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    another thing with $90 you shouldnt play 10nl if you do go to the regular tables buy in minimum play a tight agressive game. set a limit at like 3buy ins of $4 with $90 then stop if you lose
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      With work over and some time before I went on vacation, I decided to stop by my local casino for one of their nightly $60 tournaments. I got bad vibes pretty early on, as we started almost ten minutes late to wait for late sign-ups, but eventually we start. I’m in seat 3. In seat 1 is this older brown-skinned man who looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember his play style. Seat 5 was a European man seemingly going through a midlife crisis, 7 was a large woman with a ponytail, and 9 was an aging hippie in a BMW cap.

      I already see limping from the woman as the 25/50 blind level starts. At first I think I’m going to run away with it, but then I get my first playable hand. It’s folded to me with KTo on the button, and I raise 3x. But both the European and woman are sticky, and they call. With a board of T96, I cbet 300 to price out draws. The European calls anyways, and then on an 8 turn he drinks out 400 into a pot of over 1000. With only top pair on a board with 4 to a straight, I can’t call, and I make a mental note about this player.

      I do manage to get a bit back later. It’s limped to me in the big blind, and I check 67o. But bingo! I flop a straight. I decide to bet out in a 4 way pot, and I do get more than one caller. But the turn is a 7, and eventually I get it all in with the Hippie. But he has K6o for the same straight, and we chop it. I also lose a bit more later when I try to raise A4s in the small blind and European and the woman call again. I have to fold on a KK77 board from their betting.

      Soon, both the Hippie and Glasses familiar limp (and I recognize the latter’s playstyle - he’s passive preflop and crazy post flop), and I look down at KJo on the button. I raise to 250, but the entire table calls, and we see a 5-way flop of JT9, two diamonds. With top pair+redraw to K-high straight, I bet 80% pot - 1000 into 1250. Only the European and glasses call. The turn is a Q, giving me the straight, and suddenly European drinks out 2000. After glasses folds, I briefly wonder if he was making awful calls with AK, but them decide I’ve committed too much anyways and shove my last 5400 chips or so. European tanks for a good long while, and eventually turns over… Q7dd for top pair+flush draw. So he called with a combo draw on the flop and had to tank when shoved on so small on the turn? I didn’t get it. In any case, he has 9 outs to bust me and 2 to chop, but I dodge them all and double up before the end of the first break, crippling the European. This actually surprised most of the other players - they thought I had AK. I could sort of by that, but if I had AK why would I cbet that flop into so many players?

      European shoves his tiny stack blind twice in a row and chops the pot both times, and that’s when seat 4 joins. He’s an older Asian player, but he’s dressed and plays like a younger one - mirrored sunglasses, baseball cap, and very loose playing style indicate that. First hand he raised 10x tug and showed AQo, and later we watch him call a huge raise on an 8-high board, so I at least know he’s no good.. We also get a guy with a big beard and a backwards cap in seat 10, and I later discover he’s a wannabe pro who tilts at players playing bad hands.

      The blinds go up, and the European finally busts his short stack. But he immediately goes and rebuys into seat 6. But while I was writing out what happened, I missed a big hand where both glasses and the woman busted to Beard Cap in a 3-way all-in preflop. I can’t even remember what they had. Both players immediately rebut - glasses goes to another table, while the woman takes over his old seat 1. I’m card dead on this 50/100 level though (which is ok because I’m over 100 bbs deep), so all I see is a young guy in a Toronto Bluejays cap buy into seat 8 and the Sunglassed Asian raising 6x utg with KQo.

      As the blinds go up again to 75/150, the guy in seat 2 (who I hadn’t even noticed) busted after going all-in on the flop with T9o for top pair to Hippie’s 77 for a flopped set. There was a scare card to a straight on the turn, but the river was a blank. I also watch as European and Bluejays chop a shove on the turn, as both have T9o for a K-high straight. Then, the woman does something stupid. She min raised utg+1 just after European says he’s about to shove his 3400 chips again. Needless to say, he does. The woman tanks for a long while before eventually calling… With T8s! Wow, that was bad! European has AJo - there’s a T on the flop, but an A on the turn and the woman is crippled to 14 big blinds left.

      Next hand, the woman shoves her 2150. I look down at KQs, and I think for a while before isolating to 4150. After all, I have plenty of chips, she could be shoving wide after that terrible last hand, and many of these players are way too scared of 3-bets. For a second I think I’ve done the wrong thing when 4 tanks to my 3-bet, and then later 10 does the same, but eventually both fold. I turn over my KQdd as the woman turns over A3o. Everyone at the table is astounded by our hands. “You reraised with K?” I hear several say. There’s a K on the flop, and I bust the woman to bring me to over 14,000 chips. People at the table are conflicted about how I played that hand. Some (like 4) think it was awful, while others (like 10, whose comments implied he folded either QQ or AQ) thought that it was aggressive and a better move than calling. “Nice raise,” he said.

      We get a new player in seat 2 - he’s another dark-skinned player with glasses that I’ve seen before, but he has a beard I don’t remember. First hand at the table, he doubles up with a straight, and the last hand before break, he busts the European (the guy’s second bust) when the latter overplayed A6o for a pair of 6s on a 367 board by over shoving it. Beard-glasses called the shove with 44 and hit another straight to get more chips. In any case, after the $10 add-on, I’m just under 17,000 chips at the first break.

      We come back to the 100/200 (25 ante) level, and already I see that beard-glasses is one of the biggest calling stations on the planet. Twice he limped with 23o and 25o, called two streets of bets with bottom pair (humming the whole time), then bet out ⅜ pot on the river, once after improving to two pair and once with the same bottom pair. He will also call huge river raises with bottom pair. I actually managed to take a small pot off of him when he limped his small blind against my big, and my Q7o out flopped him and called two small bets from him.

      A hand I had A4o in the cutoff gives me some more info - Bluejays donked out less than ¼ pot on a JT7 board after flopping top two pair. He also bet ½ pot on the turn and shoved the river. But then I win two hands in a row, and they go very similarly: AQo/AKo in middle/early position, raise to 500, Sunglassed Asian/Bearded cap call in position/in the big blind respectively. First hand I bet twice on a 7438 rainbow board for A-high - Asian calls once and folds. Second I bet twice on an AQJ8 two spades board for top pair+gutshot draw+Ks blocker - Bearded cap calls once and folds.

      Also, the fishy European had rebought a 3rd time into seat 1, and had called an utg 3x raise from Beard-Glasses (which set off alarms as he had just been calling before). Flop was J9x, European donk-shoves his 98o, Beard-Glasses busts him with JJ for top set. We get a new player in seat 6 - a fat young guy with a goatee, sunglasses, and a neon orange golf shirt.

      Blinds go up to 150/300 (25), and I notice that seat 5 (who I don’t even remember joining) and Bluejays seem tight, while Beard-Cap is the type who will yell at fish for playing bad hands and then limp the next hand. I’m card dead for a while, but we get an old guy in a Fila shirt in seat 1. The big stack is the Hippie, while sunglasses Asian has limped off a lot and is now down to 20bb, as is 5. I try to see flops with speculative hands with 98s and 22, but the latter whiffs and the former faces aggression in a 4-way pot on a Q85 board, so they go in the muck. Fila also likes to bet out when it’s checked to him post flop, regardless of the number of players in the pot.

