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  • WannaBe a Star

    I wanna be a poker star. At the age of 53, I have decided to recreate myself once again. I am one of those people that never has seemed to be able to settle down. I have lived in 14 states in the United State, 7 countries around the world and spent time in more places than I can remember. Last count, I had visited 72 countries but that was several years back.

    Most of my life I worked as an Environmental Engineer but have also been a chef, welder, stained-glass artisian, and freelance writer. Writing is what I do now. It is good life for a wondering soul but can be rather solitary at times.

    I have played cards for most of my life but in a very casual way. They were more of a distractin to pass time than a true vocation. Now I am ready to take them seriously.

    The purpose of this blog is for me to track my own personal progress and possibly to inspire a few other people. It is never to late to start again. Despite age or ability if you have the personal courage to throw the dice, you can become what you have always dreamed of.

    I have been playing here on Poker Stars for about 2 weeks now. I am smart enough that the first thing I did was to  join PokerSchoolOnline. In league play I have cashed once and pointed twice. I could of done better if I could get a better grip on myself. Twice I have busted out on the bubble when I should of just let hands pass.

    Note to Self: Quite being a dumb ass. Tournaments aren't cash games. You can't just add chips and keep playing.

    The school and play money games have been a tremendous help but the biggest lesson I've learned is that I have a lot to learn. Strange as it may seem the game is also teaching me a lot about myself and my own personality. I am a lot more passive-aggressive than I ever would have realised. Analysing my betting patterns has really brought that to light.

    I have been through all the classes here and I'm now going through them again. I have so much more to learn

    This week I will start playing real money for the first time online. So wish me luck and hot cards.


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    It has been an eventful month starting on Poker Stars. I'm a little proud that my first full month here I graduated to Highschool in the league. Didn't make the money but pointed enough to get promoted.

    There has been so much to learn that it can be a little overwhelming at times. The videos and articles here at Poker Stars School have been a huge help but I have found that nothing takes the place of table time. All the theory is great and so far been spot on but you don't really understand it until you put it into practice.

    Perhaps the biggest revelation I have had in the last month is that sometimes the hands you are proudest of are the ones you are smart enough to fold. Last tourney, I had set of aces on the button and folded them. Why you may ask, would I fold top set? Simple, I had a good read on the Rock I was up against, watched his betting pattern and figured out he had hit a flush. That fold kept me from busting out and I went on to cash in the tourney.

    This taught me that more important than the cards you hold are the cards your opponent is packing. Pushing, bluffing and all the other tactics that we learn have to be timed properly. That means the right move on the right villain when you have him on the right hand. The Biggest Fish in the sea isn't going to be pushed off of quads and sometimes the best way to beat a bully is to let them beat themselves.The secret is in the timing and making the right reads.

    There are so many layers to the game of poker mental, emotional, mathematics, hand reading and they all must be mastered to play the game well. I'm still hoping that I am up to the task but having a blast so far.

    Just for giggles, leave me a comment on what you consider your best play this month. I would love to here.


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      One of the best tips I got was before my first live tourney. "Winning tournaments isn't about knowing when to play hands.. it's about knowing when to fold them"

      6 Time Bracelet Winner

      Online Poker League
      Can you win the leaderboard?


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        I may make a plack with that phrase and hang it on my wall.


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          It has been an eventful week in High school so far. Some good and some bad has happened but overall I couldn't be happier. As of this morning sitting in 32nd place and have moneyed in 6 of 12 tourneys so far. I'm very proud of that accomplishment. It is really much better playing in HS than in Elementary. The competition is definitely stronger but you don't have all the maniac plays that you see there.

          On the downside, I had four hands this week that made me want to throw my mouse out the window and set my keyboard on fire.I have had three flushes and one straight this week that lost when my opponents sucked out fullboats on the river. One cost my what would have been my first tourney win. Took half a bottle of gin to stop the steam coming out of my ears.

          I know it is all part of the variance that is a natural part of the game but you flop an ace high flush, heads-up against pocket 4s, with all your marbels on the table for the win and then watch the board pair and a 4 hit on the river. That is a feeling only a poker player can understand. Suffering that kind of loss 4 times in a week will make you doubt your sanity for playing this crazy game.

          Still, that is part of what makes it a game. As they say in football, "on any given Sunday". If the numbers always worked out as expected then there wouldn't be half as much fun in playing.


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            It has been a hard week at the tables. In league play and on the cash tables, it has seemed I was making all the right moves at the wrong times. I haven't pointed in my last 8 tourneys and won't even discuss my bankroll. Neither will I get into the particulars of any of the bead beats I've suffered or the boneheaded plays I've made. What I will talk about though is what I have come to realize about this horrifying and magnificent game.

            To really be proficient poker player there are a great number of things that you need to learn from betting strategies to psychology. However, they are not the hardest part of the game. The hardest part of the game, at least for me, is keeping control of my emotions and not losing confidence in my game.

            I know in my head that I can win playing at my current level. I can look at my graphs and statistics and see that. But, when going through a bad run, like I have suffered the last few days, it is hard to maintain that belief in my heart.

