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6-max Grinding Through the Micros Challenge

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  • 6-max Grinding Through the Micros Challenge

    After attending the 6-max live training sessions here on PSO I have decided to have a go at this challenge. Yes I know I'm late starting it but hopefully Felix is still running bad and I can catch up a little!! I don't expect to be able to reach the $400 by the end of the year but I'm more interested in using this to improve my game.

    Little bit of background on me, I started playing poker a few years ago and I'm a recreational player with a job and a girlfriend so I can't play as much as I would like to. I have mostly played full ring starting with a $50 deposit. I cleard the bonus on that, withdrew my initial $50 and have played with my winnings ever since. I played through 2NL, 5NL and up to 10NL where I've been running so bad I nearly halved my bankroll and lost a bit of motivation so I decided to have a bit of a change and give 6-max a try. I have a good idea about the concepts needed to crush the micro stakes but sometimes struggle with applying them correctly, value betting and aggression spring to mind.

    My plan for this challenge is to start with $80 and 4-table 2NL to make $20 as quick as possible and then take shots at 5NL playing 2 tables at first and see how well I can pick up reads and type notes etc. I WILL NOT PLAY MORE THAN 4 TABLES (that was me shouting at myself!!). If I lose the $20 I will move back down to 2NL and rinse repeat till I make it stick at 5NL.

    I will hopefully update this blog weekly but as this is my first attempt at anything like this then that might not happen. Also I may need some help with posting graphs and the hand replayer thing so if someone can let me know how to do that I'd be very grateful. I have HEM for graphs.

    Thankyou for reading this, sorry for wasting so much of your day!!

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    Well that wasn't a good start to the challenge!! Still suffering the bad side of variance, ran KK into AA, AA all in preflop against 55 and villian rivers a set, flush over flush, some days it feels like you need runner runner to make a pair!! Not all bad though, a guy playing 12/10 over a smallish sample decided that QJs was good enough to play for stacks preflop and shoved into my KK which held, surprisingly! I was sure he was gonna turn over AA as usual so was surprised to see his hand was as bad as it was. Also have noticed most of the players are not good, limping, calling down with 2nd pairs etc and when I can make a hand I'll be hopefully getting value for it!! One interesting hand, don't have a read on the villian as yet, he seemed a little loose but I had only been at the table a couple of minutes. Not sure if I should check behind here or maybe bet for some very thin value Hands played: 1711 Profit: -$8.54 Graph: imagine a picture of just the right hand side of a mountain!!


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      Just saw you post in another thread idodge and being the nosy sort decided to have a look at your other posts

      I really love playing min cash, both Full Ring and 6 max, but tend to stick to one or two tables.

      I really think that this would be a very thin value bet, without any decent reads, and with such a coordinated board, you could be either way ahead or way behind. I personally would err on the side of caution in this spot, but I could be wrong.

      I don't want to derail your thread but it might be worth posting this particular hand into hand analysis where the real experts can give their opinion. I hope the challenge is starting to move in the right direction for you.




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        Thanks for the reply, nice to know someone has read my thread!! And thanks for the input on the hand, don't see it as derailing as I posted the hand to get some feedback and or discussion. I need to start getting involved in some discussions with people as everyone says thats where you learn the most.

        I'll have a look at posting in the hand analysis section and see what happens with that. I agree with the way ahead/way behind theory as there are lots of draws that got there, but this is 2NL after all and apparently people do call with really bad hands no matter what the board! I won't reveal what happened just yet.


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          Suppose I should do an update to this thread as I said I would try and keep it updated, mostly to try and motivate myself.

          Not much to report unfortunately, work is getting very busy in the run up to xmas so haven't had much time for poker and won't get much time this week either. Hopefully I might be able to squeeze in an hour in the evenings if I can finish on time but its not looking good. Shame really as Felix is racing away into the distance and taking shots at 5NL!! Slow down man, there is no rush, honestly, take it easy (and let me catch up a little!!!)

          In the little poker I have played I started to run a little better, even though I felt like I was card dead most of the time I managed to extract value from hands that I did hit. Things I have noticed so far playing 2NL is that playing tight is right, a raise on the turn means they flopped it and folding my overpair is a good idea, people generally won't fold to a cbet on a low board and getting 3 streets of fat value on a K high dry board with pocket aces is nice!! As Felix said, keep betting, he'll let you know if he has a very strong hand and there are plenty of weaker hands he will call down with. I'm starting to recognise these situations more which can only be good.

          Hands played: 2740
          Profit: -$6.30 (at least its on the way up!!)
          Graph: Must figure out how to post pics of my graph!


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            Not sure if anyone else has noticed this at 2NL 6max but I'm wondering if donking for a pot sized bet is the cool new thing that all the kids are doing these days. Its really getting on my nerves!! Min donks are easy to deal with but when all I have is overcards and I'm facing a big bet I'm usually just folding. The times I do call they're firing pot again on the turn and I haven't hit anything I can call with yet to find out what they're doing this with.

            Anyone have any clues about this or how to deal with it?



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