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Sticking to the 1 type of structure?

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  • Sticking to the 1 type of structure?

    Hi, im playing poker just over 2 years now and i think i have improved a lot lately. I am hoping 2012 is going to be my year I have mostly played NLHE but i play all different types tournament structures, MTT`s Sng`s, knockouts, 50/50`s, rebuys..etc basically every structure you can think . Just recently i thought that one downfall in my game was playing all different NLHE structures. My opinion is that it would be best to stick to one type because we need to have different strategy`s for different games and i think jumping from 1 type to another doesn`t help us improve our game. So here`s my question that i`d like a bit of feedback on to see if you agree with me, Do you think its best to stick to one type of structure constantly and build your game on that before you move onto another? Thanks in advance for any reply`s & umbup: GL on the felt umbup:

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    I enjoy playing HORSE, but i'm not great at it.

    I often have H/L omaha cash games open when i play holdem tornies.

    so no i like the viriaty

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    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      I am not a big fan of playing different format types at the same time, because each format has different game dynamics and as you say Ceril they require a different strategy. I am not saying that I have not done it, but I do not have the mental agility to cope with it successfully.

      However, I believe that sticking to one game type only constantly makes it more difficult to switch at a later stage. So I will play one type for one session and then after a break can move to a different type without it having an adverse effect.

      Ideally, I would like to get to a more advanced level where I can play various types simultaneously, as I think that can give you an edge in certain scenarios and the ability to know when to change gears, style and strategy:

      It would be interesting to hear some other opinions.




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        ceril12, If there is a certain type of game structure that you are consistantly winning at, then by all means, you can stick with it. However, branching off into other formats for the same game or different games can help broaden your poker knowledge. There are things that you can learn and apply in the original game style that you are playing. If you want to branch out, then set aside a given bankroll % for the other games (whether format you decide to play), but concentrate the majority of your bankroll on what you play best. Make sure though, that the other formats and games fit into good bankroll management. Good Luck at the tables umbup:

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          If your goal is winning in poker. You need to look for the game you are comfortable playing with and make money.

          Why do you need to change when your winning in one type of tournament?

          Different type of strategies is definitely needed in different type of tourneys.Choose one that you are good with then make a killing.


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            Thanks for the reply`s guys. Grade b: I enjoy different poker games as well and often play them for fun to mix it up as well. I think you read my post wrong though (or maybe i didn`t explain it too well lol). I wanted to know would you play like a satellite, a MTT, a cash table and say a SnG all in one session? And if you would, do you think its possible for amateurs/intermediates to improve there game by doing so or would the different game strategy`s just confuse us? Topcat: I totally agree with your opinion about "I believe that sticking to one game type only constantly makes it more difficult to switch at a later stage" and your solution to just play one type per session is something i might definitely try. JMK24: Thats just the thing JMK24, im actually not sure what games have been most profitable for me because i never really tracked my results carefully until recently. I have been doing well playing 9 man SnG`s the last month so i`ve took the cowboy challenge this month and gonna stick to playing them for the whole month and see how it works out. Marvinsytan: I used to play for fun for about a year and a half but during last summer i really wanted to improve my game and start trying to turn a profit, so i started reading a good few poker books, watching training videos and analyzing my play etc... I think my full tracking is about even since i started playing so im fairly happy about that but i want to try win consistently. Im going to stick with the 9 mans for the month and i`ll keep you posted on how its going but i`d still like to hear a few more opinions from ppl. Cheers guys, GL on the tables! umbup: Ceril12



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