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A new start..

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  • A new start..

    Hello everybody, I'm new in here and no one knows me of course but who knows if I keep up with the studying and the practice day..

    I'm CheccoZ, I was a moderator for Pokerstars back in 2009, and by that time I was playing a lot..I was good and Sharkscope can give a tell on this ..though I stopped playing!! Work mainly and other things in my mind..I'm to realistic I guess

    Anyways, I decided is time to play again, in a smart way though, reading books, studying and trying to use entirely my brain when playing..

    Recently I played in Hyppodrome Casino Spring Classic (250 + 25 £) ended 55 out 120..not good but I honestly lack in experience in live events, was my first one indeed!!

    Too boring, I know!!

    Time for good intention for this poker year:

    1. Finish reading trilogy of Harrington books

    2. Qualify to UKIPT event through satellite and end it in the money!

    3. Focus on MTT + Tourneys (1000 max) on PS website and keep up the training!

    4. Play Poker school skill leagues

    5. End up in December with net income from poker of 1,500 £

    It's not that ambitious!!I can do it!! (well hope so..)

    Good night guys!!

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    Decent pocket money if you make it. Good luck!
    Bracelet Winner


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      Great idea posting goals here so its a commitment, best of luck and keep the blog updated!


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        Well, I'm just back from my firt live rebuy tourney at this Genting Casino near south Ken (London) I tell you I had fun!! The tournament had 30 players approx and was: 20 £ + 5 £ buy-in; 6.5k starting chips 20 min blinds - Rebuy and add-on 20 £, which was at the end of level 5 (400/800).

        I started very tight, wanted to study the table before taking action and is what I did..played very few hands spotted who was loose aggressive, who was tight and how was the limping mood at the table..all in all was pretty good table..1 guy had seen every pot and raised here and there..I was actually hoping to get a hand against him to make a few chips with nice hand it goes..

        Got big blind, 3 limpers in plus me makes a 4 way hand.. flop comes down small blind checks, I check, first limper checks, the aggressive guy makes it half the pot, SB quickly folds, after taking my time (just wanted to play the part lol) I call, other guy folds and turn comes blank he bets again like 1/3 of the pot, and I make it 3-bet..he folds I made quite a few chips

        Here is another that follows, me on the button the aggressive guy limps, everyone folds but me, call, and BB that checks; flop comes , BB bets 1/3 of the pot, me and the aggressive guy call, turn shows , BB checks, aggressive guy makes it half pot, it's an easy call for me, BB folds, now river , the guy make a small bet, I 3 bet him..he overthinks and than folds telling he got queens..didn't believe him really 

        Now the problem with rebuys tourneys is that everyone can rebuy lol this aggressive guy for instance, was barely dead after these 2 hands and rebought and again was in play..well anyways, I kept on play well, busted a guy bluffing with pocket deuces against my  paired on the flop..BUT got stupid on a hand that signed the detiny of my tourney.. had on the button, everyone folds, I 3xBB bet and small blind calls me..he was a tough guy, didnt play many hands..flop comes   was planning on betting on his check but he made a strange strong bet 2k on a 2k pot..I make the call, I knew he got something but didnt know how strong his kicker was.. turn comes out blank, he puts in 2k again..I make the call again, river is blank again and he makes it 3.5k , I was beeing fooled around, I kept on calling but this was lowering my stack..I knew I was being beaten, but wanted to see and after my call he shows ..

        All that I built was almost blown this hand..still had 20 BB but with raising blinds I was going to be short soon..and that is what happened, I came down to 12k chips with 600/1200 blinds, the only way I could play was positional with smart shoves and that is what I made since I doubled up just by stealing until...I get on BB..SB is chip leader..everyone folds and he makes the call..I tought "if I shove he probably is gonna fold", I the decided to 3-bet hoping for a call, I wanted to slow play so that I could double up..blame me for that!! well trap worked, he made the call, flop comes down with an unwanted surprise.. and 2 blanks..he checks and I unhappily go all-in..he calls with and his pair of aces keeps till the hand...well donnow, I think I made a nice move, I wanted to slow play but got was nice playing though!!

