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No guts, No glory

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  • No guts, No glory

    Ok, like I've loaded up a few times now with $20 and seem to be getting no where....

    My main poker tactic was beat hard when the pots are high with mediocare cards to scare other player off..... this works roughly 60% of the time...

    I favoured the wrong cards being A-K - A-10 suited and un suited rather than pockets AA - 1010

    I tend to limp and hold off at the worng times which cost me alot of chips eg K-Q suited, Flop Q-10-3. Checked or follow bet where I should have shoved...

    Basically I'm making alot of beginer mistakes and I'm getting hammered.....

    Yesterday I joined the Online poker school and have started going through some of the live training and already I can see alot of falws I have.......

    I'll play in the play money tables now till my next relaod and then I'll give it another punt.....

    Seen a $5 -$100 bank roll builder posted in training sessions I think I'll have a crack at before I go back to the bigger tables....

    The auther is another kiwi and I will post the link latter for anyone that should take the time to read any of this....


    Till next time,


    Muzz Out!!!

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    I'm finding changing my betting style has help me lenghen the amount of time i'm on the table, banging pockets AA - JJ instead of AK -Aj split..... Stil getting caught on the over bet with JJ though.... the complusion to go all in is still costing me...... Got to 500+ on 100k freeroll just now tells me maybe there is more to betting styles than acutal play..... will keep everyone posted on this...


    I must say though even though I lost both 1ook freeroll, and open league thingy to all in bets holding JJ. (dam it)  I did enjoy playing more.

    Thanks ChewMe1 (Poker pro trainer)

    Till next time,

    Muzz out...


    • #3

      Ohhhh i've been ranked? not quite sure what this means but ok cheers


      • #4

        OK so I been playing the tables today mostly sit and go's and Free Roll torney's lost 6 in a row first off? Ok ????

        Followed the advice given, minmal bets 3x - 5x  blinds on high Pockets and splits, got wiped out by  stupid cards? 5 2- 7-2 the odd A-2-3 which all linked up. I couldn't beleive it. (wasn't liking the river).

        Not saying it was bad advice but man I didn't have much luck this morning. oh wel move on....

        I think the best hit today was top 400 in a 8000+ Freeroll - I like them free rolls for some reason, proberbly because there are so many loose players to take advangtae of.

        Oh and hit last table on 45 man, 10k play money sit and go - ranked 5th = 20 or 30k chips. -

        Analyzing my play I'm still making novice mistakes but hey I can see them more clearly now.

        Any way back to the subject - I started to look around at the bigger tables observing how other player play with bigger stacks.....

        I was very surprised to see how loose they play like OMG 1mill chips on A 5-4 unsuited after flop as and example????

        Sort of makes ya think a little about betting style.....

        Another example is the last open skill tourney I played like half an hour ago, this player was going all in on everything, most of his/her cards were rubbish but they kept linking up, again couldn't beleive it

        I got em once with a 7-3 I think and the we went all in again him 7-5 suited me A-10 unsuited, guess what he linked up again??? (MMMMMMMMMM)

        Now I left thinking how do you factor luck into a betting style?

        Obviously there is no skill in just going all in, sooner or later this player will get caught out but with what I've seen today and the hands I lost to, it's got me thinking.....

        I don;t know maybe I was just having a cold day???

        Anyways till next time,

        Muzz out...


        • #5

          OMG i was so confused with how to bet... being taught how to bet in cash games I found really confusing for some reason..... 3x bet pre flop 50% - 60% of pot when betting... come on Muzz think about it....


          Not me 3 betting all the way through, over beating and following through on nothing... cut it out.

          How many times I got told???? I can't count, cut it out and I still bet wrong, talk about being under pressure, I was really nervious.....

          Breathe in breathe out, i will try to apply this principal in my next open skill tourey just for pratice....

          8 mins in 5k stake already......

          The key is to saty consistant, 3x 50% -50% -50%

          Goah I hate having aniexty, made tonights lesson hard and

          Update final outcome after tourney...

          Till next time,

          Muzz out...


          (As a add on here, Just figure out how to set up the poker key buttons, should make working out thing eaiser)


          • #6

            After last night had a restless sleep I decided to set my slider at 6x -3x bb and adapt or try to adapt to a real tight playing style.

            No more rubbish hands, my stats in my first game were pretty good I think - 45 man 2k play money....

            Knock out 13th on pocket Q's to pocket K's with a king on the turn..... 8k chips oh well.

            Not sure how to bring them back up... ah..... No show for free play

            Oh well saw the pot like12 out 70 times

            won 8-8 pots

            5 without sowdown..... pretty close to this

            Anyway for the next couple of days I will try to stick to this tight play style in the early stages of big tourneys...

            Normal hands I'd punt on now instantly folded, searching out the monster only for now.

