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Diary Of Insomniac Fish

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  • Diary Of Insomniac Fish

    Hi to all here in PSO!!

    First of all about my name, it is NOT at all racist. It is in honour of Finnish war hero, sniper Simo Häyhä!!

    I am micro stakes player and my favourite game in Omaha hi/lo. I am already familiar with PSO since I have railed my wife in many many trainings. Some of you might know her, her PS name is Roslyn_akka.

    Reason I started grinding is because I moved back home from Philippines (In there Roslyn didnt let me touch computer too much since she was busy playing). For those who know Roslyn, she is still in Philippines but we are fixing her papers for her to come here too. She is still playing some, we just had our second baby 3 weeks ago so she is not active in social medias.

    Then about my poker goals. I start with BR 40$ and my goal is to grind it up on micro MTTs, Freerolls and some Nano cash games. My plan is also take part in PSO trainings as much as possible. Like I said I have raied Roslyn on trainings and liked those alot so I be seeing many of you there. I will also play any homegame series PSO has to offer.

    I will post hands for analyzing to get proper advice, so you can wait lots of badly played hands from me. Hopefully I can learn from those and you guys will get good laugh ehehehehe. I am also in twitter @White_Death505 and I am interested in Skype groups for training purposes.

    So lets do some grinding together and maybe I will learn some good poker skills same time!!

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    Well I think unfair bad beats are in peoples mind, if you look stats I think you find out that it goes quite even. Human mind is usually wired to remember negative things. Probably you give as many bad beats as you get. I hit quads 3 times yesterday in NLHE so site works fine for me hehehehe!


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      My best advice is really simple but the difference between Success or failure i say this because this is my way of playing. I guess if you have lots of money & you can just keep hoping then what i do does not matter. But to continue you should not play for any more than 3% of Bankroll at any given game & be very firm about this. There are all kinds of free tickets to be had from poker school so you chase those down. If you loose 3 games in a row then you use your tickets until you recoup a minimum of one games entrance. At the same time educate educate educate. GOOD LUCK ON THE FELT!


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        So basically one week has gone since start grind at Pokerstars. Sadly have not had much time so far (been helping friend on housebuild) but have been able to play some 2 NL 6-max Zoom.

        Here grapf for first few hands. Will put some stats under to get feedback for tiny sample:


        Stats: VPIP 23.54, PFR 16.92, 3-bet pre 3.68, WTSD 26.86, WSD 53.66, Att to Steal 30,70, AF 2.09

        Ofcourse this sample size is shorter than Phil Hellmuth Tilt fuse, but I want to get feedback as soon as possible. 


        Overall I am liking 2 NL 6-max Zoom, I like 2 NLO8 zoom more but sadly my tracker do NOT track O8. Thing that I have noticed on 2 NLHE zoom, most people have HUGE bet size tells (I am trying to have constant sizing), bluffing I noticed is not recommended too much (I only do it when someone show weakness very clearly). I give one hand for example. This villain I have seen many times and he is very agressive with good hands so I decided to try and bluff all 3 streets since he turned to VERY passive, even his cbet is tiny.

        I am 87,54% sure that this was NOT good play tho. My thinking is afterwards that I got him of from Ax (maybe A2 or something similar). And please Do NOT be gentle with your feedback. negative feedback teaches more hehe.

        One thing I will do alot is resteal from blinds vs button. Might also be nice to get feedback on this strategy. Here one sample:

        Then I wanna talk little about 2 NLO8. I think in there I am bit fishy overall. Defending blinds too widely (been working so far). Too bad I do NOT have tracker so could see some stats but I put here one hand that might be defending blinds too widely (should maybe had A2s rather than A3):

        Any comments welcome again.

        Then one of my biggest bad habits in 2NLO8 is limping with some strong hands. Like this one example, here there was not many people in zoom and knew many of them to be super agressive so decide to limp double suited AA:

        I am not fan of calling All-ins with naked Aces for sure, I usually need some good friends for AA, prefer suited 2 atleast but this also was too strong to fold. I know I need get rid of my limping, it has worked so far but I think I have missed lot of value by doing that.


        Thank you all for reading and for comments that you might give!!



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          Graph looks good. Even having in mind that this is a small sample. Although I would be cautious not to get over excited and over confident. After 20K hands (the more the better) you will have a more clear picture of the tendencies. First hand is more playing the player. If you feel confidence, that your read is good then go with it. Second hand I like the play. But this also comes with some conditions. Vilain must have a decent steal number and a good fold to 3bet. In this case you will be making a profit. One more thing I would size it a bit smaller. 0.16c should be enough to fold his stealing range. It's picking I know. But when you will start adding a decent volume in hands you will agree. 2NLO8 I don't play my comments would be useless ) glhf.


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            First things first, I am not trying to tell what is right or wrong. Just sharing my view of the nano 6-max zoom as I see it.

            Here first my BB won graph:

            And overview numbers:

            Then Final hands at showdown:

            Then we can go to my view of laying in blinds. I see many people pressing check/fold on BB probly when they see their holdings. In my opinion this is HUGE mistake, there is many opportunities to resteal and take advantage of some villains habits.

            First hand I have probly most of you disagree with. I am on BB with Q3o and on SB we have very LAGGY villain who steal a lot and has habit of defending his steal, this is only based on 105 hands but I take LOT of notes.

            [replay hand_id=841362 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=31C9D2DAF3]

            So when I see him n SB I am pretty sure if unopened he will try to steal. My plan was to 3-bet his steal. If 3-bet doesn’t work we adjust and take it on flop since even if I 3-bet this sype villain will lead flop or just give up. OK this hand will rub many people wrong way I bet, I agree tho it only works on certain villains after they call 3-bet. Most villains also fold to 3-bet here. So my advice take notes and follow stats on steal.

            Then second hand is kinda useless cause all people know this already!

            [replay hand_id=841363 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=CC8AD4838D]

            This is one of those spot that we might think that it is just few cents. I agree but then again every cent counts, specially when most people like to use that check/fold button. This again is depending on villain. I will not steal this light from guys who like to call call and call. Those villains I take to  my little bus and drive to valuetown with better hands.

            Then some overview how I approach each hand. When new table pops-up first I look my position then who is there, do I have reads, can I exploit their habits and then I look at my cards and form a plan. I try to have overview of plan to all actions and reactions so I have clear head when it is my turn. Then I excecute my plan as well as I possibly can.

            Biggest advice maybe to newest players is to keep an eye on your surroundings, take notes and if you cant decide on plan to a hand, muck it.

            That is it this time. As always all feedback is welcome and negative ones are most helpful ones. Remember also that I am rookie to 2 NLHE 6-max zoom so I do NOT offer facts just my views and what works for me.

            Thank you for reading!


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              A great overview. I would point once again that these are "moves" against a certain type of players. All of the examples have conditions either they are statistical leaks or notes that you have made during your grind. Netherless it is verry important to adjust your game relative to the field. Standard lines are good and profitable, but to make greate results you need to push your actions even further. As for the graph. Results are very good. Again the sample size is still small to make some solid conclusions. Your stats seem solid to me. As for the "Final hands at showdown" report. I'm suprised to see that your are winning with one pair hands. Even more impresed that this is your second best combo with which you are making money. Also I would point out that your set combos are not that profitable. But on the other hand I think that this is a resul of the small sample size. glhf.


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                Good Job White Death, I hope it all works out for you in the end. Good Luck out there.



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