      We go up to 200/400 (50), and I try to set-mine once more with and whiff on a KJT two hearts board. But the same hand, Humming Beard-glasses bets out, Bluejays min raises, and hummer calls. Bluejays then shoved the J turn with KQ, which Hummer tank-calls with QT. 2 river lets Bluejays double up. Hummer proceeds to bust over the next two hands - he limped utg and called a raise from Fila in the big blind. On a 33J board, Fila almost-shoves (leaving 600 chips behind) before getting the rest in on the K turn, which Hummer calls. Hummer had flopped trips with A3, but Fila turned a full house with KK. A crippled Hummer then shoves 23o utg the next hand and loses to KTs.

      Also, Sunglassed Asian, with only 6bb left, raised to 2.5x utg with 77 and still doubled up with a set. The hand after, Sunglassed Asian gets it in preflop against seat 5 and the Hippie. They had 33, A8o and 77. Board runs out 532TQ, more than doubling up Sunglasses and busting 5. Just before the next level, there are two new players. Seat 2 is a familiar bald grinder with some sort of accent that I’ve played against before. But 7… Oh boy. We’ll get to him later, but just know that he’s balding with a goatee, he limped utg the first hand with KJo, and I will later call him “Maniac.”

      We get to 400/800 level, and once again, all I play is 55, which I set-mine with and whiff. But there are several busts - first, Neon Golf shirt doubles up AKo > A2o of Hippie on an A44 board, crippling the LAG hippie to 1bb and busting him 94o < 99 of Maniac next hand. Then Golf shirt raised to 2200 utg, gets called by Sunglassed Asian, who is now loose-passive instead of aggressive. On a K-high flop, Asian overplays his K8o and busts to Golf shirt’s Aces. We’re down to 20 players, and I go to the next break with just 17,400 chips.

      Our new players after the break include a younger, balder Asian with glasses and piercings but no cap in seat 4, an awkward-looking baby-face in seat 5, and an unshaven tanned man in seat 9. A total of 56 players registered, paying out the final 6 with a top prize of $800 plus a tournament ticket. But busts keep happening - tanned 3bet shoved 9bb deep with K3s and busted to my own AKo, bringing me over 25,000 chips. And then maniac busts a couple: first, he limped to open with 89o, got raised by beard-cap with JTo, who proceeded to overplay J-high+back door flush draw. Maniac called with nothing and then a turned 9. Second, maniac limped with 65o, bet out on a 985 flop, then got raised by Fila. Maniac tanks before shoving his bottom pair+gutshot draw and gets snap-called by Fila’s 98o for top two pair. Turn is a blank, but river is the case 7 and Maniac gets even more chips while crippling Fila.

      Then Bluejays chops one with Young Asian, as the former limps with A7o, the latter calls with A7o, and they get it all in on an A86 board. Then I get another hand with 88 in the hijack. I raise to 2000 and get called by the blinds: Golf shirt and Maniac, who both have huge stacks. But the board is a very dry K73, and so I cbet 3300 when they both check and take it down. The last hand, Young Asian limps utg and folds to a raise of 2500 by baby-face, who’s been both tight and deep-voiced.

      When we get to the 600/1200 (200) level, I suddenly get foreshadowing as to what’s going to happen later when Maniac open-shoved more than 20bb utg. Bluejays tanks before calling with 77, revealing Maniac to have 33. But a 3 on the flop busts Bluejays. I also see Baby-face take a huge pot from Asian by 3-betting and c-betting, followed by Asian donk-over shoving a 984 flop.

      Then it starts. I get 65s utg, and because I haven’t played recently, I min raise utg. Then Maniac over shoves on me and I have to fold. Soon after, Maniac cold-calls a 3-bet shove from a short-stacked Fila AND a 4-bet reshove from Golf shirt with K8o for a big chunk of his stack, one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen. He’s dominated by Fila’s KK and Golf shirt’s QQ. But there’s the last K on the flop, doubling up Fila but giving Maniac the side pot as he busts Golf shirt and keeps a huge stack.

      The blinds go up to 800/1600, and that’s when it starts for real - he’s over shoving to open over 40bb deep literally every single hand. Worse, he’s shown a variety of hands after he does this, from 33 to 77 to KTo to 37o. He just won’t stop, and very rarely gets called. He lets us know what he’s doing: “I got a call from work an hour ago to go do some overtime work. I’m trying to donate my chips.” But that’s literally the worst way to do it! At first, we think we might get some - bald grinder doubles up with JTo > J6o. But everyone’s such a nit that no one else is calling. Even when Asian gets AJs in the big blind with just about 15bb left, he folds. I had A4s that hand and considered calling, but still didn’t. I’m totally card dead, and now below 10bb.

      His over shoves every hand continue, and we see that he’s not donating anything. Maniac’s 55 eventually gets called by Asian’s ATo. A flop! T turn! And 5 river, busting the kid. Bald grinder calls again, this time with AJs! He’s ahead of 53o… Which flops two pair and rivers a full house and busts another.

      This puts as at the final table, but I’m easily the shortest stack at the table. I get seat 2, and the Maniac is 4. I’m super-desperate, and so after Maniac shoves over the new players a couple of times, I shove my last 7bb with K3o on the button. Of course Maniac snap-calls, but he has K2o and we chop. But he’s finally losing, as baby-face doubles up with JJ against his A2o.

      Then with my 7.5bb, I look down at AQo and snap-shove. Maniac says, “Wow, that must be a monster! I better call,” and flips over KTo. Board runs out 3JT95, sweat straight doesn't come, I’m out in 10th. As I leave, the guy is still doing it, shoving J2s, getting snapped by KK, and turning a flush.

      I still can’t believe a guy like this. We even asked him, “Why do this? Why not just sit out and collect your winnings the next day? You’re guaranteed a money spot.”

      He just responded with, “I can’t. I live in a town three hours over and won’t have an opportunity to come back and collect. Please call and take my chips.” We did and he took ours.

      This wasn’t live poker. This wasn't online low-stakes poker. This wasn’t online micro stakes poker. This wasn’t even online free roll poker. It was straight-out online PLAYMONEY poker. I still can't wrap my head around it. But there really wasn’t anything else I could do, unless you guys approve of calling with hands like 97o.

      But that’s it. Christxof out.

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        $60's will be that way. I've seen the same play in much higher live tourneys too (especially $365 WSOP Circuits)

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          Its an unfortunate side affect of the availability of online poker. There will always be maniacs but the Boom in online poker seems to create more! Players like Tom Duan advertise how to be a maniac and the young/sometimes not so young and impressionable take it on board. Its not very much fun to play against but I believe it makes for some of the most exciting poker!


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            How did you get that fancy picture beside your blog?


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              It's been a long time since I've done one of these. This is partially because of schoolwork, but also partially because I've slowly fallen out of poker over the months and grown back into a different card game intended for children. But since my semester is done, I went down to my local casino for their $60 weeknight tournaments.

