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Lurking for a while - time to say hello.

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  • Lurking for a while - time to say hello.

    Hey there, just made my 1st blog entry and have finally decided to start taking poker a little more seriously. After playing pretty casually and having pretty respectable stats tournament-wise (I think anyway, was K 5 star on pokerprolabs so not a world beater by any means but doing pretty nicely in sngs) i started to tilt pretty horribly after suffering my first real run of bad luck (though perhaps I was actually just running so good before it felt like bad luck, easy to start doubting yourself when results slip) and have essentially ruined my record. On face value that sounds terrible, but it's actually motivated me to make an effort to fix it! I started signing up for tournaments and not paying attention, spewing off chips making big bluffs and just generally being a massive tool. Despite all that, from making an inital deposit of 25 bucks I've run my BR up to $550 w/o re-depositing (Came 3rd in the hot 0.55, for around $430, schweeet umbup My plans/goals are to - - Starting from today I need to cut out bad habits (signing up for extremely low buy-in tournaments and just messing around - trying to push edges that aren't there in spots that don't warrant it, oh yeah and tilting like cthulu after it sees itself in the mirror) -Continue to play well under my roll until I see results worthy of moving up in stakes. (Probably 2nl cash and maybe $1 sngs, I'm actually a losing cash player over my entire "career" on pokerstars, hence the low stakes) I want to focus on cash but i think my fundamental understanding of tournaments is better. Have a tendency to play a TAG game PF but can get a bit stationy post, making typical micro-stakes errors like playing pots that are too big with medium strength hands. -Take learning the game a bit more seriously, when I was getting results I was watching PSO vids daily (In fact at that time I was also starting to win consistently @ cash as well) and absorbing as much knowledge as possible, the resource here is so nice for beginners such as myself! -Play more volume! I am exactly the kind of guy that likes to quit when i'm winning and spew when i'm losing (cash-wise) which is a ridiculously unprofitable way to play. -Worry about making good decisions and try to be less results orientated! Well, if anyone read this - kudos
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    hi AceKingblows,

    some good thoughts its not too late to join the fullring / 6 max challenge if your playing 2nl (and have at least $80.

    Hope you find time to attend some training, have really helped my game.

    Anyway nice to see you

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      Hey AceKingBlows umbup: I enjoyed your post and it gave me lots of laughs, welcome to PSO! We have all been a victim of TILT and I used to suffer with it a lot, you probably realise by now that if you had never tilted in your poker career you would be in the black rather than in the red ( or profited a lot more than you could of done ) ! With that being said I suggest that if you do feel a little tilty to check out our video's and participate in our live training classes. It is important to study the game whilst you are not playing. Enjoy your stay here and please make the most out of it, Chris


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        Originally posted by AceKingBlows View Post
        I started signing up for tournaments and not paying attention, spewing off chips making big bluffs and just generally being a massive tool.
        I've got a little donkey inside of me that's always yearning to run free, so it's funny to hear others say the same thing Yeah, great post ... GL with the grind!! umbup:



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