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Blogging is a good thing given the alternatives

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  • Blogging is a good thing given the alternatives

    I guess it is my time to write a short intro.

    I have not been playing long if I discount a short period back in 2005, and so I find poker a huge challenge that gives me tons of things to think about. Thinking about stuff suits my temperament and one of the main reasons I blog is to force myself to finish a thought (at least in a preliminary way to the best of my current knowledge) as best I can instead of leaving it half-baked to gnaw away at my decision making.

    I realized quite early that becoming a decent player is going to take a long time. 6 month is my current target, though dependent on how quickly I pay my dues in study and practice. Realizing this, I also realized that the experience is bound to be a bit frustrating - not so much due to the money involved, but more because the process resembles being a D- student in a class of A+ classmates. It rather is an ongoing lesson in humility that has its unique challenges.

    So I have taken a two-pronged approach. The first is to emulate good players. That is best done in the traditional way of learning. Watch what good players do both on the tables, through various video shots, and analytically through reading and lessons provided here.

    The second fork in my prong is currently of more interest to me though the first is really more important in the long run (but I have defined the long run as at least 6 months. So I just need to work away and pay the time). How can I make the best choices given a poor initial field position? So I look at bankroll decisions, the type of games to play and stuff like that.

    So I blog about the 2nd bit. I also find it helpful because it keeps me honest. I am poor player and will remain so for a while. There is nothing I can do about that but grind away to slowly improve. It is quite relaxing to be forthright about that point and it allows me to enjoy poker at the tables more. Which incidentally - I got my first "hey, I thought you were a good player" an actual good player (we have a couple 100 hands on each other) said a few days ago as he looked at my making a particularly donkish move. I laughed in chat and said: "hahaha, I suck, but am really pleased to have fooled you on that count for a while"

    Good players overestimating me is a start I suppose. I must be imitating something right

    Cheers, Jergul

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    Great post Jergul...
    "A weak player may be a nit but a nit is not necessarily a weak player"


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      Yeah, great post Jergul!! So interesting how the basic rules of poker are so simple, but yet the game's so so complex. So much to learn!! GL with the studies!! umbup:



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