              (Apologies if this intro seems rushed - I had typed out several entry paragraphs that were all deleted when I accidentally clicked on a link, and I didn't feel like typing everything again).

              Anyways, there's one big difference in these tourneys from last year. Previously, it was $60 for 6000 chips, with an optional $5 dealer add-on that did not go to the prize pool for an additional 1000 chips. Now, however, the dealer add-on is mandatory, meaning the rice is $65 for 7000 chips. I think it's to make things less confusing for new players.

              I get table 4, seat 6, which is right in the middle of the table. The first players on my table are an (east) Indian man with glasses in seat 8, and an old guy in a T-shirt that read "Quicksilver." He half-joked that he had never played before (in reality, he played plenty of home-games, but had never played in a casino), so I thought he'd be a good target.

              Things get off to a rocky start right away. Seat 8 raised 150 first hand on the button, and I look down at AQo in the big blind. I 3-bet to 450, which he quickly calls. The flop is A25 two hearts. I c-bet around 1/2 pot, or 500 chips, which he quickly calls again. The turn is a 3. This isn't a great turn - because of the straight on board, he's not calling another bet from me with worse. So I check, planning on calling a smallish bet from him. Sure enough, he quickly fires out 800 (around 40% pot). This isn't very large, so I call. The river is the 2 of hearts, which pairs the board AND puts a flush out. There is no way I'm good, so I check and hope it checks through. It wasn't to be - he bets 2000, around 80% pot. I think for a bit, and I think that he either spiked the river flush, was overplaying some sort of ace (including AK), or played something dumb like A4 or 46. In any case, I can't call - I fold. Judging by his comments later, he didn't think I actually had an ace. In any case, I'm already down almost 2000 chips one hand in - not a good start.

              I don't do much more when it's three-handed, other than stealing the blinds once with KJs. I do quickly realize that seat 8 is aggressive and seat 4 is a big fish who once called a small bet on a wet river with K-high. But we soon get another couple of players at our table. In seat 2 is a man in glasses with a pot-belly. His demeanor and the beer in his hands made me realize he was drunk, which is good in the long run but causes great variance for myself. In seat 10 is a familiar old guy with a handlebar moustache, who I finally learn this tournament is named John. I also remember how he plays pretty quickly - the moment he sits down, he raises to 4x (200) utg explicitly without looking at his cards. He got only one caller who folded to a c-bet on a J-high flop, and John turned over QJs.

              Another player showed up after that - a young Phillipino kid with a dirt moustache, who sat in seat 1. But he didn't get up to much, because I soon get into a hand with the drunk in seat 2. He raised 6x utg 6-handed, or 300 chips. I look at my cards and I wake up with Kings! Cool! I think about sizing for a bit before realizing the guy's probably extremely drunk and would call very wide, so I make it 900. Surprisingly enough, John in the Small Blind cold-calls this huge raise of 18x the blinds, and it doesn't stop the drunk, who 4-bets me to 3000. Although Aces are definitely in his range, his intoxication could mean a wide variety of other hands as well, so I 5-bet shove to 5250. John gets out of the way as the drunk snap-calls... with AQo. It's better than I thought he had, but still a very bad play. I need to dodge an ace, but the king on the turn seals the deal as I double up to over 11,000 chips and cripple the drunk.

              The other seats start to fill up. In seat 7, a guy in a western-style shirt with a receding hairline, but is still fairly young. I eventually learn his name is Aaron, but more on that later. Seat 9 is another guy I've seen around - he's an old guy with a big moustache, but long hair and a baseball cap. Seat 5 is another man I think I've seen before but can't be sure - he sort of looks like a hipster and is wearing a plush vest. Seat 3 brings a tall, young latino man dressed like my grandfather in a sweater vest and an old driving cap. Near the end of the level, the drunk loses the rest of his chips to Aaron, when he went all-in on a 6665 board with J5s... and Aaron had kings like I did. The drunk went to rebuy.

              The blinds go up to 50/100, and now that we're almost a full table, Aaron on my left minraises utg, and a lot of callers came along. I looked at A6s in the big blind, and with the great pot odds, I call intending on going for a flush. The flop is 345 rainbow, so I have a straight draw. But then the hipster on my right in the small blind suddenly donks-out a pot-sized amount. There's no way I can call that with just a straight draw, so into the muck my cards go.

              Next hand, the fish in seat 4 limped to open in the cutoff. I'm in the small blind, and I look down at 56s. It's a decent drawing hand, so I call to see a cheap flop. Aaron checks. The board was 39x, and I have nothing, so I check. Surprisingly enough, it checks around. When a 4 comes on the turn, I gain a straight draw, so I bet out 100 to take a stab at it (in hindsight I should have bet more). Only Aaron called, and the 8 river blanks out. Despite this, I highly doubt Aaron has anything, so I bet again, 250 this time. Aaron folds, and I take down a small pot with a bluff.

              Soon after, another big hand occurs. John had raised to around 300, and the fish in seat 4 had called, along with several others. In any case, the pot was about 1500 in size at the flop. The flop was K87, and the fish suddenly donked out 500, or 1/3 pot. Everyone folds... except John, who calls and keeps making comments about how small the bet was. The turn was a 5, and the fish did the same thing - a 500 chip bet into a 2500 pot. John almost snap-calls this time. The river is a 9, and John checks - the fish bets out 2000 (much bigger), and John check-shoves, which the fish calls. John says, "you let me get there," and turns over JTo for a spiked gutshot straight. The fish sighs as he tables his AKs for top pair+top kicker and leaves, having been busted.

              Everyone soon had a good chat about how that's John's playing style - if he thinks he has any sort of implied odds, he gets super stubborn with a drawing hand and tends to be a luck-box. The worst part is how many chips he gets doing this. In any case, the drunk from earlier is now on his 3RD rebuy, and has come back to our table... in the exact same seat! Seat 2 again! What're the odds?

              Soon, John shows off his luckbox status again when he limped with 23s. The hipster loses a good chunk of his stack to him when John spiked trip 3s on the river.

              The blinds go up again to 75/150, and we get someone to replace the fish - it's an unshaven young man in glasses, wearing a cap with a D logo on it (don't know what it's for). I only get into one hand this level - with KQo in the hijack, which I raise to 450 and only John calls. He's barely paying attention to the hand, as for the last five minutes he's been ranting about Canadian territories and Nunavut, none of it making much sense, and he quickly folds to my c-bet on a Q-high flop.

              I'm card-dead the rest of the level, so I just watch the fun happen. The drunk busted again, this time to the hipster on my right. The drunk limped near the button, and the hipster raised his big blind to 650. This caused the drunk to limp-raise to 2000, which the hipster called. The money went in on the J87 flop, the drunk turned over AJo for top pair+top kicker, and the hipster turned over 88 for middle set. The J on the turn brought a sweat, but the hipster dodged the outs and the drunk FINALLY left the tournament as the rebuy period ended.

              There was one more interesting hand before break: On a 96x board, both Aaron and John get all the money in. Aaron (who was short) had 87o for an open-ended straight draw, and John had J8o for a gutshot draw+one overcard. Unfortunately, I forget the exact run-out, and my notes are contradictory, but I remember the turn gave John a straight and the river gave a bigger straight to the both of them, causing a chop. In any case, I go to break with 11,500 in chips, which will be 13,500 after the $10 add-on.

