting and definately beneficial. Thank you very much for them. I have 4 and a bit months to grind up and see how far i can go. This will be my summer goal. I will try to provide some interesting spots including mega tilting spots, so please express your views, i think it will be great to get some criticism, because i'm always looking to understand a situation from a different perspective. Just some background: -started with initial deposit of $10 about two years ago, quickly lost that, -second deposit of $10 , built it upto about $100. So started this Saturday (19/05/2012) - starting bankroll: $106.28 This is my blog that i will be running parallel to this thread Read more: From 2NL to 100NL (behappy621) – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells I can see quite a few people running blogs and threads such as this, GOOD LUCK to all!umbup: I have to learn some things like posting the hands reviewer and will keep you guys updated. umbup:

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    Hi behappy621, Good luck on your 2NL to 100NL challenge may the flop be with you!! >>click here<< for a complete overview of instructions on how to operate the hand replayer and post them in the forums.umbup: Best of luck to you at the tables and thank you for being a member of

    Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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      Ahhh great, thanks CannonLee and Dr.Kauffer
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        Hey guys,

        I had started my journey on Saturday 19.05.2012,
        BOY was it good!
        Profit - $12.08
        Hands - 2600 hands.

        Will post a graph as soon as i learn how to...don't


        Got it :P
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          Is anybody out there? .. I think im only talking to myself... Seriously?! Next days were my worst even by even my standards. I like to think i dont tilt much, but there is only so many hands one can get sucked out on until it becomes...insane I was having bad beats left right and center. Profit - $19.87 Hands - 5800 It got to the point that when i hit top pair such a A/K and had J/Q kicker, i would ship it. [IMG][/IMG] As you can see, i was running way below All-In EV, have a look at all the hands below and you will understand why, especially the last hand. Here are some spots that made me very...not happy. (x,y,z) = (VPIP, PFR, 3-bet) #1. Isolated the limper(Luik 67/8 - 50 hands), szem1323 67/42/13 [IMG] [/IMG] #2. Villain was 19/9 for 100 hands, so was great hitting a set against him, not what came after. [IMG] [/IMG] ...continued next post
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            #3. Kept isolating 7-archa (50/28) for 50 hands, as everyone else on the table were playing slightly over 20 VPIP. Really opened up my range as i had position on him the whole time, and did not overplay any hands. [IMG] [/IMG] 4#. Frustration had kicked in, and i had no desire to get sucked out on anymore especially with my premium hands, hence my play here preflop. To my suprise i got a call from a (29/18). [IMG] [/IMG] After this i was beginning to think there is something wrong with the poker client and are there any poker gods, and why don't they like me.


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              All the best and GL at the tables!


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                Remind me of my bad beats as well. I think your aggression was there but I might have played slightly differently.

                I might not have decided to try to isolate the limper with Jd7d as there are 4 players behind. If they call your $0.08 raise, what're the chances of their cards being stronger than yours?

                After you and ToMMek153 shoved, there was $2.32 effectively for szem1323. For him to hit his flush, odds are 1:2 with 2 cards to come. Whereas pot odds for him was $0.86: $2.32 which is roughly 1:2.7. It is profitable for him to shove and since he's such a loose player, you may expect him to shove. I guess for such scenarios with so much money in the pot, you got to be prepared for flush draws calling you. Of course what upset you was that he hit 2 pairs instead of flush

                3 bet from a player 19/9 usually indicates strength unless he's always 3betting light. I put him on TT+, AQo+. For me, it really depends on the player whether I'll call the 3bet. Flop came and you hit the awesome set. Your raise was good. Somehow he decided to shove, putting him on 2 overcards or an overpair. With his range, you're still an 80/20 favourite. I would have called the shove too.

                Emotions are a big part of the game and I'm still overcoming it. If you look at my graph I plunged into losses after I hit $10. But whenever there's a down, it bounces up again. I guess we just have to keep learning, watching videos and reading articles. The more we learn, the more we earn


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                  Originally posted by TheAwesomeNW View Post
                  Remind me of my bad beats as well. I think your aggression was there but...
                  The more we learn, the more we earn
                  Thanks for the feedback, btw lol @ end line.

                  Thinking now, situation #1, i agree totally with you about perhaps that was light, my strategy at the time was, because the other players at the table apart from limper had been folding like there is no tomorrow, i just raise most hands, and never overplay a my pair or draw if i hit, so just really trying to establish the loose image, until i hit good and get it in. But i think your right to say that its only natural to expect draws to call.
                  - next time perhaps i would not shove like that, and just flat and see what comes along, then cautiously try win if no flush or straight come doesn't come.

