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$1000 target before end of april, need someone to set me challenge

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  • $1000 target before end of april, need someone to set me challenge

    i have only in the past 5 months or so had any sort of small success here with limited funds to play with, above is my sharkscope graph which shows improvement, i want to push on now and achieve $1000 Profit within the next 6 weeks or so, the bad thing is i never have a schedule of games, i play a bit of everything, PSO, MTT''S, 90 entrant SNG'S and lately a lot of the satalites to the BIG MTT'S which i've done well in.

    I would like to stick to a schedule and for someone to set me a challenge or suggest a block of games that i should play, it would add extra fun to being online, lately i've got tired of grinding and not getting that big win i am looking for.
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    How much free time do you have available, and how many tables can you play at once? Do you have a favourite game?


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      i am not working so time isnt a problem, more time during the week for sure. my favourite games are $1.50 90 and $2.50 90's + BIG MTT'S $2.20 to $22 but rarely do i try above $11 buy ins

      i do not like turbo sngs or mtts, the only turbos i really do now are satalites, slow games would be better for me, and i prefer to do no more than 3 games at once


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        How about this:

        Test your discipline by setting a volume goal and pushing yourself to play your best over the most games you can. This'll keep you from trying to control things you can't (like your winnings or your ROI) and it'll maximize your expected return over time.

        If you can play three games at a time and like to play $2.50 90-man's, I challenge you to do this:

        -Play for fifteen of the remaining days this month,
        -Play two sessions per day,
        -For each session, register in three $2.50 90-man's and play each game to completion,
        -If any of your games end within the first hour and a half, re-register in a new one to keep your number of tables at three,
        -Attend at least two Live Training sessions per week that deal with MTTSNG- or MTT-related content,

        If you follow this, you should be able to get in ~200 games before the end of the month. If you can keep your ROI where it is, then you should be able to come quite close to $1000 by then. I wouldn't focus on that, but if you can do it, then that's a pretty awesome achievement.


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          there are 18 full days left in this month for me, i will not be able to play everyday cos something is bound to come up but as u said 6 games per day that would make a total of 108 games played so to keep close to this challenge how about i do a 100 block of $2.50 90's and see what i can do. i will do as u said registering in the next if an early elimination happens, thanks


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            Cool. Hope it works out.


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              Just looked on OPR for my stats on 90 man catagory, here are as follows >

              Field Size > 46-90
              Prizes $1,254
              Profit $287
              Roi > 30%
              Average Buy IN > $1.64
              ITM > 135/590 = 23% Games

              A mix between $1.50 and $2.50 with some other games included but the vast majority are 90 sng, the average field size in the 45>90 category is 88 entrants

              thanks GL 2
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                Hey Andrew why not play the 9 man's at the $3.50 level? The variance is way lower, your itm% should be higher which means you should also make more profit.
                One stat you are failing to look at is $$$ per game and you are at $.23 per game due to the fact I believe that you can't finish in the top 3 very often due to the field sizes. Play against fewer players and watch your profit per game increase to around $1 per game.
                In addition the games take about 1 hr 15 mins to win and you should be itm about 40% of the time which means you can play more games and if you do the math will be able to hit the mark quicker.

                Giddy Up!


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                  100 X $2.50 90 Challenge

                  Game 1: 46/90
                  Game 2: 73/90
                  Game 3: 42/90
                  Game 4: 8/90 > $7.38
                  Game 5 82/90 (lost set of 5s vs flush, shoved the flop after a reraise)
                  Game 6 72/90 error by me.. should of folded KJ on 8 j x board vs his 88
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                    hey honu i havent much experience in 9 man sng and do not feel totally comfortable with them., i usually only play that when i try step 1 but then i use my step 2 ticket to do the $27 KO mtt instead of continueing the steps, when u say 0.23 per game that doesnt sound too good, last year i turned 0 into $300 but cashed it all out n bought a new laptop then i had to start all over again, then in january i turned $11 into $650 it started with someone staking me $11 in the sunday storm and i cashed near $100 and the following day got 4th in the BIG $3.30 for $405 but i lost about 200 of that on tilt. lately i ve been back winning but very slow

                    My aim is to build $1000 + BR so can regularly play $11 buy ins, my br is $350 > $400 at the mo, would of been more but i ve made several cash outs. i dont care which games i gotta do as long as i acheive that $1000 + profit target (outside cash tables) i ve tried a variety of stuff to try and make money but the progress has been slow maybe its not helping me swapping one game to the next. thank you for your suggestion
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                      honu graph

                      honu graph

                      nice work honu, what have u mainly played and what game did u have the big cash in which is clear on the graph


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                        Nice ROI in the 90 Mans hope your challange goes well.

