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Play Money MTT Challenge

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  • Play Money MTT Challenge

    OK peeps I know I've been hinting at this for a while now,so finally I'm opening a thread for any players,US or otherwise,that want to take a crack at an MTT challenge. I know undafeated1 threw up something like this and welcome him (if he's still looking in here) to come aboard and crush us all with those sicko numbers he put up in his run. Nothing special to this really and I've hinted at what I'm hoping to try and do with this one to some of you Tankers. Basically since some of us have been grinding away on Cairn's play money BOTP challenge (gonna be doing a couple more blocks of those myself soon,anyone who HASN'T given Cairn's challenge a shot I highly recommend it...) and my 45 man 320 challenge,I think many of us have grown our play money Chip Rolls (CR). Well as some of you know I'm sure, I'm an advocate of finding real money games in the less variance swing heavy SNG realm that you can beat consistently as a way to incrementally grow ones BR and take some of those winnings and allocate them to fund ones MTT excursions,where the swings are more extreme and one should really be playing a more aggressive style,looking for deep runs in lieu of min-cashes. So to try and keep us as sharp as possible in anticipation of our hopefully being back on here for the real thing sooner than later,I'm setting this up to as closely replicate that scenario as possible. So I think that setting aside 25% of one's BR for MTT entry fees alone is a pretty solid play,BR management wise. So everyone just pull up your cashier box,see what your play money Chip Roll is,take 25% of it (wherever it rounds off most easily...) and use that to fund your 100 MTT entries. For me I currently have 276,554 play money chips,so rounding it off I'm going to go with a 70,000 chip starting CR to fund my 100. Play ANY play money MTT's that you want,no real time limit on this (personally I hope NO ONE finishes it because we get some good news before then ),just make sure you post tourney numbers if you can and keep a running count of chips spent and chips remaining. Posting results here will be fine,if you want to open your own results thread I guess that's cool to. Play money MTT's are found in the freeroll Tourney tab and range from 109 chips to 5200 in buy-in costs. And feel free to play ANY type of game:NLHE,Omaha,Stud,whatever. Re-buy tourneys are allowed and only the initial buy-in counts against your running tallies. Let's see who can crush this the best,good luck and have fun. umbup:
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    Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
    Re-buy tourneys are allowed and only the initial buy-in counts against your running tallies.
    Shouldn't your re-buys and add-ons count still since it does come from your BR? evil:
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      Originally posted by joker41673 View Post
      Shouldn't your re-buys and add-ons count still since it does come from your BR? evil:
      Thought about this both ways Joker and at the end of the day I landed on re-buy/add-on tournies having this built in risk to them and as such are something that players should consider a "stretch" on their BR's so it's OK to go outside of the box a little here. Plus I think that were this a real money exercise the tracking sites only record the initial buy-in when they track a player in these (admittedly I'm NOT sure I'm correct on this,think I am though). And yes,for the record,I do consider that an oversight on their part but I don't want to put restrictions on this challenge that one wouldn't normally face. Anyway it shouldn't be a big deal one way or the other,as here at Stars,unlike some other raggedy ass sites,80% of the tournies are NOT re-buy/add-ons. Good hunting all.


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        So I've started this,sporadically,but hope to get it going for real come Monday the 16th. Will be grinding my 45 man challenge as well and want to get a couple/three more sets of Cairn's under my belt also.

        Mt starting bank allotment here is 70,000 chips so that will but what I judge my profit (or losses...) against and is my bank for 100 buy-ins.

        1. 496925146 HORSE 1000+50:1050 19th out of 472 4720.00 Chips won
        2. 496925241 8 GAME 200+15: 215 47th out of 336 336.00 Chips won
        3. 496925561 RAZZ 500+30: 530 91 out of 180 XXXXX



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