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Battle of the Planets Challenge

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  • Battle of the Planets Challenge

    I have decided to try a run of 20 of these, since there are double prizes this week as part of the 10th Anniversary. Depending on time constraints, I may do more than 1 block. My primary goal is to be profitable, but if I hit a run of luck, who knows??

    I will update as the games are played, feel free to join me. I will be playing 1.50 27 man tourneys.

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    I have never really tried the 27 man games. Do they play a lot differant from the STT's or a 45 man game?
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      GL to You!


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        @Grade b - I don't really know, I've never played them before. @Freckldgator - thanks, support is always welcome. First 4 games: 1. 483535469 -1.50 5th +2.83 Pr. 1.33 2. 483565728 -1.50 12th Pr. -.17 3. 483578223 -1.50 12th Pr. -1.67 4. 483589280 -1.50 6th Pr. -3.17 Game 3 I lost most of my stack early with AK vs KQ, was under 100 so I did well to make it to 12th. Game 4 my all in with AK lost to KJ. I felt I had to shove there, 1 player had most of the chips at 15K, and the rest of us were all around 4-5K. I still think I can beat these, we'll see what happens tomorrow. umbup:umbup:
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          Hi Joy If you're playing the 27 man, your odds of winning is 1 in 5.4, at 18 man, it's 1 in 4.5 and at p man, it's 1 in 3. So you have to find your comfort zone. Also look at your stats to see where your winning percentage is better (9, 18 or 27) Personally I prefer the 18 man SnG's Good luck umbup:


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            I deposited 20$ a couple days ago to try to hit the target block score and failed good luck tho
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              Joy I wish you well and +1 on what Sandy said! I am running my 9 man's and have cashed 9/11 times and won't even be close at my level unless I hit 4 or 5 wins ( which obv I will try to do).
              This is not easy. I would suggest that you simply play your game and if you have a great run then the rewards will be there. Don't let the extra distraction of trying to beat the BOP. It is a great promotion but may add too much pressure as the Challenge did for you last month!

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                Good luck Joy hope u finish with a profit. B umbup:


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                  Hedgehog is wishing you a great run.

                  Suggest you continue to concentrate on each game and not on the leaderboard. Since you are playing the 27-player game, I can tell you the breakeven point score for these games is at 188 points, which can be done with as few as three deep runs into the money, third or better. Finish in the money in seven of these games and you should be profitable. To reach the Mercury leaderboard, you need a minimum of 425 points. Not an impossible task.

                  Though I cannot play cash games as an American, I've been playing these exclusively since Black Friday. Even have a challenge posted for those wanting to try it. So my comments are based on approximately 1,200 games.
                  Last edited by Cairn Destop; Wed Dec 14, 2011, 08:52 PM.


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                    GL to Joy, Cowboy, Cairn, and anybody else who's giving these Battle of the Planets a go! umbup: I'm giving it a try, but the volume's a bit higher than I'm accustomed to playing and I find myself starting to make more sloppy mistakes. Still glad to be trying though because I have to make 40 VPP's by the end of the month to clear my $10 bonus, so it's a nice little motivation to play a bit more. Not feeling too confident I'm going to make the leaderboard though I may just use this week to try getting more comfortable playing 20 games a week, and then keep trying BOTP from here on out? We'll see Mostly I play those single tables because I like short-handed play (is that what it's called? 6-max? After about 15-20 minutes it becomes like 6-max, only with more and bigger payouts ... so I kind of like that). I gave those 18 and 27 person games a try, and they seemed more complex, with the way it would go down to 7 people ... and then pop back up to 9 with a table change! . And then the stack differentials - more chips in play, more people eliminated, bigger stacks = more complicated? Or at least it felt that way to me Seems like there's some nice money to be made though with the fewer, but bigger payouts for those who have been able to master that more complex play, so that's cool


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                      OK, so I won one, and finished fourth in the other one. I still think I can beat these, I know I need a lot of wins, but yeehaaaw.