            Maybe because I haven't been playing that long and don't yet have hundreds of thousands or millions of hands behind me, I lose faith in my play and catch myself playing timid or maniac like I did before I knew better. This just leads to worse losses and more doubt.

            Looking back through my hand history, I realized that several times I allowed people to suck out hands on me because I checked or called when I should have been betting and raising. Instead of applying pressure I allowed them to play cheap and stay in hands they shouldn't have been able to play. At the same time I realized that I was playing hands that I knew better than to play. I mean sometimes crazy combinations like K3o, under the gun, just because I was feeling desperate to catch a winning hand.

            The various skills and bits of knowledge involved in playing poker can be learned if you apply yourself. It is easy to realize, though sometimes difficult to fight, what I will term short term tilt like when you suffer bad beat. It screams in your brain like a truck horn.

            What is harder, for me at least, is combating this quite type of tilt that has crept into my game like a thief in the night. I suffered some bad beats this week but after analyzing my play, I know I allowed some of them to happen by playing weak.

            Lesson of the week, be as, if not more, aware of your overall attitude and emotions when you come to the table. Feeling defeated before the game starts will only bring more losses. Playing scared will only cause you to become timid.

            The hardest part of playing poker isn't learning the skills though they can never truly be mastered. The hardest part of learning poker is gaining the ability to maintain control of your own mind.


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              You have hit the nail on the head Glovvorn, there is all kinds of head games being played by others in most hands. I think the trick here is once you have a couple of the head game warriors tagged they will be hand their stacks to you wondering how that happened. As for the Tilting I have come full circle, I used to get a little angry but then I checked a group of 5,000 hands and realized I had many more Bad Beats go my way than against me. With than knowledge I now give the player a curse that only I hear, then smile and move on to the next hand, I hope your weekend was a good one, Len.


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                Good to hear that you found this philosophy very early in your poker days. You will find that this mind set still fails players that are decades into playing the game! I wish you all the best at the tables.


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                  I should have read this a bit slower, when you are talking about our own thoughts and desires everything gets turned upside down, I have a fairly optimistic outlook most of the time, the key word being "most" of the time, there are times as you say when it is difficult to stay pumped up and keep the pessimistic thoughts that creep in. I usually will drop back to the micro levels and use the new comers as a way to turn my thought back to the good, an hour at the low levels does wonders for your win-rate and your thoughts.


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                    It has been a good and bad week as are most in poker. I sucked out on a few pots I shouldn't have been playing and suffered a few times at the hand of fate.That is all part of the game.I should make it comfortably into the University level. Presently I am sitting in 85th position in Highschool, with 9 days to go and 12 tourneys left to play I think I can at least hold position.

                    The cards have been falling wild this week. I split two pots where we both had pocket aces. In three straight hands, I won with quads, lost to a straight flush and won with quads. Talk about a hot deck.

                    The biggest lesson I have to pass on is patients. In my best finish this week I only played 12% of the hands before we were down to five tables. Truth is, I just wasn't getting any playable hands and the tables I was on were full of players who couldn't be pushed. It wasn't fun but taught me you don't have to always be getting great cards. You do have to maximize the opportunities you do get.

                    It isn't a fun way to play the game but it got me into the points and when my luck changed I had a few chips left to build on. I once heard Phil Ivey say, he didn't go into a game with a particular staretigy in mind. He just took what the table gave him. I now understand what he ment much better than I did before.


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                      good to hear you r on your way to University, I will be waiting, just checked my rank and I am at 933 with 2 tourneys left to play I should have no problem remaining here


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                        Gambling is very popular among “Baby Boomers” generation. Visiting casinos is a social thing for them, a place where they have fun and meet people. On the other hand “Baby Boomers” are not too confident with technology and don’t understand online poker.

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                        It also is important that you know how online poker works for the purpose of understanding, monitoring and protecting your grandkids.

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                        The rules guiding both live poker and online poker are usually similar, but there are some key differences. Online poker is more accessible across the world, less risky and the pace of the game tends to be considerably faster. You might feel more comfortable bluffing on internet than live. Also there are no people trying to teach you poker or bother you with other unnecessary talk.

                        Can You Win Real Money?

                        Yes. If you opt out to play for real money, in return you will be able to receive real money if you win. There are also free online pokers available, where you do not use real money, and you don’t win real money.

                        Is it available in all countries?

                        Different forms of online gambling are available and regulated in most countries, including Canada, EU and Caribbeans. Depending on a country you are in you may need to look for country specific online casinos.


                        How to Register and Play Online Poker?

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                        You are supposed to download the online poker software which often is smaller in size.

                        Therefore, even if your internet connection is too slow that should not be a problem. Once the download of the installer package is complete, you have to install the software through a double click. The next step is for you to create a user account. On some poker sites that you are supposed to do before you can download the software.


                        Online poker and online gambling in general should not scare you. If you are familiar with the rules you will find your way around online poker software easily. Playing online doesn't mean you need to stop going to real casinos, it can be just another fun thing to do. And if you are there to make money, here is a pro tip for you - low buying live tournaments are filled with bad players.

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