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    I know this is not really a challenge but no idea where to post this as I haven't posted for a while and I'm sure there used to be an acheivements forum, but I could be wrong and I cannot find it anyway.

    When I get the chance to play I always try and get in at least 20 games in a week, not much I know, but have limited time these days for poker, to see how many points I can score in the low orbit leaderboard

    Just completed a block of 20x 9 man non turbo SnGs over the last few days and have been on a bit of a tear and have managed to score 459 points. No idea when the scoreboard is updated but this puts me at around 30th place.

    I'm well chuffed with this and just thought I'd share it

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    I'm in 33rd place at the moment


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      Good job.umbup: Hope it holds up. John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        So do I as it gets me $10

        Just checked my stats for those 20 games on Hold'em Manager and they were...

        ROI 97.4%
        ITM 65%
        Winnings $29.23 plus the other $10 if my position holds up


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          Nice run, hope your score holds up. Gotta love the ROI %!!! umbup:umbup:umbup:
          Bracelet Winner


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            Finished in 48th place in the end so just waiting for PS to give me my $10


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              Have received my winnings for 48th place....$8
              Website says it should be $10, so have emailed support asking for some clarification on this.

              $2 is $2 as they say.
              Might not be much to some.


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                Originally posted by jysteruk View Post
                Have received my winnings for 48th place....$8 Website says it should be $10, so have emailed support asking for some clarification on this. $2 is $2 as they say. Might not be much to some.
                Hi Jysteruk! You did the correct thing by asking support. The PS webpage clearly states $10 for 31st-50th and they do have you listed in 48th. Congrats on the good run.umbup: John (JWK24)

                6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  You should check previous weeks totals to see what the average is needed to make the leaderboards. I hope you're keeping records on how you're doing? The reason I say is if you're constantly making scores of 300 and you find you can handle more games then it might be worth a try for the high orbit.

                  Bottom line however is your bottom dollar, it's much more important that you work on your game, make sure you're profitable and think of any leaderboard prizes as an added bonus.

                  I'm having a stab at the Mercury and Mars high orbit leaderboards this week but if I find I lose too many games then I'll stop and analyse my play instead.
                  Bracelet Winner


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                    A quick response so I understand why now...................

                    We have had an additional look in your case and we have finally
                    found out the reason why your credit was indeed $8.00 instead of
                    $10.00 as you would expect from your finishing position.

                    What happens is that you finished 48th to 52nd place. Please note
                    that 48th and 49th and 50th places get $10.00 and 51st and 52nd
                    get $5.00, which totals in $40.00. Now, if you divide this amount
                    by the number of tied players, which is 5 in this case, then you
                    will get the amount credited which is $8.00, as in your case.

                    This is a standard practice that applies in the event of a tie on
                    the Battle of the Planets Leader Board, the prize money for the
                    tied positions will be added together and divided equally between
                    the tied players.

                    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


                    PokerStars Support Team


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                      re post

                      this may seem a silly question ,what is the difference between high and low orbit?and do you have to nominate for these leaderboards? any info or a link to it is appreciated


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                        No, you just have to play more.

                        20 games gets you onto the low orbit while 100 games gets you onto the high orbit.

                        I've left it late but I'm making a push for the $1.50 high orbit, I've 30 games to play today, projecting I make around 1400 points which isn't enough but I'll try anyway.
                        Bracelet Winner



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