              After the break, the blinds go to 100/200 with a 25 ante, and I go card-dead. This is good, though, and I get into a big discussion with Aaron about the World Series of Poker. Apparently he's played in the past, mostly a bunch of $1500 events and even the Collossus. He's never won, but he's placed in the top 100 in a couple of different holdem events, so I'm a little wary of him.

              The only notable things that happen this level (other than the multitude of times I was dealt 28o), were the hipster busting to John when he got all the money in on the flop with A9s against John's pocket 3s... with a 9 and a 3 on the board. I also got A8o in the big blind when long-haired moustache and D-cap limp, and I should have punished these limpers. But I didn't and checked, and I had to fold when I whiffed the flop.

              At the 150/300 (25 ante) level, I soon get moved tables as my table breaks up, as we're down to 30 players. 41 entered, and the top two get paid - the winner gets around $750. Moved along with me to table 5 are D-cap, who moves to seat 5, Aaron, who moves to seat 8, and John, who moves to seat 9. I get seat 10, so all these guys are on my right. The new guys at the table are a generic-looking guy in his 50's in seat 1, a familiar black man with white hair in seat 2 (who I learn is named Jamie), a bearded man in an East-coast cap and a hoodie in seat 3, a familiar Israeli-looking bearded guy with a southern accent in seat 4, a lanky guy who bore a strong resemblance to Allan Cunningham (which both I and one of our dealers pointed out, but Aaron didn't see it and the guy himself doesn't know who that is) in seat 6, and and old man in glasses and an H-cap in seat 7.

              First hand at the table, I finally get a hand - ATo. But Aaron had raised in middle position, so I just called. I whiffed, and Aaron took 800 chips from me. Aaron's getting a lot of action, even as I'm going card-dead again. He got into a big pot against Cunningham. The latter had bet into a KTK flop, and Aaron minraised him (after some confusion of the bet sizes). Cunningham called, and the turn was a 2. A shove took gave Aaron the pot.

              Soon, John raised a decent amount from early position. I look down at ATo, and I realize this isn't a good spot, so I make a disciplined fold. There's another call but D-cap suddenly 3-bet squeezes over 7000 chips deep for a 24bb squeeze, which John quickly calls. D-cap turns over A5s for an obvious play attempt, but John turned over QQ. But the flop has an Ace. The turn gives a flush draw for John, but the river bricks, giving D-cap the pot (and me, if I had gotten in - which I never would with that action).

              The blinds raise again to 200/400 with a 50 ante, and I'm still card dead. But people are busting and shoving a lot. First, H-cap busts to Cunningham when his ATo lost to AJo, and east-coast Hoodie busted to generic old-guy in a hand I missed. Aaron also lost a big pot to D-cap, when he bluffed a big amount on the river with K-high... and got snap-called by A-high. What are these hands? Soon, Jamie busts his pocket 7s to John's AQo, and we get a new guy in seat 7: he's a familiar guy at the casino, but he's wearing sunglasses and headphones this time. I remember him having a Widow's peak in the past, but now his hair is curlier.

              We move up to the 300/600 level (still 50 ante) and unfortunatle Aaron busts to D-cap when his QJo couldn't outrun 55. He gets replaced in seat 8 by an old fat guy who's surprisingly clean-shaven.

              I finally get a hand (some sort of Ace, I believe), and as John limps, I shove my 9600 chips into the middle. 16bb is a big shove, but with the antes and the limp, it's probably a better idea than a standard raise where John would remain very sticky. Southern Israeli considered calling, but ended up folding, and John mucked 52s face-up.

              Unfortunately, I soon get moved to table 6 in seat 9 this time. The young hispanic man dressed like my grandfather is here in seat 2. In seat 1 is a familiar grinder who I remember from my first cash in these tournaments. Seat 5 contains a short guy in a track-suit who I dubbed "Leisure-Suit Larry." A familiar man who's face sort of escapes me in an LV hoodie is in seat 6. Seat 7 contains a long-faced woman, and seat 8 is a familiar Hispanic grinder with glasses.

              Even more unfortunately, I lose half my stack this first hand. With less than 10bb left, seat 1 limps utg, and I look down at QJo in the big blind against some more limpers. When it checks around on an AJT rainbow board and the turn is an Ace, I think I'm good and make a bet, which only 1 calls. I decide to check-call a 2 river, and he turns over A8s for a limped ace with a short stack and a slow-played top pair/trips. The 2nd break comes, and I'm down to 5200 chips, which will be less than 7bb after the break.

              Once I come back from break, the blinds go up to 400/800 with a 100 ante. There's a new guy in seat 10 - he's a bald Hispanic guy who says he's from the US. He has a gigantic stack, and he keeps talking to the woman in 7 about hypothetical real-estate selling ventures.

              Soon, after LV hoodie limps out of position, I look down at pocket 8s, and I shove. Seat 10 desperately wants to call, but he decides not to. Instead, Grandpa Hisp calls with KJo. The board runs out XXXQT, and I double up to 12,000 chips, meaning I can play again. LV Hoodie had limp-folded with 77 and seat 10 is upset because he had a T and wanted to bust me. Right after, we get two new players as we move down to 20: seat 3 contains a very tired-looking man with curly hair and a sweater vest, and seat 4 is a familiar French grinder. But the latter doesn't last long as the money goes all-in on a 974 two-spades flop against seat ten. French grinder has 9To for top pair and Seat 10, thinking he only had a draw, had called with 66. But a 6 spikes the river, and the French grinder is out.

              Tired sweater-vest has very odd betting patterns. One hand, he raised to 5x out of position, and I had to fold JTo in the big blind. The very next hand, he instead minraised. He does this a couple of more times tonight. However, I manage to get some more chips from LV Hoodie and Glasses Grinder when they limp and I shove my 14bb stack with ATs.

              Soon after, I look down at pocket 7s in the hijack. My stack is a bit over 16bb at this point, and there are no limpers, so I raise to 2.5x (2000). Very quickly, seat 10 3-bets me to 6000. I consider 4-bet shoving for a moment, but a few things keep me from doing so: 1) I have almost no fold-equity unless he 3-bets super-light, and I have no reason to believe he does so, and 2) he looks SUPER comfortable and is barely paying attention to the table. I instead decide to fold my medium pair.

              Long-faced woman does something very bad soon after: with less than 7bb left UTG, she raised to 4x with pocket Aces instead of shoving. That's really exploitable, hun. There's soon anothjer all-in situation on the flop - tired sweater-vest has 78o and Leisure-Suit Larry has pocket Qs on a 726 flop. A 4d turn brings some gutshot outs, but a 9 river is a brick and tired sweater-vest busts.

              The blinds go up once more to 600/1200 with a 200 ante, and things get really crazy. First, Long-faced woman limped with less than 5bb left. Thinking she's weak, I shove my short-stack on her with A6o, but she calls with A8s and is surprised I'm as weak as I am. I explain I thought she was weaker, but the suck-out comes: the flop is K64! However, the turn is the K of hearts, giving her a heart flush-draw. But I spike a third 6 on the river, busting her and getting up to 19,000 chips: 16bb!

