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Ovalman's $1.50 x 9 man STT's Cowboy Challenge

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  • Ovalman's $1.50 x 9 man STT's Cowboy Challenge

    Starts today.

    Games Played : 10
    Start Balance :37.50
    Balance : $39.40
    P/L :+$2.40

    Game no#531195692 Position 2 Net P/L +$1.98 Running total 39.48
    Game no#531234969 Position 2 Net P/L +$1.98 Running total 41.46
    Game no#531279678 Position 5 Net P/L -$1.50 Running total 39.96
    Game no#531308078 Position 2 Net P/L +$1.98 Running total 41.94
    Game no#531350982 Position 6 Net P/L -$1.50 Running total 40.44

    Game no#531853412 Position 2 Net P/L +$1.98 Running total 42.42
    Game no#531894265 Position 5 Net P/L -$1.50 Running total 40.92
    Game no#532272458 Position 2 Net P/L +$1.98 Running total 42.90
    Game no#532369401 Position 6 Net P/L -$1.50 Running total 41.40
    Game no#532388082 Position 6 Net P/L -$1.50 Running total 39.90
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    Good luck!


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      Many thanks, I've to go out for a bit but in the mean time I'm watching the lobby and identifying the regs.

      My thinking is they will be break even or a very low +ROI or why else would they be stuck at $1.50, I doubt many would be making a living even though they might be 20 tabling. They should be exploitable so if I get a few notes on some of them it will give me a head start.
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        #531195692 Doing an in-running commentary on these until I start multi tabling, if anyone would prefer just a quick summary just say so. No notes on anyone at this table other than 1 of my opponents were 2 tabling. One opponent took his time so by pressing Ctrl+ F I discovered he was 3 tabling these and 1 tabling 2c/4c limit cash. Not a wise idea as he will get mixed up in his raising. First hand in I got AKs mp, standard raise, called by table fish in BB. I didn't CBet on a Q83 board, I don't want to get mixed up in hands with no info on my opponent so I checked to the river where fish 1/2 bet pot and I gave up on the hand. Next key hand is this: This was to the player I discovered was multi tabling. This was only 16 hands in but already his stats say he's loose aggressive. I don't think I'm ever folding here if he shoves but his bet seemed weak and my reraise done the job. He's certainly not getting a free turn card with the flush draw on board. He later confirmed his loose aggressiveness by raising and then calling an all in with QTo. My other "friend" who had 2 tables going was an even looser maniac calling raises out of position with A2o, he built a stack quickly by gambling. My stats at 6 handed and 45 hands are the 2nd tightest at the table, there's 2 other rocks in the game we'll see if they change now the numbers have reduced. 1 rock changed but his QJo call all in on a 579 board was terrible. It was the maniac that pushed but it was never a call, other rock over raises (JJ was a 6x raise, other raises are 4x) and will get caught out. I'm now the rock at the table but we're down to 5. Maniac who built a 4k stack is now down to 1.4k. Next key hand: Bit stupid of me as my opponent started the game as a raising station but changed to a calling station, maybe not enough of a sample to know his game. Of course he blamed the software and me a luckbox because I hit the river I'm sure he didn't realise he got his chips in behind. Now bubble time but Vlad is to my left and has a wide range, he's donked all in a few times without a showdown, hopefully one of my opponents will call one. As expected he donked A5o and got called by TT and I'm in the cash. My game now has changed but I'm still waiting on spots to pick up chips, I'm lowest stack but still 17BB's so no desperation. ntripes got his stack in on an 8 outer and that's him gone. Made a major faux pas heads up on my exit hand: I really don't like my call pre but I don't like being bullied, when he didn't fold to my reraise I knew I was behind (although didn't think it was to a draw). I don't like risking my tournament life on a draw as you really HAVE to hit. All in all a good start except for that final mistake.
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          #531234969 2nd game 3 multi tablers at this table including Ageless92 who 6+ tables. I'm in position over him but not in a spot to steal his blinds, I'm sure he'll be playing an ABC game so I should respect his raises but I can play against him should the need be. First key hand and I discover he chases draws, not good when you're 6 tabling. I mix it up with QQ early in a game, I'll both raise and limp, I like set mining as when you hit, your opponent will never put you on trips and when you raise with QQ early position and a K or A comes on board you really don't know where you stand out of position. I'm definitely raising later in a tournie with it. I've raised a few times with strong and semi strong hands and I'm aware of my image, lets hope I get a monster as I've only showed the QQ hand and I may be able to induce a call from someone with much worse. Ageless has again shown his stupidness by calling a pot bet with TT on a AK7 flop. Opponent had AKo and chaser hit his T on turn to double him up. I've 3 absolute rocks at the table