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Team 6-Max Update Thread

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  • Team 6-Max Update Thread

    Hey all,

    this is going to be the official PSO Team 6-Max Challenge Update Thread . The following PSO users are members of Team 6-Max:


    We will be using this thread as a platform to post individual and team results, discuss strategies or questions and keep up the team spirit.

    I will check this thread daily and try to answer questions or give opinions to posted hands.

    The official PSO FR vs 6-Max challenge will start on March 25th at 0:00 ET.

    Good luck to all, let's go and show the FR nits how it is done

    - Felix
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    Hey guys,

    I don't usually like to help the other team, but I won't be able to sleep well if I don't at least make the effort to save you 6-max gamb00laholics from yourselves.

    So remember, it's ok to quit the challenge when you feel the pressure of the gamble weighing down on you in the gambling bingo 6-max games!!!

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    • #3
      Couple of hours to go
      Actual bankroll $143.00 + $8.20 T$
      Challenge bankroll $80 (Obviously!)

      Busy day tomorrow. Firsty playing golf in morning (got to be up in 3 hours for that). Then off to see my niece, Zaphia, who was born yesterday. 460FPP sat to main event later (qualified for 10FPP on 3rd or 4th attempt. If I get $22 ticket for 40FPP with my tourney play I'll be amazed). Will probably play the PSO sat to the main event as well with my T$. And, of course, its down to the serious business of beating those fullringers into the ground.

      Good luck all (do we need luck?).



      • #4
        T minus One hour to lift off

        Hi Team 6-max,

        Good luck to us.

        Hope UK clocks are now in sync with ET + 5.

        Thanks Dave, a bit of banter from the rival coach won't put bingo players on tilt.

        Just one time!


        • #5
          Not involved in this personally but definitely rooting for team 6-max.



          • #6
            It's only a problem if you're losing lol. Good luck to all the participants.

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            • #7
              Just played 418 hands in 52 minutes (2 tables) ZOOM Just over $7 in profit and 44.25 BB/100 Woohoo umbup:umbup:


              • #8
                $0.56 profit Just 56c profit for me, 75 hands in 1hr 15min. My first hand the old 72o dilemma - of course I folded. Learning to observe the table helped me with AQo on the button - raise to isolate Nooo... AfterPunk. limps strong
                Last edited by ForrestFive; Sun Mar 25, 2012, 09:50 AM. Reason: Added a good fold replay


                • #9
                  Played my first session - 99 hands between 6:30& 7:30am WET Sunday morning. Got away from this - very first hand with no reads so saved myself stacking off And second hand of the session.... my biggest loss of the session came on this hand but I can live with that later on another nice pay off I thnk I played too tight overall - my stats were 16/12 - but it was early morning and I was trying to concentrate on getting a few hands in without damaging the BR. Ended with a profit of $2.80. I have got lots on today but hope to get a second session in this evening. I thought I would post this first wee session to fulfil the challenge requirements in case I don't get back to the tables today. Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                  • #10
                    Just got to work time to fire up some tables! umbup: is zoom in this challenge btw?


                    • #11

                      Played 3 mini sessions.

                      Playing 2 tables at a time Zoom

                      1st session: Stacked off twice - $4.00
                      2nd session: made $0.05 +$0.05

                      Back to 1 table at a time ZOOM

                      3rd session: made $4.01 +$4.01

                      TOTAL : +$0.06

                      Think I will stay at 1 table for a while.


                      • #12
                        right well there goes the 2000 hands! 1000ish non zoom and 1000ish zoom

                        finished +$1.63 with an EV calculation of +$4.97 so ran pretty bad as per usual!

                        im new to this so gonna try and put a couple of my interesting hands up and maybe get my graph up for this mornings session!


                        • #13
                          nope no idea how to put those hand videos up any help guys?


                          • #14
                            ok today i am done! zoom consumed my entire morning and was pretty swingy!

                            finished today +$5.26 ev of +$8.47 so running a little under today!

                            due to zooms option to play so many hands i logged 4420 hands


                            • #15
                              Balance Fwd $0.06

                              Session 4 lost -$0.25 ZOOM
                              Session 5 lost -$2.00 pocket kings allin pre flop ZOOM
                              Session 6 Up +$5.42 Normal Speed
                              Session 7 Up +$0.35 Normal Speed

                              Balance Up +$3.58

                              Its going to be a bumpy road



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