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Skiny is In ! 0.25 45 Man SNG Challenge

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  • Skiny is In ! 0.25 45 Man SNG Challenge

    I had a few beers and accidentally posted to your January thread, cuz, well, I am not so smart.

    Please delete that post and accept this one if not too late:

    $0.25 45 man SNG
    100 Games
    Starting bankroll of $6.25

    Hope to double up if not more.

    I think thats correct, will start Feb 3rd. I just list game #, out position, and profit or no profit and post here , correct?

    Any advice would help .....



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  • #2
    So it begins....Am I in? Giddy Up !

    I probably should have played a few of these before I entered the challenge......

    Its like a mini micro PSO League game that costs me money !!!

    This type of tourney makes me never want to play top two pair after the flop again.

    3 down and cashed in one. That is just not going to cut it methinks. Playing 4th now. Going to try to do about 7 a day if I still have the bankroll to do it.




    • #3
      Originally posted by SkinyButPhat View Post
      Its like a mini micro PSO League game that costs me money !!!
      I'm sure you'll do great Skiny - best of luck with the challenge!! umbup:


      • #4
        I'll second what Trusty said! umbup: Met Skiny at the tables tonight and he was playing solid! Run Good Skiny! Wishing you a very successful challenge! Raiser umbup:


        • #5
          thanks for the positivity !!! was good to see you at a table Raise outside the forum.

          However, through 5, it goes like this

          1. 26th
          2. 26th
          3. 7th - 0.36 cents
          4. 17th
          5. 12th

          Ug...............this could be a long 100.00.....................rivered on my outs 3x. Dominating all in hands crushed at the river , over and over.

          Need to figure out a better way to deal with Ace Rag callers.




          • #6
            Hey Skiny i don't mean to be a pain in the asterisk but in order to qualify you must comply with all the rules as this link will show.
            You have posted your intent and you have started your thread to track them so thats awesome but you need to post the tournies etc properly so they can be verified.

            Giddy Up!


            • #7
              Hey buddy !!!

              Sorry, I am just using this one as my " complaining about variance and shove-happy people, whilst also updating my failures" thread.

              I hafe an excel sheet at home with my current tracking through 10 games and will post the first reults over the course of the weekend.

              I have tourney #, out postion, starting bankroll, $$$ earned (if any) and ending bankroll at conclusion of each tourney, much like Trusty Sam's i think.

              I shall comply, no problemo !!




              • #8
                90 mans are better imo the deeper you go the less shove monkeys there are.umbup:


                • #9
                  Dont worry if you go a few without cashing mate, i only had 1 in my first 15 last month and still ended up with $40 in winnings. As long as you play solid you'll do fine umbup:umbup:


                  • #10
                    Brutal !!!!!

                    IN first with 10 people left and what happens:

                    Pokerstars SNG Crashes and I lose at least 1200 chips as I cannot hit any buttons !!! Now it tells me I am still logged in and wont let me

                    So ticked off !!!!


                    • #11
                      Hmmm, cannot get excel to show results in here, will work on it..........
                      Last edited by SkinyButPhat; Fri Feb 03, 2012, 11:59 PM. Reason: changes


                      • #12
                        played 13 games so far and only 1 minor cash in. 45-man seems very difficult. probably doing something wrong during the end game.


                        • #13
                          You can try copying from excel then paste in notepad. then copy from notepad then paste in forum.


                          • #14
                            Thanks man will try that, when I try to bring over from excel, the formatting just bunches everything together.

                            I am through 17 games and only cashed in 4 of them.

                            One is from the SNG Roll Forward so I got screwed outta $$ on that one, plus only had .02 of my buy in returned. I was well in first with 11 players remaining, and bam, FROZEN.

                            I agree though, this 45 man micro is not easy. Easy to get to top 20, but beyond that is proving to be a bit tough. Oh well, 83 games to go but i need some cashes soon to keep my initial bankroll going.

                            Thanks for the tip !!


                            • #15
                              hey skinny
                              you got it backwards 45 s are easy 9s are tough

                              gl y all
                              6 Time Bracelet Winner



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