sitting beside each other including Ageless. I'm out of position though or I'd have a free blind each circuit. I've 2 loose aggressives to my left that rules any stealing out. Ageless again shows his inexperience by reraising a fellow rock 22 on a 467 board, he's now the shortest stack but only 1 player gone atm. Thought about folding as I knew he had to call but my flip was unsuccessful, more disapointed I had to show the low pair. I KO'd him 3 hands later 99 v 22 so all was not lost. Now down to 5 handed with only 1 multi tabler remaining, he's chip leader though and will be hard to get the chips from him, lets hope the other 3 opponents do damage amongst themselve and I make the cash. Key hand imo, my opponent had min raised several times before and A8s and QJo had shown. He raised stronger at other times which I could only imagine was when he was stronger. Knew my shove was ahead and I was 60/40 at least in the hand. He went out next hand AKo v KQo bit unlucky really. We're now down to 3 handed when 4th went out QTs went out to TT. Save1ka is a very decent multi tabler, he's bullied well and has changed his game from 4 players onwards. mis-click that worked to my advantage, I never min raise pre, I feel it only induces a call and even with AA a min raise gives your opponent a chance to hit. But I flopped middle pair and that's good enough to CBet when the blinds are high. Hitting trips on the turn gave me a reason to shove although I may have shoved anyway had I missed. Quite happy with his call, he made the mistake not me. He went out 2 hands later and I'm heads up again. Again I messed up although I feel my opponent made the bigger mistake and not me. He got very aggressive heads up, I'd expect that, he was a decent player and I'd do the same if he let me. I let him run over me for a bit before making a stand. I maybe should have shoved the turn instead of reraising, it was the first time I'd come back at him, I thought it would get some respect. I don't know what he put me on, maybe it was a fishy raise on my behalf but he'd only 2nd pair with poor kicker. If I'd have shoved maybe he would have folded or maybe by multi tabling he just wasn't paying attention. Anyway that's 2 x 2nds. I had already played 10 games on the Mercury Leaderboard so my first group of 20 will be skewed but I feel I'm playing well and getting some form back. Walking through these hands is really giving me some meaning to my play, I hope these long winded posts aren't too boring. As I said I'll stop anyway if I start multi tabling.
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            #531279678 Game 3 Only 1 multi tabler that I can see on here but he's 15+ tables so can't see him doing anything else only ABC, already I've identified a few loose aggressives, one has donked all in A5o early position to win 45 chips, he was instantly called by AKo and the A5o hit, AKo guy has been all in several times since winning most of his stack back. 16 hands in and I've only seen one flop - I limped 55, missed and folded to a raise. A5o guy continues his form raising loads and hitting, K5s v TT short stacker who hits his flush, and we're down to 8. I have 2 maniacs to my right raising everything, I've been card dead, hopefully one of the maniacs will double me up First mistake, I really didn't know where I stood in the hand. Don't think I should have called pre especially with the maniac limping before the raise (he could quite easily have shoved when it got back round to him) and the guy who raised was pretty tight. I felt he missed the flop but when the A came on the turn I felt sure he'd hit. Stupid play by me. md2601 is both winning and spewing chips with rags. He's KO'd 3 players including his fellow maniac A7o v K4s, I'll gladly take 2nd to him if he keeps knocking them out but I feel I'll probably have to stand up to him at some stage. 6 players remaining I'm lowest stacked but I've plenty of BB's left to play with. 5 handed now and I've 10BB's, things aren't quite as rosy now, deffo in shove/ fold territory now but I've been card dead all game, 55 being the strongest I've had. md continues to over raise but I haven't anything to call/ shove with. When I did eventually wake up with a hand this happens: No mistake on my behalf, nor his probably.v All in all one mistake, card dead and a maniac who restricted the hands I could play. First loss.
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              #531308078 Game 4 Only 1 reg here, not sure of how many tables but he's 2 at least. Thought I recognised another at the table so I sharkscoped him. Luckily his stats were unlocked and he wasn't who I thought it was but I did discover he was -4% in 300 with an up, mostly down graph. I've been pretty active in this game but my main worry was my opponent who is very loose aggressive. I'm out of position and it could be highly likely my opponent has flopped 2 pair or trips. The only problem is there's only 1 way to find out. Luckily he folded but I would have a choice had he 4 bet me all in. My A was strong but I hate losing to 2 raggy pair so early in a tournament. It could be spewy but players like my opponent like to raise, bluff and bully, sometimes you need to stand up to them. 2nd in chips now after 50 hands, my -4% guy is leading after pushing against one of the 2 table donks who insta called with KQo, we're now