                      PokerStars Tournament #484123969, No Limit Hold'em
                      Buy-In: $1.29/$0.21 USD
                      27 players
                      Total Prize Pool: $34.83 USD
                      Tournament started 2011/12/14 22:52:42 CT [2011/12/14 23:52:42 ET]

                      1: joy7108 (Canada), $12.92 (37.094%)
                      2: stalen20 (Peru), $9.28 (26.643%)
                      3: fulloface12 (Portugal), $6.19 (17.772%)
                      4: Igorek966 (Russia), $3.61 (10.364%)
                      5: SARCO_1989 (Colombia), $2.83 (8.125%)
                      6: KEKS-NUTS (Russia),
                      7: dwayno44 (Canada),
                      8: Molodec34 (Russia),
                      9: Night_2011 (Russia),
                      10: krk.igorek (Russia),
                      11: DaSeRiouS (Canada),
                      12: yuojaw (Portugal),
                      13: serg.kholodn (Russia),
                      14: jclaudioe (Mexico),
                      15: beatsteak81 (Germany),
                      16: vinivap938 (Brazil),
                      17: andron1971 (Russia),
                      18: devil1708 (Russia),
                      19: signadur (Germany),
                      20: Lucho LP14 (Argentina),
                      21: Baobab21 (Canada),
                      22: MATUMBINOO (Portugal),
                      23: bigslick0505 (Canada),
                      24: alexmourarn (Brazil),
                      25: Angel Azul (Peru),
                      26: wahoo3333 (Canada),
                      27: ASPINAYI (Spain),

                      You finished in 1st place (eliminated at hand #72188207072).

                      PokerStars Tournament #484121887, No Limit Hold'em
                      Buy-In: $1.29/$0.21 USD
                      27 players
                      Total Prize Pool: $34.83 USD
                      Tournament started 2011/12/14 22:36:42 CT [2011/12/14 23:36:42 ET]

                      1: CalamityBILL (Canada), still playing
                      2: cademuz (Colombia), still playing
                      3: j.t.butler (Chile), still playing
                      4: joy7108 (Canada), $3.61 (10.364%)
                      5: estidiver (Canada), $2.83 (8.125%)
                      6: dwayno44 (Canada),
                      7: Lil Sharkie7 (Canada),
                      8: echueco1946 (Argentina),
                      9: KelownaTom (Canada),
                      10: chepetour (Costa Rica),
                      11: doubleroi695 (Belgium),
                      12: MissQ640 (Canada),
                      13: donato9929 (Mexico),
                      14: Gustav 1098 (New Zealand),
                      15: AwesomePok21 (Colombia),
                      16: raymar62 (Canada),
                      17: GEP(Kazan) (Russia),
                      18: PABLOSUPRA86 (Canada),
                      19: krk.igorek (Russia),
                      20: giuBa24 (Romania),
                      21: Baobab21 (Canada),
                      22: KEKS-NUTS (Russia),
                      23: DaSeRiouS (Canada),
                      24: nis12345 (Canada),
                      25: jclaudioe (Mexico),
                      26: Fumo_Yerbon (Spain),
                      27: dandudas (Austria),

                      5. 484123969 -1.50 4th 3.61 Pr. -1.06
                      6. 483124696 -1.50 1st 12.92 Pr. 10.36
                      Last edited by joy7108; Fri Dec 16, 2011, 02:35 AM. Reason: duplicate, update BR
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                        I didn't do as well tonight, but still hanging on.

                        7. 484597933 -1.50 5th 2.83 Pr. 11.69
                        8. 484608669 -1.50 11th Pr 10.19
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                          Hope it's going better for you today Joy than it is for me I was planning on finishing the block of 20, but meh ... the points for the BOTP leaderboard this week are super high, so even if I came first in the last 3 games (I've played 17 so far), it wouldn't be enough to make top 100. And I'm kind of tilted from getting 7-outered and 6-outered after making 2pr and a set in my last 2 games, so maybe it's better to call it a day ... for the BOTP 'week' with these STT's Kind of burnt out on them and wanting to play just for the fun of it (I sound like such a stereotype of a 'youngest-born' child ... oh well, I gotta be me, who else can I be umbup: (I do have follow-through most of the time )) Two people made over 650 points already - the one with the lower score of the two has cashed in every game except one ... I've never seen such a thing


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                            Sorry you're having a rough day, Sam. I'm not doing much better, but I'm still in the black. I've been looking up some of my opponents, they have some very serious numbers on OPR. I even played with a supernova today, what the heck is he doing in a $1.50 SNG. There are some really good players grinding these this week.

                            9. 484866153 -1.50 5th 2.83 Pr. 11.52
                            10. 484869363 -1.50 19th Pr. 10.02
                            11. 484886976 -1.50 22nd Pr. 8.52

                            I'll have to hit them hard tomorrow to get done.

                            Last edited by joy7108; Sat Dec 17, 2011, 05:45 AM. Reason: spacing
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                              Thx Joy! Looks like you're doing pretty well, considering the field's so large! I think I ended my MTT experiment in the red Still playing my STT's Have to see it through ... must be some sort of youngest-child inferiority complex thing, I don't know Hopefully we can both end our blocks on a high GL tomorrow!! umbup:



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