        Good night everyone!!


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          great trip report!
          Bracelet Winner


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            Before starting today session comments I suggest you guys read this article from Alexander “assassinato” Fitzgerald ( it's just amazing, I found it inspiring somehow..and so true!!

            Anyways time to tell a nice story here last time I played the rebuy tourney at this Genting casino, and as I wrote I didnt find it a fair thing, who has got plenty of money just rebuys and add-ons and never dies lol.. I therefore decided to look for a more "fair" gamethis time..I played 40 £ + 5 £ freezout tourney, 20k starting chips and 15 mins blinds. There were 49 players and just top 6 could make it ITM..first could get 900 £, second 600 £ down to the sixth that could get 2.5x buy-in..

            The field was tough, I was at a super aggressive and loose table (not that I don't like it but you got to be super careful..) in between maybe the 2 loosest guys that were limping and raising every hand..their stacks during the first levels were swinging a lot but honestly they were doing pretty well with the bluffs and so on..I played very few hands, the  s, s and so on, re-raising strongly and showing my hands were strong..I was actually surviving pretty well against these guys, the funny thing is that they started killing eachothers lol, which was amazing for my style of play..waiting for a spot to sneak in and kick them out..

            The turn point arrived around level 9-10..this girl, cheap leader got moved 2 seat on my left from another table, she was bulling the table in a honest way..blinds were high (in the range of 800/1600) and I came back from 2 hands were demonstrated strength and won few nice pots..I was around 30k with 25k average..few small stacks there going all in often and I get UTG, I was raising strongly when got hands, therefore I limped just to vary my play and hoping for a small stack to go all-in..the guy on my left limps too, and the cheap leader makes it in the range of 10k..honestly it seemed too much for me, why would you bet that much from early position if you are cheap leader, have a good hand and could kick out many just playing a little slow..well this was my thinking, together with the fact that it was a clear inflection point in my tourney, I went all-in!!She thinks, thinks and then makes the call with !!!I screamed "I knew it!!" (she overbet cause she wasn't 100% sure about her hand, just my opinion!) and I double up!!She actually said I was kinda donk cause I limped..disagree strongly!!

            Well, the field cuts down and we remain 2 tables, 6 players each table, I was well above average, playing smart in position and waiting to kick the small stacks out..thing I did slow playing from time to tme and making my conti-bets small to appear a stealer when instead got top pairs and so on..wel I made it to the final table cheap leading!!I got 250k in  a 1.008k total, with 9 players at the table..again played smart from position and tadaaaaaa here they are , my best friends UTG, I limp, the lady I had the fight before when double up was on my left and with blinds 10k/20k  makes it 70k, all foldexcept the BB that goes all-in, I shoved as well and the girl folds (I probably should have called making the pot even reache with her in..donnow) well the guy shows , and my aces make it to the end intact , I aske the lady "was this time right to limp aces?!!" she shut up lol

            I was massive cheap leader with 500k and more when the small blind, with me in BB makes it a all-in for a 150k, it costed me 130k to get him called..I had and I knew he dint have that good hand, I thought he was just playing position..I thought a bit and made the call..maybe was wrong decision..he had or something and his King high was enough until the river...well after this I got an on the button, which I raised with to 55k preflop and got called from BB..flop was quite dry but for the , he checked, I made it 2/3 of the pot and he folded..made up a nice pot!after that we remained in 3..I was second in cheaps with 400k approx, cheap leader (the guy I doubled up before) had 550k approx and the third in the range of 200k..the proposed a chop

            1st 640 £

            2nd 500 £ -> I agreed and that's what I brang home my friends!!

            3rd 400 £

            I'm quite happy!!Now time to sleep!!

            Just want to say that studying helps, a lot!!I'm almost done with second book of Dan Harrington and Billie Robertie..I found it suuuuper good I tell you!Maybe it's old style play..but it's analytic play and gives many examples!

            Night guys!!


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              well done seems you played alright, i am not too sure about the limp with AK utg that is not the best line to take..



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