                  #2, i personally put this TAG on JJ/QQ/KK/AA or AKs,
                  i personally love these spots, they are the easiest to play, if i didnt hit on the flop, i would check fold, perhaps float one, if i had position on him. so that was a straight forward play, just another example when you get it in good and end up...not getting the best of it.
                  -next time, would play the hand the same, unless the TAG's 3-bet stats are high then probably think about shipping for value, they like to call down with AK.
                  Even 10's vs AA's you still have 20% equity...but that's more important for higher stakes.

                  Keep the feedback coming, really appreciate it.


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                    &quot;The key to being a winning grinder...&quot;

                    What a relief!
                    Just made it back into the Black

                    By the end of Monday i had alot of ground to gain because of the unfortunate luck at some major spots, and to be fair some impatient play.

                    Previously (end of Monday 21.05.2012)
                    Profit - $19.87
                    Hands : 5800

                    Present (end of Thursday 24.05.2012)
                    Profit $0.38
                    Hands : 8785


                    So...just about $20 profit in two days on 2NL, hopefully this wont slow down

                    As soon as i knew from HM2 i was just about in the black, got so hungry for more, but shortly after a couple of minutes decided, lets be smart, "Cash in for the day" (Obv not physically, i always wanted to say it cause it just sounds sooo cool),

                    Also watched Grinders the documentary, where the narrator at the end said - i Quote
                    " The key to being a winning grinder, is knowing the right time to cash in your chips and go home " - we are already home, that's the beauty of internet poker

                    I think i will definitely take that on board and have taken that on board.
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                      Some interesting spots from tonights session Some spots from tonight's play #1Villain in BB was 57/17, CO was 17/17, so definately had to hit or fold on flop, was definitely getting the right price with implied odds. I played it cautiously because i put him on a K, with a a medium kicker, on turn definately knew its time to ship it, especially as i put him on a king, with his stats, he is never folding. [IMG] [/IMG] #2 [IMG] [/IMG] #3 [IMG] [/IMG] #4 The way he played the hand, by not re raising me on the turn, made it unlikely he hit his straight, so i took him to VALUE TOWN :P [IMG] [/IMG]
                      Last edited by behappy621; Fri May 25, 2012, 01:37 AM.


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                        Back on it

                        Hey guys,

                        I think i have sorted out my kinks in a few spots that have not allowed me to keep on a steady profit. it has really improved my profit(so far) and i haven't found myself to be up a stack 1second and down the next because of a silly move.

                        Here are the results

                        Profit : $17.59
                        Hands : 14173


                        i wish i didn't have that big downswing of about 6500 hands earlier on...oh well i guess this is the grind.


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                          A few hands from last couple of days #1. GUESS what the guy had! Villain_1's stats, 20/20/7 - (VPIP/PFR/3-bet) [IMG] [/IMG] He actually ended up showing Kc2c. You did not expect that right. Neither did I. I thought he had AK(minimum). The Flop where he called my check raise, i thought was pretty scary, i thought he was trapping me and just giving me some rope to try and catch up somehow. Turn, the flush got there. He might have slow played a flush, hence just called my raise on flop, or just a call to re raise because he was afraid of the flush. - the villains stats usually mean once they hit a big pair with high kicker, they don't give much respect to draws if hit, but also i don't think i was representing the flush there. - only one play i had, I wanted max value if he was on a draw(because i put him on AK), and if he had AKh, happens. #2. Cannot always play safe, take the gamble sometimes(if you feel the cards) -by no means am i advocating moving your game away from +ev. Villain_5 - 27/22/0 [IMG] [/IMG Reason for raise on turn - I thought this guy is a TAG looking player, if i hit the flush on the river, i dont think i could get paid off by him the maximum amount. #3. The best two check's of my life I had put the villain on AQs + Villain_1 - 55/9/20 for 15hands - so i was a bit cautious when flatting his re raise. [IMG] [/IMG]
                          Last edited by behappy621; Wed Jun 06, 2012, 11:04 AM.


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                            grindage Hey guys, just a simple update. I have kept going with picking my spots and not always re raising premium hands, trapping on these levels really pays off if you hit. Last two days, nothing interesting has happened, just steady going up, except today i was so Snapping at myself when i made this s*upid play, i really could not believe i made this, and as soon as i did, i saw the 10,7 possibility and was tortured, even so, the villain was a loose aggresive player, so this put me in a even more tougher situation. next time....i will....WELL i wont make this play next time lol #1. [IMG] [/IMG] hopefully you guys dont make this mistake by backing urself into a corner.


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                              Been in profit-ville since end of 21/5/2012 (meaning making profit each day, basically since the big drop)
                              I have tried to always end on a high, not getting too greedy, sets you up nicely for next session/day.

                              Profit - $35.58
                              Hands -16356




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