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Jamster81 Feb $1.50 cowboy challenge.

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  • Jamster81 Feb $1.50 cowboy challenge.

    Starting bankroll $37.50.

    I'm assuming I can mix standard and turbo. I didn't mean to post this 5 mins in to Feb ET but that's how it turned out .

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    P.S 9man games.

    1 - 3rd, $38.32 (+$0.82)
    2 - 4th, $35.32 (-$2.18)
    3 - 1st, $41.13 (+$3.63)
    4 - 4th, $
    5 - 4th, $35.13 (- $2.37)
    6 - 1st, $
    7 - 5th, $
    8 - 6th ,
    9 - 4th, $37.94 (+ $0.44)
    10 - 9th

    11 -
    12 -
    13 -
    14 -
    15 -
    16 -
    17 -
    18 -
    19 -
    20 -

    Last edited by Jamster81; Wed Feb 01, 2012, 09:53 PM.


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      I've taken a ton of notes over the past day, starting off slow again and will build up to multitabling again. 1 table at standard speed is a world away from 4 bubbles at once on turbos.

      1st one went ok standard was much worse in this than turbos a couple of days ago day time. The regular 9mans are filling up so slowly I have time to make notes.

      Crazy LAG notes:

      One of the LAGiest players I've seen 60/30ish busted me out in 3rd, he rivered a 3 outer to stay in just before that otherwise I would have busted him out and gone heads up with 2/3rd chips. A couple of hands I played against him maybe I shouldn't have in retrospect, as he was not straightforward postflop bluffing a lot (and showing cards every bluff) and slowplaying big hands the whole way through.

      1: at 15/30 I open UTG 88 when he is in button and another loose player UTG+1 (mistake) cbet JT7r flop he min raises, I fold.
      2: at 50/100 he opens UTG for 200, I call SB with AQo (mistake?) with 23BB. Check check JTT(tt), 9 other suit turn, checks to me I bet he calls and bets 800 on the river 4 blank. I can't bet the turn as he could have anything, bluff with anything turn or river and impossible to read, and we are on the bubble.

      I'll fill in the tournament details and running total in proper format as I go along

      1 game, 3rd, $38.32 (+$0.82)
      Last edited by Jamster81; Wed Feb 01, 2012, 08:58 AM.


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        2nd game is a LAGfest on the bubble in the middle of 15/30 level. The standard is so different even from turbo $1.50s it's quite surprising going back to standards after a couple of weeks. Or maybe it's mostly that the bad players don't have as much time to implode in turbos.


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          I had the same beginning ... came in 3rd. I try to avoid the luck-boxes - I even have a 'running hot' note color that I use. But when it gets down to the final 3, there's nobody else to try and get chips from I guess Oh well ... nice to start the challenge with the first game in the plus! Hopefully this'll be the start of a profitable month for all of us umbup: GL on the challenge!


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            Just doing some calculations quickly does doubling the bankroll work out to 16.7% ROI? (0.25 per game/1.50)


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              Bubble out in 2nd game at 25/50 level lol.

              QQ on BB with 790 remaining. SB opens for 200 (playing quite a few tables but seems a bit loose so far). I tank long enough to make it seem like I have a decision and shove, he hits 2 pair on flop with A2.


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                Not sure ... one of the things that's so great about the Cowboy's challenge is that it forces us all to figure stuff like that out (or wait for somebody else to do it - haha! ). I'm kind of bad about record-keeping in that way ...

                That'd be nice if that rate was correct - guess that means a 3rd place would already be on track there, eh?

                PS Ouch about the QQ ...


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                  Won 3rd game. Was a tight game compared to the 1st 2 until 5 handed 50/100, reached heads up at only 75/150 blind level. So we were relatively deep HU for STTs, and I wasn't comfortable against a player who seemed about the same standard. We were opening and 3betting somewhat similar amounts so it felt pretty even. I wasn't prepared for HU over 20BB and I don't think I'll worry about it much for now.


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                    Originally posted by Jamster81 View Post
                    Just doing some calculations quickly does doubling the bankroll work out to 16.7% ROI? (0.25 per game/1.50)
                    That should be 0.375/1.50x100 = 25%.

                    25% ROI!!


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                      2 tables a time now.

                      4th game 4th, very short stacked on the bubble lost on a flip though I was ahead.

                      I need to revise playing on the bubble and construct ranges for that before I play too many more.


                      • #12
                        5th game 4th, 3 short stacks and LAG player to my right in bubble opening nearly all hands but not calling any 7BB shoves from the other players, frustrating. Went out on a flip opening SB vs BB


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                          Having trouble adjusting to the superloose games where there's little chance to open. In training videos the question "what happens if I don't have a single chance to openshove, resteal, or call a shove with suitable cards" doesn't come up!!


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                            6th game won, tripled up early, open UTG TT and AKT flop, was donked in 4way pot called then 3 of us all in others with Ace rag, and King rag. Not so hard when I hit some cards.


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                              7th game 5th, busted out as a favourite again, 60/40.



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