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Micro cash game grind and goals for the rest of 2012.

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  • Micro cash game grind and goals for the rest of 2012.

    So the last few days I have read a few threads on personal challenges, mainly 2NL cash game grinds and since I am also doing this I thought I would create my own thread. I thought i would start out with my personal goals for the year as fellow PSO'er Sandtrap recently helped my a great deal in defining these so here goes... My main goal is to be playing 10NL and have a sufficient bankroll for this level not just be taking a shot. To help achieve this goal I will be playing 12 hours of 6-max cash games per week and trying to play a minimum of 3200 hands per month, this is the minimum and if time and other commitments allow for it I will play more. On the whole I will only be single tabling as I want to improve my all round game and not just get in as much volume as I can, however when I feel comfortable playing at a certain level I will add tables but when I am taking a shot at another level I will return to single tabling to concentrate on my game. I will look at taking shots when I feel that I am ready and not just because my bankroll permits me to do so. When taking I will be taking a somewhat unconventional 5 stack shot. I will also be aiming to improve my MTT game in 2012. To help me achieve this I will be setting aside time to play at least 4 UKIPT division 2 games per week, with a long term goal of finishing in the top 10 of the division (at least once) by the end of the year. I will eventually look at adding 1-2 MTT’s into my weekly schedule. As a reward for completing monthly goals I will attempt to satellite into a larger MTT such as the Sunday storm using FFP’s accumulated over the month. If I do not achieve my hand count target for the month or am not on target for other goals then I will not attempt to satellite in. Alongside this I will put in 3 hours of study per week, having one hour to review all hands that I lost more than 25BB on and to see why I lost what I did and how I should have played them. I will use my other study time to watch videos on PSO and attend live training session, I will also spend some of this time reading and going over notes I have made from videos and live training. At the beginning of each week I will state what video or live training I am going to be watching that week. I will update this post once per week (every sunday) with my progress and post one or two hands from the week. So far I have been playing 2NL since 19th of March 2011 and I have turned in 7813 hands for a profit of $31.47 below is my graph since the said date and a screenshot of my stats for the hands. I know I still have lots of improving to do and that is why i am so glad to have a resource as good as PSO at my disposal. Any comments and advice are greatly appreciated. Good luck at the tables guys umbup:
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    Hi Croyd93,
    Gl at the tables, keep up with your challenge. good work


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      Hi Croyd,

      Showing a nice profit there already. Good luck with your challenge!




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        Goodluck Croyd, nice profit alreadyumbup: Keep up the good work, i`ll be following your progress as i have similar goals myself!! Ceril12


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          Nice going so far! GL on your goals!! umbup:


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            Nice Graph you crazy Aggro UK-lander!!!

            Keep up the good work, periodically check your progress on ALL your goals (not just the $ ones), and don't be afraid to adjust what you feel you need to DO to hit your goals...

            "Plan your work, then work your PLAN" is a good pattern for getting where you want to go, but if you do not take time to review where you are at, and what you might need to do to get where you want to go, your plan could just become some random notes on a piece of paper.

            I think you'll do just fine though!

            Double Bracelet Winner


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              Hey Croyd, GL. looks like your already doing well. Long may it continue.
              'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                Originally posted by JDean View Post
                "Plan your work, then work your PLAN"
                I like it! These are some well thought-out and defined personal challenges you have set your self here Croyd 93 and I wish you every success. Raiser umbup:


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                  Hey Croyd can you tell me how you inserted your graph into your thread as mine is tiny and looks shit.



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                    So as I had had time to play a lot the last few days I have already managed to achieve my hand target for the month. This combined with a solid hand count for last month and the fact it was the 1 year anniversary for the sunday storm meant that i decided to attempt satteliting in. I bought into the 70ffp satty and played pretty well, i managed to take it down and win my self a seat On the whole i think i played reasonably well in the main tourney, it is the first MTT i have played that is bigger than a $1.10 buy in. I busted out in around 36000th place so didn't manage to cash but i enjoyed playing and I was happy with how i played. This week I will be watching the langoliers 'effective note taking' video also if i get time i may re-watch the 'SPR part 2' video, but i would also like to attend flixx's wednesay night training (I will have to see how much free time i have). I plan to review my hands from last week on wednesday afternoon and post any trouble spots in the HA forum. In other news i have decided to take a 5 stack shot at 5NL when my BR reaches $125 I am currently hovering around $110, if all goes to plan i should be taking my shot by the end of the month. Thanks for reading guys and GL at the tables umbup: P.s sorry for the late reply ceril, however i see that you've managed to insert a graph into your post
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                      P.s sorry for the late reply ceril, however i see that you've managed to insert a graph into your post
                      Yep no bother Croyd, cheers anyway umbup:


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                        Played in the 6 max vs Full ring $50 added tourney tonight, managed to bink 3rd place for $10 which was a nice add on to my BR so now i am only $5 from taking my 5NL shot maybe it will come sooner than first thought P.s good game to everyone who played in the tourney umbup:
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                          Well last week was my first week back at university and as expected it's taking some time to adjust to the early mornings; also the increase workload due to the exam period creeping up on me is not helping with my poker game, but what you gunna do. So anyway the week seems to have somewhat dragged, and my profit is dragging too taking a slight downwards move this week. I partly put this down to being back at uni and not having as much time to play so i end up playing when I'm tired and really shouldn't be but also to a lot of bad play on my part. My updated graph is below. By late night tuesday last week i realised that my slip in profit was due to me playing fairly badly so i decided to take a look at some hands from the previous 2 days i realised that i was c-betting way too often. I therefore decided to watch the langoliers c-betting video instead of the effective note taking one that i had planned to watch originally. I also managed to attend flixx's live training wednesday night and as of this i have decided to open up my starting standards a bit more from late position hopefully with a bit of work this will make my game more profitable. This week my main aim is to get more sleep as playing tired is a recipe for disaster, also i'm going to play a little less this week and spend more time reviewing my hands and stats as i have nearly hit the 10000 hand mark so have a fairly decent sample size to do some reviewing. I also intend to re-watch the two SPR videos as part of the work for the skype study group, and also attend flixx's live training. I may also attend Horror's HU for beggineres live training tonight if i get time. So yeah the onus is more on learning this week than playing but how am I going to improve if i don't GL to you all at the table and may this week be the most profitable yet umbup:
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                            Good Luck Oli always routing for ya!


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                              The last 2 weeks have been somewhat hectic I haven't found much time for poker and I have often been playing just to 'play' which often isn't the best reason. On top of this my exams start very soon and continue until the end of the month and I have thus decided to take a break from playing until june.

                              I think this break will be at a good for my game as I have recently hit a drop in my profits, I am putting this down to both bad play and run bad, so hopefully when I do return in june i will be revitalised and be back to playing my A game. During this break i will still try attend some live training sessions and watch at least one video a week as well as attending the saturday skype group. I will still be around the forums during this break but i wish you all the best of luck at the tables.

                              (New looking graph for HEM2 cool )

                              Thanks for reading

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