            Open skill tourney at the momnet sitting 1800 from 10,000 so yeah I think this reuslt is favouable at the moment.....

            Till next time,

            Muzz out

            (Finished top 300)


            • #7

              I started doing this today to see where I'm still making mistakes, not watching the cards when someone over bets caught me twice today, finished top 300 in open poker tourney with a full 10,000 players had decent cards A-j followd an all in after the flop, wasn't really aping attention, didn't see 2 10's flop knock out with trips, silly boy, similar thing happened on another table.

              Note to self watch the over bets, look at my cards and try to determine what is in there hand..

              Make my first note on a player today aswell, very loose player all in 10k with a 5-4 preflop as well as 4-5 other things I picked up tracking back through the history....

              Back to the next play money table, Must say I am enjoying the game a bit more, just need to be more

              Till next time,

              Muzz out.


              • #8
                you must know it is your rank (place) from the league tourneys


                • #9

                  Seemes to be working well so far, last two tourneys I play with 1200 feilds in both hit last tabe on both.... Omaha and 215 hold'em -Sadly got knocked off both tables cos I wasn't watching the flop...... Watch the flop Muzz...

                  One a ticket in the haleys freeroll

                  On another note had a 54c win on freeroll and didn't even know, hit 560 out of 7000 so this new playing style seems to be working

                  I did play more loose when I was on big stake a picked up a few 100k off players that didn't call....

                  - but not that loose.

                  Started noting good hands and bad hands today - can see where I was going wrong hard.

                  Tomorrow I will track all my games and placing so I can track my progress -

                  Entered another free roll 11600+ players - Placed 288 winning another 77c

                  #9053654383 this was the hand that knocked me out, not sure how to put it replayer at the moment, if someone look  at this can you tell me where I went wrong? Like was this the wrong time to go all in etc???


                  till next time,

                  Muzz out



                  • #10

                    (I have $1.33c – Won $1.32 yesterday on Free Roll tourney’s)
                    (100k Freeroll)  20480 – Placed 5948
                    Losing hand #90560838834: - Chasing Q straight draw, got it on the river, lost to K high straight

                    Daily game training session finish 3rd on table 3 betting and 50% pot raising, had a few all ins, won all at showdown and before showdown.

                    Been a busy morning – this is my first cash game today – I like the sit and go’s, as well as the free rolls cos of the amount of people that play. Makes me feel good finishing in the top 500 in a field of 10,000 and more and hit a last table

                    (25c)  90 man sit and go – Placed 58th
                    #90572169494 Folded on 5x bb raise? I was going to stay in…
                    #90572320777: - Just a really dumb call mid tourney?

                    2000 P/M, 45 man sit and go – Placed 10th
                    #90572472410 Isolated but lost to the turn
                    #90572650544 – I got the jack on the turn?
                    #90573078840:  Folding on flop was a good choice he had AA
                    #90574131990: Again not watching the over bet?
                    (Becareful of players that over bet on the flop……

                    (25c) 45 man sit and go – Placed 29th
                    #90573394776 – Again mid tourney mistake I think?
                    #90573577333 – Short stack all in - Finished

                    Like I know a made a few bad calls which cost me any form of pay out but I have yet to develop a solid game plan.... Any advice?

                    Till next time,

                    Muzz out...


                    • #11

                      I'm like not a 100% solid player yet, there are many areas I need to develop to improve my game.

                      Begining game I'm happy with the 3 bets 50% raise,

                      (Or 3 bet milk to all in on flop bet - I know this isn't advisable, but I still do it with players that limp)

                      Middle game and Middle postions are two areas I need to focus on next I think

                      (Especilly when holding middle to small stack)

                      I seem to be second guessing alot of things where I should just fold and I seem to be playing a little looser.

                      End game final table - Haven't got there often but also another area I need to look at.

                      Watching the over bets after flop

                      3 bets and 4 bets.

                      I think I have a lot to chew on for a while.

                      I'll stick mostly with play money for a while till I get a good grip on thing, cash games for some reason seem and feel like a totally different gamming style? Maybe it just me...

                      Anyway till next time,

                      Muzz out...




                      • #12
                        Hey Muzz, Honest self-analysis is the single most important step toward improving your game. Recognizing what you need to work on, and then disciplining yourself to make a tough lay down or a timely 4-bet that takes you out of your comfort zone will take you a long way in this game.


                        • #13
                          Not sure about the whole ranking thing yet, still pretty new round poker


                          • #14
                            Thanks for the advice, I'm still edgy about betting utg and middle position, following through with cbetz etc. but ill get there


                            • #15
                              Also i would try the STT as there are only 9 or 10 players top 3 get paid but it is a great way with low variance to build a roll, but most important it will give you experience short handed and hu when pushing ranges are very light. Good luck



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