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$5 spin and go a day journey

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  • $5 spin and go a day journey

    Hi guys long time member here marvinsytan, just busy with life but still love poker but with less time to play so I just want to play one game of $5 spin and go a day "or maybe 2 if time permits" hope to hit the $1M and at the same time try to win every time. The goal is to share my hands so I can improve my game.

  • #2
    game 1 $15 satty ticket, head's up i'm ahead 2:1 but lost to a better player don't know what hit me got frustrated in the middle of the game then just got burned by my opponent


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      Good Luck!

      Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

      7 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I think the average spin and go only takes about 7 minutes. If you can only play two, if time permits, then I think you may need less stress in your life. Winning $1M would definitely help take care of that. Wishing you the best of luck!


        • #5
          thank you effsea and edpokernut for your encouragement edpokernut hehe playing spin and go is my stress reliever

          game #2 $15 ticket marvinsytan wins a '$15 Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Edition Ticket' ticket weeeeeeeeee

          heads up almost 1:3 deficit JJ vs A9 worst flop ever always A on flop if you don't need them but

 cruising after this hand

          winning hand

          that's it for today see you tomorrow, guys


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            Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

            7 Time Bracelet Winner


            • #7
              game 3 prize $10

              aggro opponent goes all in every time and wins it

              heads up im in chips deficit 400 to 1100 and he is till aggro goes all in with K6s pre flop so I call with my A9s and he flops a trips OMG

     but runner runner saves me

              last hand


              A9 vs my TT and as usual A on the flop when you don't need it and no turn and river card comes out that will saves me grrrrrrrrr


              3 games $15 won T$15 break even so far


              • #8
                playing my $15 ticket satty SM 10M now Tournament #2564772954 let's win this

                say Hi if you can rail


                • #9
                  tight fold with my 9's but a good decision I'm too deep to just go all in
                  what do you think?


                  • #10
                    a limp and a raise with my KJ 15bb i pass and the raiser showed KK the limper QJs so far so good with my decision


                    • #11
                      weeeeeeeeeeeeee triple up with my QJs utg best flop ever open ended and flush draw plus overcard vs my opponent on the flop 5/23 2 entries late reg 8 minutes left


                      • #12
                        weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what a hand i just compelete my sb with 93o and won a big pot 4/21 now


                        • #13
                          tried to use my BTN pos and raise with 69o, bb called and fold on flop weeeeeeeeee


                          • #14
                            small blind 7bb all in vs my JTs big blind made a tough call because I have chips and this is hyper you need to gamble and JTs is not bad of a hand vs 7bb small blind shove but i'm way behind and dominated with his KTo but river saves me for a chop weeeeeeeee
                            break for now 4/22
                            prizes 2 SM $10M ticket and 3-6 $44 7 $10
                            let's win the SM ticket go go go


                            • #15
                              I tried to find you but you don't come up when doing a "find player" search. (Maybe you are in "hide from search feature" mode.)

                              EDIT: Found you! GL GL GL



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