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'gator's goals for 2012

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  • 'gator's goals for 2012

    Poker Goals 2012

    Yearly goals:
    --I will keep a poker journal recording any interesting hands and opponents, as well as my own thoughts and feelings.

    -- I will improve my ability to read opponents and expand my understanding of odds. I had an idea that playing Limit cash games might be a good place to start, and finding this post during my research clinched it:

    --I will improve my self-analysis skills. I will do this through study- especially by making better use of the hand analysis forum.

    --I will improve my focus. I will do this by limiting my play to times when I am least likely to be distracted and treating each decision with the time and attention it deserves.

    --I will STUDY rather than read. I will do my best to APPLY what I have learned through STUDY.

    --I would like to get more experience playing live and will make every effort to do that if my real life bankroll allows.

    Cash games:Starting with a bank of $30, I will play .05/.10 Limit to start and move levels according to the following conditions:

    Conditions for moving up: 10k+ hands with winrate at 3BB/100+ and 300BB bankroll for next level.
    Conditions for moving down: bankroll reaches 150BB for current level.

    Monthly, 1/2 of profits (if any) from cash play will go into a separate bank to be saved and used for purchase of poker books or software.

    MTT's, SNG's: Starting with a bank of $0, I will play Astronomer freerolls, PSO league and FPP tourneys and build a bank to start playing micro MTT's and SNG's. When it looks like I will have the time and VPP's to make a serious run at the PSO premiere league, I will dedicate a month or two to get as far as I can in that pursuit.

    Monthly goals:
    ---I will post numbers and graphs from the previous month in my "poker goals" forum thread.

    --I will post in my blog about my progress on a more personal level. I will use my poker journal as a guide for writing this.

    Weekly goals:
    --I will devote 20-25 (~3:1 play:study) hours per week to poker related activities, and take one day per week away from all things poker to pursue my other interests.

    --I will play ~1k hands of LHE.

    --I will post hands in the hand analysis forum and spend some of my study time reading the analysis of other's hands in that forum.

    --I will attend and participate in at least 1 live training session.
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    GREAT goal Freck umbup: Keep us posted and best of luck umbup: umbup:


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      Minor changes to my goals regarding the PSO:

      I had wanted to put off qualifying for the Premier league until I was able to acquire 150vpps/ month.
      Now I think I will make a run for it sooner and try it out with 20. Not sure if this month is the month-I'll see how the first week or 2 goes.

      I'm still starting my MTT/SNG bank at $0, but I'm bringing along a WR2 ticket, as well as 54.56 FPP's to use in those tourneys.

      Happy 2012 everyone!!


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        Very nice post, and like your goals for the year. I'm still thinking about mine, but like the idea of keeping better track of how I do in the various games. Good luck in your endeavors!! umbup:umbup:umbup:
        Bracelet Winner


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          Due mostly to the change in rewarding of VPP's, I have decided to alternate months of concentrating on either cash games or the PSO. I have thought this out and think that will be best for my bottom line. Rollin' with the changes, right?

          The biggest change I see to my goals is in PSO months, I won't be getting in 1k hands a week cash.

          I'm gonna try this for a month or four and see how it works.

          Also I will not be starting a blog.

          Other than the above, things are going well. Studying more seriously is helping me and I'm getting a feel for limit. I'm having fun playing with the graphs in excel, even.

          Update coming at the end of the month (if not sooner).

          GL everyone!


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            I think alternating is a great idea. I hope it goes well for you in both areas!


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              January was an interesting month...

              Cash games:
              2401 hands for a profit of $.86 A whopping .036BB/100. I earned a total of 20.52 VPP's in the process.

              Feb. starting Cash Game Bank: $30.43 Book/Software bank: $.43

              I played nothing but freerolls this month and I managed to earn $5.81.

              I played12 Astronomer's freerolls--no tickets, but did not use the one I brought with me from 2011, so still have that.

              10 FPP buy-in Tourneys: Played 6, ITM in 2 for a total of $.80. I earned $.0133 per FPP

              In the PSO, I finished 330th for $5.00 and earned $.01 for an 84th place finish.

              Feb. MTT/STT bank = $5.81

              I did not hit my mark as far as hands per week. I had overestimated both my ability to multi-table cash games, and my ability to play League tourneys and cash tables at the same time. I really suck at multi-tabling. I think I found some help for that online that I will try this month. For now ~500 hands per week is about all I can do at the cash tables.

              The Astronomers I really struggled with. I would be doing really well, then fade about 1 1/2 hours in. This does not happen in other tourneys...maybe the reward is just not worth the time investment in my head. Working on that as well.

              I also did not make any live training sessions. The computer I am on now just won't do graphics.

              I only posted 1 hand for analysis, but did a lot of reading and studying in there. I did fairly well in the studying department using websites and my limited library of poker books. My greatest find of the month: A pristine copy of Super System 2 at the Value Village for $5. Jennifer Harmon's chapter on Limit is just what I needed!

              For February I will carry on in LHE cash. I'm starting to get good notes on some people I see a lot. I will limit my multi-tabling as much as possible until I get a handle on it.

              I will be playing the Premier League this month. With only 20 VPP's it won't be for the big $$, but I am looking forward to it. I feel like I might be able to learn something from it.

              My MTT bankroll I intend to use for fun. Hopefully I will make some cash in the process, but I'm not going to be AS nitty with BR management with this. I intend to play some $.10 women's league games, $.25 SNG's and possibly a $1.10 MTT or satty along with my freerolls and FPP tourneys.

              FPP tourneys will be fewer thanks to the change in the VPP accumulation. Might get 2 in this month.

              Here's to a productive and FUN February!!


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                Congrats Freck umbup:umbup: The important thing is that you are learning Take time to include videos and do a bit of reading Keep up the work and the upward trend umbup:


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                  Thanks for the encouragement! Reading is no problem. Videos, on the other hand... The computer I am on 90% of the time is an old laptop that was born in 2002-I can play poker (thankfully) and read forums and such, but no graphics to speak of! I'll try to work in videos when I am on the better PC for sure, though! umbup:


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                    The ugly, the bad, and the almost kinda good

                    The ugly:
                    I killed my laptop. Not on tilt, just on spaz. Tripped over the power cord and wrecked it-the cord, not sure about the laptop. Since we are back to a 1 computer family for a bit, that will have an impact on how much time I have to play. Bummer. Anyway, off to the February summary.

                    The bad: Cash games. 633 hands; -3BB/100.

                    Uploaded with

                    Not sure what my issues are with cash games. When I dropped $1.70 in 9 hands on the 22nd...I just stopped. I have not given up, I know I can get a handle on this. I am reading and studying and will return to playing soon.

                    The almost kinda good:

                    I started the year with $0, Feb.1 was $5.81 and on March 1 it is $26.85.

                    Uploaded with
                    I started February with $5.81.
                    PSO Premier league accounted for $4.15:$16.89 is profit from SNG's and MTT's.

                    I enjoy the premier league and hope to stay there. I skated thru on that 1 win and only played 5 games total. It seemed to make the most sense as I was not likely to get above $2 with my 20VPP's. I'm sure I'll have to play more this problem there.

                    I was much looser with BR management with this "free money"....still pretty tight though.
                    My buy-in's ranged from $.10-$2.20.
                    Total B/I for SNG's and MTT's = $21.60
                    $$ won= $38.49
                    ROI= 78%

                    I'm going to continue on with the freebie roll...seems to be doing ok so far. It ain't broke...not fixin' it at this point.

                    Happy March everyone!!



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