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Raiser's Cash Challenge

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  • Raiser's Cash Challenge

    Starting a thread to keep a record of my cash challenge. 19honu62 shared one of his blog posts with me that spoke of the S.M.A.R.T. plan to setting goals. I've come across this before in business studies but it was only when he mentioned it that I realised that it could be applied to Bankroll Building too. My cash challenge for December is: To increase a Starting Balance of $20 to $50 and achieve Silverstar status while improving my multi-table game. Starting Balance - $20 Specific - Yes, target is $50 plus 750 VPP's. Measurable - Yes, I'll use Excel to record my profit/loss and the cashier to keep tabs on my vpp's. Attainable - Yes, I plan to put in some solid hours of multi-table play. Reasonable - Yes, I attained 150+ vpp's easily in November. Time Sensitive - Yes, I hope achieve this by December 31st I'll be moving up the stakes in levels as follows: $20 - $30 - 1/2c $30 - $40 - 2/5c $40 - $50 - 5/10c Raiser umbup:
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    Well, I didn't get off to the blinding start that I had hoped for. The first few days were solid and I made a small incline. Basically I played very tight poker but unfortunately too passive. What happened next was that I tried to make up ground too fast and played poor starting hands out of position. This is something that's not in my character or ability to do and it showed on the results. I took a downward hit on the bankroll. The last few days I've began to make progress again and I'm confident that by the end of the month I will make a profit. So, lets evaluate! Starting Balance - $20 Current Balance - $12.57 (-7.43) Can I hit $50 by the end of the month? Yes, I still believe this achievable. Have I improved by multi-table play? Yes, I'm comfortable on 4 tables and hope to increase this to 6 by next week. Will I reach Silverstar status on Pokerstars by December 31st? No, at the time of writing this I have a total of 38.96 VPP's. That's an average of 4.75 VPP's per day and at that rate I'd only accumulate 147.75 points for the month. Not near the 750 required for Silverstar, I'll leave that challenge for a later date! I'm going to keep grinding, it's a fun ride! I'll update again in a week! Raiser! umbup:


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      Just a quick bump on how the challenge is going. Balance is up to $25.05 VPP's earned for the Month - 85.13 Playing 6 tables at a time. I've re-done my Excel sheet to now include win rate per hour. This is just starting from last night. Playing 1/2c games my win rate is $2.09/hr. Raiser umbup:


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        Glad to see that your ROI has picked back up. I'm curious what you intend to buy in for at each level. Assuming you buy in for the minimum, you'll have only 6 buy-ins at 5NL and 4 buy-ins at 10NL. You'd have only 2 if you were to continue the pattern to 25NL. That's an aggressive gamble. If you're successful at the higher levels though, you can expect your VPP's to pile up much faster than they are now. But I do know from experience that VIP goals can push people to make difficult bankroll decisions. If you want any advice on your play, definitely post in the HA forum, or let us know when you're playing and we can rail you and observe your game. I'm sure there are a few peeps in the forum who could give you a helpful tip or two. Happy grinding! umbup:


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          Cheers Panicky, Some solid points there, Well, the month of December has come to an end and I've fallen way short here. I finished the month with a closing balance of $25.52 with is up $5.52 from my Starting Balance of $20. It is however, no where near the $50 target I was hoping to achieve. The highlight of the challenge however is that I quickiy adapted to multi-table play and I'm now quite comfortable playing 4-6 tables at a time. I'm starting this Challenge afresh for the New Year and this time I'll be studying the new and exciting NLHE Course that PSO has provided. I'll be starting off with a Balance of $50, playing 1/2c tables, and my target before moving up to the 2/5c level will be $125. Raiser umbup:



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