              Soon after, I raise to 2600 (about 2.) utg with AJo, as we're only 7-handed at this point. However, both LV hoodie and Hispanic Glasses call, and on an 875 two spades board, 8 donks out 4000. I can't do anything about that and I fold. Another weird hand happens where seat 1, in a limped pot, overshoved more than twice the pot on an A river, and when seat 10 tank-called him for almost 1/3 of his stack, it was revealed seat 1 missed his flush draw but spiked an ace, which was good.

              Then, with only a bit more than 12,000 utg, I find pocket Aces! Awesome! I shove after counting my stack, and I quickly get called by Leisure-Suit Larry, who turns over pocket Kings. I'm in a good spot for a double up. The flop is QT8 with two hearts - I don't have a heart, but he does, so it's a little worrying. This "little worrying" becomes "full-blown panic" on the turn - it's the J of hearts. He now has a royal flush draw, giving him a total of 13 outs (9 hearts, 1 non-heart ace, 3 non-heart 9s). I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

              The river is the 9 of spades, giving him a K-high straight. He sucks out, I bust in 13th place.

              It was disappointing, but I had sucked out just twenty minutes earlier, so I wasn't too upset. In any case, I drove home with a pop in my car, and surprisingly enough drove past some friends from a Dungeons and Dragons game on an overpass-bridge. I tried calling them to see if they needed a lift, but they were good. Quite a coincidence to see them at the exact time I bust out, though.

              It was a fun way to get back into the game. I hope to do it a bit more in the future. Christxof out.

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                So it's been a long time since I've made a blog. There are several reasons for that. First off, I got a full-time job back in September. I'm now a junior programmer for an oil-based commodities trading company. The pay isn't amazing (just around $40,000 CAD per year), but my co-workers are nice and the benefits are astounding (seriously - my Dad has said it's better coverage than he has, and he's been a school principal for 20 years in a country that doesn't hate its teachers). Because of that, I've been playing less poker than usual. I've only gotten two live games in since I started, both during vacation periods due to my early work schedule, and my online games have been pretty relegated to the $1 36-Man Super KO bounty SNGs (which are probably not profitable, but are fun and quick to play). I actually really miss the BTC tournaments they had for a while - I loved playing the $1 ones, and I was even profitable at them. But sadly they're gone now... SIGH.

                You may be wondering, "Well Christxof, if you don't play that much poker anymore, why make this blog?" That's because I've recently played a series of games that I'd like to talk about - specifically four of them. Two live and two online. Each of them had a different pattern in what happened and a different result. I don't have full histories, but I'd like to talk about each of them.

                Tournament 1: Dec. 23 Live at the Grey Eagle Casino
                This was a tournament I played two nights before Christmas. My job has few guaranteed days off other than weekends, but two of them are Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and most of the company also takes the rest of the week Christmas falls on off, too (although I didn't because as a new employee, I don't get personal vacations until my probation period ends). So I played this Friday Night tournament. The tournaments at the Grey Eagle have changed slightly since I started playing. First off, there are no more noon tournaments - only evening (and they got rid of morning tournaments as well). Secondly, the buy-ins used to be $60-$100 with an optional $5 dealer-tip add-on per entry, with a $10 real add-on at the end of re-entry period included later. However now the $5 dealer-tip is mandatory, and the chips one would get from it are included in the starting stack. Also, the $100 Friday and Saturday tournaments no longer have the after-rebuy add-on, so it only costs $105 instead of $115 to play.

                What defined this tournament, though, was that I was getting tons of hands. I'm talking big aces, good broadway cards, multiple monster pairs, all within the first three levels. Even better, they're paying off (even if only small). People are giving me credit whether I have hit the board or not, which never happens at these tourneys. Even the few times they don't give me credit, they have nothing more than missed flush draws by the river. By the first break, I'm up to 20,000 chips from my starting 12,000. 73 people had registered, and 7 spots were paid, with $1800 and a $330 tournament ticket for first (it's something my casino does just for their regular evening tourneys - they always reduce the prize-pool size and give tournament tickets to the top 1-3 spots, depending on how many people played).

                I'm still getting hands - I'm flopping straights, chopped a pot when I shoved QQ into QQ, saw a guy tank-call a turn overshove with a combo flush+broadway draw that he admitted was probably bad, and overall I'm doing okay. I lose half my stack with 99 < AKs when this guy with a beard and a felt jacket (who talked strategy with nother player, meaning they're a decent player) rivered a wheel straight, but I still have 14,000, and climb back up a bit to 17,900 by the second break. But I'm soon on a roller coaster as I both make successful and unsuccessful steals and squeezes (the best of which I got a LAG player to fold a strong suited ace to KQ). I still win, but I'm losing a bit more now, too. So it's a roller coaster.

                I'm short soon, so I'm in shove mode. I get ATo and chop against ATs, I shove KQs and get folds, I shove AJo twice and get folds, the guy to my right is pissed at me and shoves 82s in the small blind (which I can't call with 6Ts). Then, as the blinds are at 1500/3000, I 3-bet shove 88 against the pissed guy and double-up against his AJo on a KQ649 board. I'm still only about 18bb deep, but the other guy is on such monkey-tilt that he open-shoved 20bb next hand with AKs.

                Unfortunately, I'm card-dead by the time we reach the final table. With ten people left, this hispanic kid limped utg with 34s and snap-called a 7bb shove from a Daniel Radcliffe lookalike, busting when he spiked two pair on the river. I'm super-close to a money spot with 9 people left... but then I shove 11bb with KK, and the same hispanic kid tank-called with 55 and flopped a full house on a board that ran-out 65647, meaning I essentially bubbled after over 5 hours of play.

                It was disappointing, but I wasn't that mad at his call (he had a bigstack and a pocket pair is fine to call an 11bb shove with). I would have been angrier if he turned over 43s like before. I was more upset at all that work for nothing, not even the bubble-pity prize our casino regulars do.

                Tournament 2: Birthday Live at the Grey Eagle Casino
                My Birthday was on Jan. 27, and my dad backed me for one game at the casino. It was very similar to the previous time, with about 70 players by the time rebuy ended. However, it goes much differently this time to match the fact that the weather was super-cold. I'm talking -20 to -30 C (-4 to -24 F). The other is that I'm card-dead almost the entire tournament. I set mine a few times, and even get a decent pot early on when I flopped two pair with AJo, but I'm otherwise getting nothing going. I play almost no hands the entirety of levels 4-6, and the one I do is an utg shove 15bb deep with ATo 8-handed, which gets snapped by KK and cripples me.

                However, because I'm down to 5bb after the break and I don't think I'm gonna have a chance. I hit the Roulette table while waiting for the tourney to restart. Roulette's not a great casino game to play (5.2% house edge and all), but it's something that'll pass the time and let me have fun for a few minute. I buy $25 worth of inside-play chips and follow the advice I've been given of always bet on 23. I bet $1 on 23 and $1 on each corner surrounding 23. The wheel is spun three times. Time 1 - 8, I lose it all. Time 2 - 27, I win a profit of $4. Time 3 - 23!!!! Huge cash profit of $67! It's true - ALWAYS bet on 23! One last spin, I bet $5 on the 2nd 12 and $5 on the middle column - it lands on 5, and I get one more $5 profit to make $71 playing roulette.

