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HAHAHAaaa. Finally....

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  • HAHAHAaaa. Finally....

    Two things u need to know before we start. One: I only play 1.50$SnGs. As a challenge, not cuz I'm broke. Two: After a year or so of work and a good result in a 15$ tourney, I'm up to 470$.

    That is I WAS up to 470$. After what I believed was nearly impossible happened to me ( I lost 20 games IN A ROW at 3,50$, some truly insane crazy shit like sets over sets, houses over houses, rivered so many times I thought I had sprung gills at the end, and it just wouldn't stop.... ) I vowed to get back to 450$ before going up a level again.

    But the wind had been knocked out of me. I didn't feel like playing long sessions anymore and that was pretty much that for a couple of months. So January 1st I began playing again, little by little. I don't like to multi-table so it took awhile, but I'm glad to say that as of this moment I'm back to 450$. Plus 92 cents. Take that poker Gods.

    It feels like reaching the summit of a mountain you really hate and then gazing into the horizon to spot the next one. Poker climbing is a bitch if you do it well. But hey, money can't buy skills. So climb on.

    RianbowMaker out.

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    Great to hear that it's back on an upward curve! We all go through downswings and they can be very dis-heartening, just stick with it and bring your 'A' game to the table everytime! Raiser umbup:


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      Awesome! Thats great! I like to hear about positive outcomes and turnarounds like that,,way to go !umbup:,,, sometimes all one needs is a break,,,,


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        Wow, yeah - that's a nice story!! Congrats!! umbup:


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          Way to get back in the saddle! Those 4 wins outta 6 games sure help. It's not easy to do so obv you can play. There are many good sng videos archived especially by spacegravy. Just keep in mind he plays turbo's and hyper turbos.

          Giddy Up!


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            Thanx for the support Royal. Dis-heartening is the word. It feels so frustating to re-analyze your hands afterwards are realize that there's virtually nothing you could've done not to get sucked out on. Poker is one of the only games where you can play perfectly and still lose. Not that I play perfectly...


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              Very true. I had gotten used to winning most tables I played on so when I started to get really unlucky I thought: "Please, please just give me a break! Just a little one...." But hey, that's poker! Thanx for the comment Gman. Have a good one.


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                Thanx bro! umbup: I hope my luck rubs off on you. Cheers!


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                  Thanx Honu, I appreciate the comment. Grayson's late night sessions are epic. Hyper Turbo Heads-Up at 1000$ a pop is quite entertaining. Check out Phil Galfond's stuff all over the net if you'd like to hear the opinions of another great prospect. Cheers, have a good one!


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                    Way to grind it back up Rianbow. Here's to reaching the next plateau. umbup:


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                      Cheers, Moxie. Sky is the limit. Sort of.


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                        Way to stick with...NICE JOB
                        "A weak player may be a nit but a nit is not necessarily a weak player"



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