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my poker journey

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  • my poker journey

    Hi all.I just wanted to share with you my poker journey.When i first stated playing i like most players didn't really have a clue what i was doing although i always through my results were just down to bad luck and not bad play.I used to play very marginal hands not really care about position who sat where at the table chip stacks etc etc.Then after a particularly bad session i decided to read some poker text to try and improve my play.It told me the obvious,i was playing way to many hands out of position not paying enough attension to the way my opponents were playing and everything else i was doing wrong.But the trouble with poker books or text i find it incredible boring to read so i generally give up on it half way through after digesting only the very what i have been doing is playing trial and error over the last 6 months at micro stakes looking upon this play as an education.This is what i have found the basic mistakes i have been making are i used to play to many starting hands after reading alot of text i tightened my play right up only playing the premier hands AA AK KK etc.But i now realise that was way to tight when only seeing those hands once in a blue moon and still losing because someone would hit trips or a flush whatever so i now play alot more of what i would call top marginal hands to give me a chance of catching that 1 card that will hit a premier hand.i used to play about 14 hands in 20 then cut it down to able 3 in 20 it now stands at about 6 or 7 in 20 which seems to work for me.i'm now not so scared to get the money in.i used to be to defensive if someone put in a raise after my call i would normally fold thinking they must have a better hand than me now if the situation seems right i will put in a reraise or go all in to put the ball back in there court and hopefully scare them off the pot and if i choose the right spots i have found it successful.I also take alot more notice of how my opponents are playing and being able to tell most of the time by there betting amounts what kind of hand there holding this takes alot of concentration so from now on when ever i play i take the lap top into another room away from all distractions and i have found all of this put together has improved my play.Recent results seem to have bore this out.Over the last week i came 6th out of 5875 in a 20fpp freeroll to get $32 and also came 880 out of 39000 in the $11 sunday storm to net me $80.i also have been playing alot of $7 $15 fifty fiftys with some pretty decents results.At the end of the day it might be skill or it might just be a lucky streak i'm on but the 1 thing is i now sit at the poker table with a lot more confidence now believing i can actually win a decent tourney instead of just trying to limp in to the cash.The other thing i believe is every poker player is different and although reading poker text is a good idea and can help immensly with your game not ever line should be treated as gospel you should stick with your own game and fit in what you read and learn around your natural game to give you a chance of getting the best results because i believe theres a great poker player in all of us its just finding him.I would love to no if anybody else out there agrees with me or whether they think im talking rubbish and im still a crap player having a lucky run.

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