                My thoughts are true when I come back to the poker game, as two hands later I bust A8o to KJs on a board of JA5K4, putting me in 40th place. But it was my dad's money and I made a good profit at the roulette table, not to mention that I won a free drink with a scratch card the casino gave out. So I still had a fun night overall.

                Tournament 3: Sunday Storm 7th Anniversary
                I managed to win a satellite to this prestigious event and played it last Sunday. Things start off well as I flop a full-house with 55, but I get no action. But then things quickly turned south. With AA on a QJ99 board, my 16/8 opponent starts getting aggressive, and I have to fold on a T turn after committing 1/2 my stack. I lost even more to a 53/24 fish with a Naruto avatar when he checked AKo on a 93A rainbow flop in position after he raised my button, thereby getting two streets of value out of my A8o and reducing me to 1900 chips from the starting 10,000 before the first break.

                Things start to go a little differently after break, though. First, I manage to double up to 3800 with A9s against a 58/18 fish's JTo on a 48QA5 runout. Then, several hands later, the 53/24 Naruto fish and now has over 170bb during 100/200 ante levels raised, I 3-bet shoved 15bb with JJ and another 36/0 fish 4-bet reshoved 20bb with 77, which our Naruto-fish called with his 22. At first I think I'm out when I see the flop of 79K all spades, but a Js on the turn gives me a better set, and the 9 river doesn't make the board flush come in, making me triple up to almost starting stack again! The runback is real!

                But then I move tables, and I play a hand terrible only a few hands in. First, one guy raises about 2.5x utg with QQ. Then the button suddenly 3-bet shoves 180bb deep. I have AKo in the small blind, and I tank for a while before deciding that a) I need to take chances to cash in a huge tournament like this, and b) my 38bb is small enough to take a chance with AKo. So I cold-call for my whole stack.

                Here's the issue, though - I have no info on the button other than that he likes to overshove preflop (and I confirm this by watching him play after busting). Secondly, AKo (as confirmed by Jaime Staples) is a flip in this situation at best, and possibly even dominated. Third, and most importantly, is that I wasn't taking the initial raiser into consideration. Especially since he snap-called the gigantic overshove and turned over QQ. The overshover turned over TT. So the overshover made a terrible play, almost as bad as my call. But the board ran out T967T, giving the idiotic overshover quads, busting both me and QQ and sending him to a stack of over 250bb.

                So that was a mistake overall. I was making a good runback and then made a bad call with AKo. That's me, though - making bad decisions because I like how the cards look.

                Tournament 4: The Big $4.40
                This was a tournament I played last night. I won a $0.55 last-chance satellite into it, and started playing at about the 40 minute mark because of it. I had a fairly early hand where I doubled up with set-over-set, where I flopped a set on an AQT board, got TWO callers out of a 2/3 pot c-bet, and then one of the callers shoved on me on a 5 turn - for 55 for a turned bottom set. He called my c-bet with an underpair to the board on an AQT board. I'm glad players like giving their chips away.

                I also had another great hand later. I raised to 800 with A4o in the big blind against a limper-fish, and flopped trips on an AA3 board. I check it - I usually (but not always) check a flop with two aces, especially if the remaining card is low, because the chances of anyone hitting are very low, and the people who DID hit aren't going anywhere. When the 6 turn came, I bet out 1250 into 1925, which he called. He then called my 4755 chip over-shove on the J river with... J9o? So I got him to call the turn with J-high. Good for me.

                Even better, a couple of orbits later, I MORE than double-up from this fish. He's been busting players and winning hands with crap, so I raise to 1500 with KJo against his limp at the 250/500 level, and I get a call from him and the big blind. The big blind and the fish call, and on a K53 flop, he donks out minimum. I raise to 3510, almost 1/3 of my stack, and the blind folds as he calls. Then on a K turn, giving me trips, he donk-overshoved 38,000 into a pot of 12,000. I snap call with my trips, and he turns over 52cc for middle pair+bottom kicker, meaning he's drawing dead and I'm up to over 25,000.

                As the bubble approached, I got dealt 55 in the cutoff. As it was folded around to me, and as I hadn't played a hand in a while, I minraise to 1600 as a blind-steal. Unfortunately, the big blind calls. Fortunately, the flop is J25 rainbow, I flop a set! YES! I c-bet slightly less than 1/2 pot here, which he calls pretty quickly. The turn is a Q, and he bets out around 1/2 pot. Well with my set, I'm not going anywhere, and after thinking if I want to raise or call for a while, I decide to shove - if he has JJ that were slow-played, oh well. But he doesn't - he has Q2s for a bottom pair that turned into two pair on the turn. I double-up again to over 40,000 chips.

                The bubble bursts, and I'm still getting hands. QQ busts a short stack with A9o and takes more from the limper fish from earlier. One guy goes on monkey-tilt after he called an overshove on a 78T flop with 67 for bottom pair+gutshot draw, and overshoved over 25bb two hands out of position in a row, busting when his KQo got cracked by A5o. But the first hand I get when I move tables, I get dealt KK. I raise of course, and the guy in the big blind tank-calls. In fact, he tanks and goes into his time-bank on every single decision. The flop is AQT two clubs which isn't great, but I have a club blocker and decide to c-bet slightly less than 1/2 pot as usual. He tank-calls. The turn is a Js, putting another flush draw on board and giving me the nut straight. Well of course, I'm only going to get action from chops and draws, but I can't let draws get there, so I bet around 1/2 pot again. Once again, he tank-calls. The river is a 3s, putting a third spade on board. He tank-checks again, and I deliberate for a while - there's no way he has the flush after check-calling two c-bets, does he? Well, it's possible if he's a bad player, and unfortunately, with how the board looks, I'm unsure if I could get away. I made a mistake here - I made one final bet of around 1/3 pot instead of checking behind, as I should have realized I couldn't get action from anything. The guy turns out to have T2ss for bottom pair+bottom kicker that rivered a backdoor flush, but at the same time, he still just CALLED with his flush, knocking away 1/3 of my stack and putting me at 32,000 at the 600/1200 level.

                I do eventually manage to double-up at the 800/1600 level, when I 3-bet shove 26,000 with AKo and get called by KJs (an A on the flop settles it immediately). In fact, I manage to stay in the 40-50,000 chip range for a few levels with some good steals and reshoves. But then, after getting moved to a new table at the 1750/3500 level with about 70 players left, I get dealt AQs utg and get 3-bet shoved on. I don't think I'm good here, but with just 48,000 chips, I can't fold a 14bb stack to a shove, so I call. I run into AKo, and get no help. I'm down to around 5,000 chips - starting stack and less than 2bb.