down to 6 players. Multi tabler is a total rock, he's only played 1 hand which was a 4x raise to steal blinds. I've folded semi strong here to a few all ins, hands where I'm likely flipping. I'm in good shape and don't need to take risks. New table donk just doubled through the table rock when he donked all in Q8o v 66. Patzemann is the rock and has changed his game, loosening up, I think his 66 call was spewy though as I didn't think he needed to flip just yet. He's a constant raiser now, good play in general but the other 2 opponents are loose aggressive and will tackle him at some stage. Our -4% friend has just went out in 4th donking 20 BB's out K5o to steal the blinds and ran into Patzemann's 99. Got to heads up again, another mistake but I got a good note. Patzemann min raised when fishing, 2.5 raised when slightly stronger and 3x with AA. I limped into the hand as he was ultra aggressive, I expected him to raise, I was always check raising but I'll know the next time that the stregth of his hand is reflected by his bet sizing. Unfortunate to run into AA but that hand done the damage and not my exit hand. Quite happy with my start but unhappy I'm not winning those heads ups. I've had the same problems in Limit STT's although I'm seeing a few more cashes than I've been doing in Limit. This is hopefully doing me good this change of scenery. I've only played one player who I considered good and it could be quite profitable for me here.
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                #531350982 Game 5 Only 1 multi tabler I can see in this but he's only playing 2 tables. I have another colour coded as loose aggressive but with no notes nor HEM stats I can't really do much about it. He has already got mixed up in a few hand out of position so I've colour coded him for a reason. He's not the table maniac however and there are a few loose aggressives playing which is ideal but avoiding the bad beats will be hard. Table maniac has gone but there are a few loose aggressives including one fish who is our colour coded player. I'm down a few chips to a flush chaser but have got my stack back when I shoved a min raiser who raised in early position with A8s. The same guy flat called a raise earlier in the game so you can tell he likes to fancy play. The table is pretty loose aggressive apart from one rock, we'll just have to bide our time and wait on a hand to double up on. I'd have raised normally in this hand but the 2 opponents after me were no foldem, a normal raise wouldn't have got through. I was hoping one of them would have called but instead the table rock woke up with a hand and unfortunately it was the hand that done the damage. I trebled up on my BB but I'm now ultra short stacked and just waiting on a spot to get my chips in. A8s won and I've now 540 chips with the blinds approaching. I never give up and the old mantra, A chip and a chair holds true for me. Again I survive pushing A4s v T4s table donk. Exit hand: Not much wrong with my shove, opponent was a loose aggressive so I got my chips in ahead. My damage was done on the TT shove, Sebjel didn't play a single hand all game. I'm raising him in position all day long with any 2 and my chips at that stage were at the stage were I needed to double up. That's me finished for tonight, if I get over $10 in profit I'll start multi tabling these. I'd like to go for the high orbit leaderboard which I feel is achievable.
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                  I'll stop the in running hand summaries but I'd another 2nd, had AA twice in the game and got the blinds both times, got lucky 86s shove on bubble to a limper who had 97s, heads up I lost again to a classic race my 77 v AJs who hit a J on flop. Disappointed with another 2nd but there's not much you can really do getting them in slightly ahead.

                  Guy who came 3rd seemed pretty decent, maybe a little over aggressive over the blinds and how I caught him out.
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                    Perfect table for me and I failed to cash, 4 blue whales, 3 calling stations and 1 6+ tabling reg. First hand one player says "I'm all in every hand" he does so before getting called by the biggest whale who calls him J8s and hits. He raises everything until I get some chips off him with 2 pair flopped, he gets them back however when I hit trips on the turn and he rivers a FH. I was sensible betting throughout, no donk all ins. I got no more chips off him until he went out.

                    Exit hand was 75/150 shoving 8 BB's A8o v KJs, of course they always hit and that's me gone.

                    I could play in these types of games all day as it's the right mix to get it short handed where I can change my game.
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                      First block of 10, not great, too many 2nds and not enough firsts. Until my last game (where I pushed K4o v K9s), I was getting my chips in ahead and losing for all my exit hands before the bubble.

                      One game I dominated but still managed to lose the heads up match. Giving it a break and try again tomorrow.

                      Leaderboard points for this aren't great so I'll nip back to my limit STT's for a bit and try and work a few up.
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