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Worst player in December Open League Challenge

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  • Worst player in December Open League Challenge

    The Open League ATC all in EVERY hand till you get knocked out challenge.

    I'm having more fun playing this type of personal challenge than I was working my way up the Open League Leader Board in November.

    Best thing with this challenge is there is very little stress from bad beats or cooler hands, Only thing that's really tilting me is expecting to lose the hands with total junk cards and I end up winning

    It's not as easy as one might think to achieve the status of worst player, it does take a lot of games to actually get as low as I am right now on the board. This one particular hand earlier today had me scratching my head with the amount of luck I had with the very first hand consisting of 8h2s and getting 4 others to call and wouldn't you know it a forth spade on the river to complete a spade flush, I still can't believe I won with a 2 of spades with all those other cards in play... I was a bit miffed at my luck seeing how I wanted to lose that hand to maximize negative points... second hand i was sitting with j8o and went all in once again with 3 callers and hit my 8 on the turn to take those three callers out as i was starting to get very scared at how well this luck can hold out fearing that this might put me in positive points if it kept up... well it ran out on the next 7 all in ATC hands with not one single hand won in the 7 and was finally knocked out in the 7200th position range.

    From the looks of it there are a few others who are doing this also..on purpose or not is what i'm not quite sure of right now though, but it does appear to be the case with a couple of us at the bottom, fighting for that last position.


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    Hi derty, there was a challenge a good while back to hit the bottom of the league and come back up to cash. Ithink it was TAZZ who brought it about. Try it if your just having fun. gl umbup:umbup:HAPPY
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      The worst player in the Open League is currently in the top 10. He is Russian.


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        This challenge has already been completed many months in a row. In fact, it has a name...

        "The tencat."

        If you can reach his consistent level of awfulness... You have talent.
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          Originally posted by mcrissinger View Post
          This challenge has already been completed many months in a row. In fact, it has a name...

          "The tencat."

          If you can reach his consistent level of awfulness... You have talent.

          Yep a tencat by any other name (AIGBonus,Bugsysback,insert multi account name here...) would still smell as putrid.

          Derty,that dude could literally have an entire table of players from towns who's names looked like they belonged on the periodic table of elements calling him whatever passed for donkey,ass-clown,Jamie Gold wanna-be or any other poker epithet you can think of in their chicken scratch of a language.

          With the extra added hilarious bonus of he actually considered himself a player. I mean this cat was a special kind of stupid. Like the short bus ran him over. Beep,beep.

          You can try,but the sheer awfulness that is/was tencat (and every other name he used...) is unattainable IMO.

          And lol at Happy for bringing up the Tazz fastcurve (donk) challenge (to nowhere...).


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            It's been a rough week trying to achieve the first and second of three goals that I set aside for this test of mine. I am finally proud to occupy the very last position on the Open League Leader Board by playing like a complete ass and questioning Pokerstars RNG and destroying the theory that players who consistently go all in with ATC will be a profitable player, one look at my scores so far this month tells the story and answers the questions that I personally had and I am sure others are having or had regarding this type of playing style

            My first reason for doing this was to take away any reasonable doubt in my mind that playing this way was in any way profitable and to finally put the negative, conspiracy theory way of thinking that this site is rigged finally behind me.

            My final goal is to now have a little fun and to keep running this test for the duration of the month to set the lowest possible score in the history of The Open League by playing all in with ATC until I am knocked out..

            I have looked through the previous months of the Open League and have determined that the lowest score ever set for one months worth of playing is 1240.64 and 92 games played

            So with over half the month still to go and presently sitting with a score of 1299.56 and 22 games played so far this month, I am quite positive I can set the bar a lot lower than 1240.64

            I realize this might seem to be a great waste of time on my part to even attempt this sort of test/challenge, It is answering the biggest question I had concerning the legitimacy and fairness of Pokerstars RNG

            I also realize many of you told me that this was the case back a few weeks ago when I came here that it was fair and legit, but I'm one of those types of people that need to actually see it for myself, and with that I am sorry if I ruffled any feathers along the way with my quest for the truth.

            Jack Nicholson summed it up quite nicely for us when he shouted out in the movie A Few Good Men.


            I can handle it if proven with out a doubt that it is, and I am sure I have finally proven it to myself



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              ATC All In, Example During current Hold'em session you were dealt 13 hands and saw flop: - 2 out of 2 times while in big blind (100%) - 1 out of 1 times while in small blind (100%) - 8 out of 10 times in other positions (80%) - a total of 11 out of 13 (84%) Pots won at showdown - 6 of 11 (54%) Pots won without showdown - 2


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                My next goal is to see when they will award me positive points when I get knocked out in the high 9k range of placings..I am guessing in the 80-90 games played range..time will tell.

                Yea I know that what I am doing is kind of silly and a complete waste of time and energy, but being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of my life due to some boneheads ignorance when he hit me while he drinking and driving 3 years ago has given me so much time to screw around and have some fun even if it doesn't make complete sense to do so.



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