                But in my desperate bid to stay alive, I get a good luck run. I call a minraise with 67o, run into K5o, but we chop it on a two-paired board with an A kicker. I then call the next hand with A6o, flop an A, and it stays alive against the other two players' K9o and T7o, getting me to 20,000 and 6bb. 5 hands later, I get 66, shove, and get snap-called by T7s. I dodge some straight draws on a 9J4QA board, and suddenly I'm up to 41,000 again. Then, in the big blind with KJo, the small blind bigstack minraised my button with A2o, I snap-shove and he snap-calls, and the board runs out 887Q... K! I double up again to 85,000, and I'm suddenly with an even more playable stack! Even later, at the 2500/5000 blind level, I 3-bet shoved 80,000 chips with KQo and get snapped by the raiser's 66... and the board is T98J9, and I double-up again to over 170,000. An orbit later, I isolate-shove against a 5bb stack with A2s, run into 99... but turn two pair, busting them in 50th place and making me a top 10 chip stack. These words from another bigstack put it best:
                chiefwalawa said, "Christxof"
                chiefwalawa said, "Nice"

                And then it just kept going. I crippled the guy who just complimented me with KQs on a KQ4 flop, when he had AKo. I'm getting hands - I'm making good bust calls, good c-bets and good semi-bluffs. And I just keep winning. And it's all a blur, because it's now after 2 AM and I can barely stay awake. But before I know it, we're at the final table. I'm around 5th place, quickly get to a constant 2nd-4th as the bigstack keeps busting the medium-stacks as the shorties survive, and... well...

                I won

                It's the first time I've won a non-sng MTT online. It's the 2nd biggest win I've ever had (second to only a $950 live win a couple of years ago). And it made me feel staying up 'till 4 AM was actually worth it.

                I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and how big my bankroll is. I don't know what to say about it, other than what you've heard already. It's... it's almost like a dream to actually win something.
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                  cool man !
                  Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                    Well done, still waiting for my first pokerstars MTT win


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                      Congrats! One tip, the 39A flop, if I'm IN position and have a big ace (AK/AQ/AJ or sometimes AT).. I'm checking the flop behind every time as I should be miles ahead and want to give the opp a chance to bluff.

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                        well done even though misremembered.. In the $4.40 game you had 55 in the hole and the flop came J25 rainbow the turn was a 2 . he turned over Q2 and you said he had bottom pair that turned into two pair on the turn. you in fact turned a boat with 55522 and he turned trip 2's

                        Christxof's response: I typed in the wrong information. He DID have two pair, but I said the wrong turn - the turn was a Q, not a 2.
                        *** RIVER ***
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                        <name censored>: shows (two pair, Queens and Deuces)
                        Christxof: shows (three of a kind, Fives)
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                          Very nice run - it's a great feeling when you take down a big MTT. Keep up the good work.
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                            It's been more than half a year since I last played poker live instead of online. Having a real job eats into your free time, especially when tournaments generally go to past 1 AM and I have to be up at 6:30 AM for work. But having this Monday off, I went to the casino Sunday night for the nightly $65 tournament. It started about 10 minutes late due to stupidity on the part of the organizers and getting tables, but I didn't find it to be a big deal.

                            I take a seat in seat 9 at table 6, which is almost always used as the final table, so I'm not likely to be moved. We actually start the tournament with a full table, something that almost never happens. At the first level, 25/50 blinds, I'm not in the first hand, as I fold UTG, but a large, balding man in a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt to my left opened, and got a bunch of callers. A bearded man with a strange-looking face in seat 1 called, and this strange-face proceeded to bet 200 into 750 on a 654 all hearts flop, 300 into 1150 on a 5 turn, and 500 into 1750 on a 3 river with KJhh for the flopped 2nd nut flush. I realize that, although there's still lots of limping, there's more raising going on than I'm used to in these early tournaments. It should make for an interesting day.

                            Early on, a skinny blonde kid opened to 150 when there were already 3 limpers in the pot, and when a mustached older man in a trilby to my direct right calls, on the button, I look down at pocket Kings in my small blind - sweet! I think about what I want to raise to, then eventually decide on squeezing to 750. Only the skinny blonde kid called, and he folded to my 800 c-bet on an 88T two spades flop.

                            I get to see how a lot of these guys are playing. Two seats to my right, an older mustached man with a mullet c-bet 2/3 pot in a 5-way pot on an AK3 board and 6/7 pot on a J turn with A3s and showed it when everyone gave up; a chubby young hispanic man bet 500 into a 350-chip 7-way limped pot on a 64T two hearts flop, overshoved a heart turn, then showed Td9h when everyone gave up; the same man overshoved an A4J48 three hearts river the next hand with 62hh flush and got snapped by mustache-trilby's 88 for a full-house, and the kid is gone before the 2nd level; Hard Rock guy to my right opened A6o in middle position, played it aggressively on the flop, checked the turn, and bet the river when it became a full-house. In fact, I notice Hard Rock really likes to open between 2-3x utg.

                            During level 2 (50/100 blinds), I folded JTcc utg - a good fold, but I'm disappointed because the flop was Q93, one club, turn was a 2nd club, and river was an 8 and there was tons of action. I would have made a big pot - but that's not the point. JTs might be a good drawing hand, but at a 9-handed table while 80bb deep, it's not really something that can be played utg. But I do get a more interesting hand - in position, I see two limpers and look down at AJo. Wanting to punish them, I raise to 500, but the button, both blinds, and both limpers all call. Not great, especially when one of the few folders accidentally revealed an A as he mucked. The KT4 two clubs board gives me a gutshot draw, but I'm not playing, and I'm happy when it limps around. Suddenly, the turn is a Qh, putting a heart draw on board and giving me the nut Broadway straight - bingo! I'm especially pleased when mustache-trilby bets 1500 into the 3050 pot. With my stack of around 7500, I consider just calling to get more people to come along, but I realize there are two flush draws on board, and it would be terrible to let anyone get there. I eventually shove, which everyone folds to, but I'm not letting a flush get there without someone paying.

                            The only other hand of note this level is when a man in a Hawaiian shirt raised to 450 against a limper and then overshoved twice the pot as a c-bet in a multiway pot on a board of all low cards with two spades. This action would foreshadow what would come later...

                            Early in the 75/150 blind level, I get ATo in the small blind against a limping Hawaiian shirt, and I raise to 600. He calls and then folds to a 650 c-bet on a 986 two hearts flop. The action doesn't let up, because the very next hand, 5 people limp, and mustache-trilby raises to just 700. With such good pot odds, I call the button with KQ of diamonds. Two more people, the skinny blonde kid and mustache-mullet, also call. There are two checks on a K76 one diamond flop, and mustache-trilby c-bets 2000 into the pot of about 3000, leaving himself only 3100 behind. I tank for a while, wondering what the other two limpers are planning, and then I decide that I'm going to call the bet, then get it in on the turn when I feel the other two are likely to just fold. The turn is an A, which is a little concerning, but I'm not calling a pot-committed flop bet and folding the turn. He bets 2000, I put him all in, and he snaps... with AJ of spades, meaning he spiked his three outer on the turn. But the river is a Q - my own five outer comes, and I bust Mr. Trilby, getting me up to over 20000 chips from a starting 7000.

                            I don't play much more this level. Hard Rock shirt busted a guy with a Mustard-Yellow shirt with a flush-over-flush, and three new faces join - a tall, young, nondescript kid with earbuds in seat 5, a bulky aboriginal man with a ponytail, ballcap, sunglasses and bluetooth headpiece right next to me... and Mustard-Yellow, who rebought back into seat 2. But in any case, we got to break, and after the $10 2000 chip add-on, I have 22,200 chips at the end of rebuy period.