                        Grade b
                        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                          so far had some rough beats n bad luck n had a shaky start, just had this hand which cheered me up >

                          PokerStars Hand #77169933444: Tournament #532177062, $2.28+$0.22 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2012/03/14 14:05:00 WET [2012/03/14 10:05:00 ET]
                          Table '532177062 7' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
                          Seat 1: andrewj50050 (3545 in chips)
                          Seat 2: wroclover (2568 in chips)
                          Seat 4: Venus188 (1905 in chips)
                          Seat 5: SgtStan93 (3102 in chips)
                          Seat 6: sammysin (1344 in chips)
                          Seat 7: himbeerknick (1330 in chips)
                          Seat 8: JJ Hater 67 (3082 in chips)
                          Seat 9: imd27 (1774 in chips)
                          Venus188: posts small blind 25
                          SgtStan93: posts big blind 50
                          *** HOLE CARDS ***
                          Dealt to andrewj50050 [8s 8c]
                          sammysin: folds
                          himbeerknick: folds
                          JJ Hater 67: folds
                          imd27: folds
                          andrewj50050: raises 118 to 168
                          wroclover: folds
                          Venus188: folds
                          SgtStan93: calls 118
                          *** FLOP *** [5c 4c 8h]
                          SgtStan93: checks
                          andrewj50050: bets 139
                          SgtStan93: calls 139
                          *** TURN *** [5c 4c 8h] [8d]
                          SgtStan93: checks
                          andrewj50050: checks
                          *** RIVER *** [5c 4c 8h 8d] [Ad]
                          SgtStan93: bets 600
                          andrewj50050: raises 1081 to 1681
                          SgtStan93: raises 1114 to 2795 and is all-in
                          andrewj50050: calls 1114
                          *** SHOW DOWN ***
                          SgtStan93: shows [5s 5h] (a full house, Fives full of Eights)
                          andrewj50050: shows [8s 8c] (four of a kind, Eights)
                          andrewj50050 collected 6229 from pot
                          SgtStan93 finished the tournament in 53rd place
                          *** SUMMARY ***
                          Total pot 6229 | Rake 0
                          Board [5c 4c 8h 8d Ad]
                          Seat 1: andrewj50050 showed [8s 8c] and won (6229) with four of a kind, Eights
                          Seat 2: wroclover (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                          Seat 4: Venus188 (small blind) folded before Flop
                          Seat 5: SgtStan93 (big blind) showed [5s 5h] and lost with a full house, Fives full of Eights
                          Seat 6: sammysin folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                          Seat 7: himbeerknick folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                          Seat 8: JJ Hater 67 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                          Seat 9: imd27 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
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                            Originally posted by andrewj50050 View Post
                            honu graph

                            nice work honu, what have u mainly played and what game did u have the big cash in which is clear on the graph
                            Thanks andrew. The graph you posted is all time so the early blip shows my $700 cash for a 4th place in an $11 mtt way back when i dabbled in mtt. I am now a sng specialist mostly playing 9 man's and the last 1000 games or so reflect that.
                            You may not have much experience in the 9 man's but I think if you watch spacegravy videos and show some patience you can excel at them and since your bankroll is $400 or so I would start out at the $7 9 mans and move to the $15 9 mans when you hit $750 or 25 buy ins.

                            I will also echo sentiments about your roi which means you have game. Play games that have less variance and you can play more volume against far weaker players than you and since it doesn't matter what you play SHIP IT!


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                              Did you meant 50 buy ins or 25?

                              Grade b
                              I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                              13 Time Bracelet Winner



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