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Biblio's diary (well... sort of)

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  • Biblio's diary (well... sort of)

    This will be a bit of a combined diary of sorts, combined with my blog (
    I will try to write here, or on my blog regularly for a couple of reasons.

    1. 1. I like writing
    2. 2. I like poker
    3. 3. I would like to receive feedback on the things I post, positive or negative I don't mind, as long as I can learn something from it
    4. 4. I would like to know your thoughts on the hands I might post. Did I do ok, did I make a mess of myself, or would you have played it differently

    As stated. I like to write. That doesn't mean I assume people have to like my writings, so if you don't, fair enough, skip my writings, or let me know what I'm doing wrong
    If you do, you're welcome to participate and respond to my ramblings.

    Let me start by summarizing a bit what can be found on my blog:
    I had a fascination for Poker for a couple of years now, but never go to casinos or other places where you can play cards. I played Zynga Poker for a couple of weeks, but got tired of the 'bingo' pretty quickly. Never though about joining a Poker site until last december, but after a week I got a bit disappointed with the freerolls, so I made a deposit of 50 euro (about $63). I played around a bit with cash games and some sng and mtt (all micro stakes, I'm not here to blow my money), and in the mean time I discovered PSO and started reading and watching videos.

    Results in sng's improved dramatically after that, and I'm now quite fond of the $1 45man sng.
    In 2 weeks my bankroll is now $132.77, and I'm actually quite happy with my results in the sng's at the moment; I played 7 $1 45man sngs, was at the final table 4 times, 3 times itm, of which 2 were wins. So a net profit of $20.91 on these alone.

    I realize I have loads to learn, and I want to better myself, but for someone who's playing poker for 2 weeks, I think I do quite allright.

    When I made my first deposit here, my goal was to see how long it would last me. Maybe it's time to set some other goals?

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    Just left a comment on your blog - First Steps into Online Poker Very well written and presented, highly recommended read! Raiser umbup:

    Bracelet Winner


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      I keep running into you, Raiser
      Thanks for your kind words, and in response to your comment, I did indeed discover the benefits of recordkeeping, so I started an Excel sheet a week after I joined Pokerstars (2 days after I joined here, so I probably read it in one of the lessons, lol)

      However, that didn't satisfy my need for statistics, and I went looking for other tools. I ran into Holdem Manager, and decided to take that for a trial run. So far I'm quite impressed with its capabilities (I'm sure I haven't discovered all of them), and I'm seriously considering spending some cash to buy a license when the trial runs out.

      As I have a full tiime job and a family, I'm not sure if I can do 100 tournaments in a month (re the cowboy challenge), but I'll just see how this month goes, and if I think I can do a 100 I'll go for it


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        In my last blogpost I was reviewing a sng I won, but I didn't get to finish the review because I had to leave for work. I wrote that I made a mistake when there were 3 men left at the final table which caused me to lose most my stack, but I've been going over that hand, and I think I didn't really play it that bad: I had a 'monster' preflop when 3 handed, however, the other player didn't do a lot of crazy things. I would be behind against a pp, but should I have folded my AKs? Funny thing though, 3 hands later I went all-in with AJo (had to make a move, right?) and lost against AK from the short stack. I had about 6 BB left after that, but doubled up each of the next 3 hands. Folded 2 hands, then was in the BB with A4o. SB (short stack) limped and I pushed. So, now I was headsup, with 21K against 46K. I started of rather well, and after 11 hands I was up 50k agains 16k. Then came this hand: I'm unsure if I should've pushed there with J10o, or was I just unlucky I walked into ppQ? 6 hands later the final hand: My pp4 held up (was a bit scared there for a bit, lol) and I won. I have noticed though, I often feel a bit out of my depth playing headsup. All normal poker logic doesn't seem to apply anymore, and I usually play those 'on instinct'. Have a bit to learn there, as the first couple of heads-up I played (in a 1 table SNG) I lost, even when I went into them with a huge chiplead. The last 2 I won, that gives me a little convidence, but still, I don't feel really comfortable in that situation. Any tips on playing heads up situations would be appreciated


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          In the video section there are currently two videos from Andre about playing HU. Here is a link fthat will take you to them. They should help with HU play (I know they've helped me).

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Originally posted by JWK24 View Post

            In the video section there are currently two videos from Andre about playing HU. Here is a link fthat will take you to them. They should help with HU play (I know they've helped me).

            John (JWK24)
            Thanks for that John

            Next part of my diary is in my blog: First Steps into Online Poker


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              Ok, it was late last night when I wrote it, and now rereading it I see I made a couple of mistakes in my latest blogpost. I would have edited it, but then again, the mods have enough work to do. I'll edit on my next entry, don't let it bother you


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                After a bit of silence, I updated my blog again. Most important lesson learned this week: don't play when you're distracted with real life issues


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                  I'll post a little addendum to my blog-entry from yesterday, which I ended that I was not too hopeful for the freeroll for 10 Sunday Million tickets I had a ticket for. This is what happened: There were initially 1106 entries. First 10 would get a ticket to the Sunday Million, nrs, 11 to 40 would get $25. Not bad for a freeroll, now just to finish in the top 40..... I won a couple of small pots at the start, but the cards didn't really fall my way after that. I managed to hold on till there were about 100 players left, then I got KQ in the BB. SB called me with KT, and I doubled up. Still had only about 12 big blinds, cause the blinds were about 300/600 by then. Continued to get cards I couldn't possibly shove, until 12 hands later this happened: So, I was out in 90th. Pity my aces got cracked that final hand, but I'm quite satisfied after my lousy results yesterday Back to the micro SNGs it is...



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