                            As level 4 starts, with blinds of 100/200 and a 25 ante, we see there are 55 players tonight, 6 will get paid, with the winner getting over $800. Early on, I see Mustard look down at AKo in his big blindagainst 5 limpers and only raise to 1000 - I would have done at least 1500. But I do soon get a hand - when Aboriginal Bluetooth limps, I raise to 700 with another KQ, this time unsuited. However, Hard Rock, Mustard, Hawaiian shirt and Aboriginal all call. I do get a good flop with K54 rainbow, and when it checks around, I c-bet 2000, which only Hawaiian shirt calls. I make a mistake on the 5 turn and accidentally act out-of-turn, going to bet 3500 before he even acted. But the mistake was cleared up, he shoved his last 3200 anyways with JJ, and I call and bust him when he misses the river. I'm now over 30,000 chips in the first four levels.

                            The other interesting things happening this level are from other people - I watched Aboriginal call a 60% pot bet with 82o on a 643A board for a gutshot draw; I watched mustache-mullet bust his last 6bb to Mustard when his A9s couldn't spike against AQo, Hard Rock is STILL raising utg like no-one's business, and a vaguely familiar middle-aged man with his glasses far down his nose joined seat 4. This only continues into the 150/300 (25) level, as an old white-bearded man with tattoos in seat 3 crippled our new seat 4 with A8s over 69s on an 8x686 board for a better full house (although 4 only called the river, good discipline), yet said new player himself manages to cripple Aboriginal on a 3J89 all diamonds turn, when Aboriginal shoved with the Kd and glasses-nose called with the Ad, leaving Aboriginal with 6bb. Aboriginal shoved next hand and pre-emptively revealed K6o while Mustard was still to act - Mustard tank-folded 99, Tall Kid reveals he called with KQo, and the board runs out T9933 - Aboriginal survives, and Mustard is tilted that he missed hitting quads.

                            I then get into a very badly played hand. In the big blind, both Whitebeard Tattoo and Aboriginal limped, and I check with J8o. The flop is 876, I check, Whitebeard minbets 300, Aboriginal overshoves 2700, and I tank with my top pair before choosing to isolate to 5000. Whitebeard immediately reshoves on me for over 40,000 - I don't even know how he got all those chips! But in any case, my isolation was a bad idea with Whitebeard still in the pot, and I give it up, showing the 8. Aboriginal reveals 54 for a straight. Whitebeard reveals T9 for a better straight - Aboriginal busts, and I'm down to around 24,000 chips.

                            Soon after seat 1 busts with QJo losing to Tall Kid's KK, I watch Tall Kid open to 700 utg. I look down at AhKd, and I briefly ponder what to do before deciding to 3-bet fold (if he 4-bets, I'm no good). He calls, and the flop is 937 with two diamonds. He checks, and I decide to c-bet 1900, which he snap-calls. Now thinking he has some sort of overpair, or possibly something like AQdd, I decide that continuing on the 3d turn is not a good idea, even with my added 2nd nut flush draw, and I check behind when he does. The river is the Td, and I have the 2nd nut flush, and Tall Kid bets out 3000. I tank for a while, trying to decide what to do - I eventually think that if I raise, he's not calling with less than a flush, and considering he opened utg and called a 3-bet out of position, he'd likely to have the nut flush in that case, so I just call. He shows pocket Jacks with no diamond, and I take it down, getting back to over 30,000.

                            The 200/400 (50 ante) level starts, and early on I get JJ with no limpers in middle position - I open to 1000, get called by Tall Kid in the big blind, and on a flop of all low-cards, he folds the moment I even start reaching for chips. However, more interesting are the two new players coming to the table - both Seat 7 and 8 are young Asian players with baseball caps, but they look quite different. 7 has glasses, is clean-shaven, and is wearing a Yankees cap, while 8 has a "dirt stache" and a Nike cap. And I IMMEDIATELY watch 7 do something that SHOULD have gotten me to make a play later, but didn't - Glasses Asian opened to 6x (that's right, 2400) utg with A7s (!), and when Hard Rock 3-bet shoves, he gets snap-called. Hard Rock doubled up with AKo, but that didn't discourage this new huge-stacked Asian kid at all, especially when the Tall Kid busts to him in a hand I didn't see. In fact, within 5 hands, 7 also busts Nose Glasses with AQo vs 98s, and actually thought he lost to a 4-card straight. Right after, our Dirt-Stache shoved 7050 (17.5bb) against two limpers with some sort of broadway hand, and Lucky 7 (which I'll call the glasses Asian guy from now on) SNAP-CALLED this shove with 74o!!!! Dirt Stache doubled-up, but this was crazy... so crazy, I didn't notice a bearded, bald australian with glasses and a light cap join in seat 1, and barely noticed another man with windswept hair, a black ball cap, and aviator shades on the cap join in seat 4. However, I do get one more hand this level, when two people limp, I have JJ again in the big blind, and my raise to 1800 took it down preflop. The skinny blonde kid has moved tables now, though.

                            At the start of level 7 (300/600 blinds, 50 ante), a hand happens that, in retrospect, I should have played. Our new Aviator player in seat 4 opened to 1700 utg, and Lucky 7 3-bet to 7000 (!). I'm in the small blind, and I look down at AQo. After only a bit of deliberation, I fold, and Lucky 7 takes it down.

                            But I think this might have been a mistake - as it was shown, Lucky 7 is what we call a "maniac LAG-fish," someone who will play many and raise many hands. I had over 50bb, and Lucky 7 had me covered, but I shouldn't have been that worried about Aviator - chances are Lucky 7 would call my cold 4-bet shove with a weak Ace or something like that, but no, I chose to fold instead. I'm still not sure if it was right or not, especially after on a 7657 three diamonds turn, Lucky 7 shoved on Dirt Stache with 7To, who tank-called with 44, one diamond for straight-flush draw, and the T missed. Same when Lucky 7 snap-called Mustard's big shove on an A36J two spades+two hearts flop with 82hh, letting Mustard double up when the river blanked.

                            In fact, I lose over 1/4 of my stack to Lucky 7 soon - he and another player limped, and I raised to 2700 on the button with 88. On an A75 two spades flop, he donks out 5000... and I call. Bad move unless I plan to go all the way with it. And I don't - he overshoves around 30,000 into a pot of 16,000 on a Ks turn - I have the flush draw, but I honestly think that at best I have 11 outs and at worst I'm drawing dead. I don't even consider how maniac he's been playing, and I fold, leaving my with 23,000 at the break. (Also, Aviator doubled 88 > Australian's AKo on an AA8 flop, but that's not a big deal).

                            After the break, at blinds of 400/800 (100 ante), Lucky 7 keeps acting stupid. After Hard Rock shoved his last 5bb, and Mustard and Lucky 7 call, the flop came 328 all hearts and Lucky 7 bet 7000 into the dry side pot with Ad7h for a weak flush draw. Hard Rock turned over A2 of clubs, but he doubles when the turn and river brick. I also make ANOTHER dumb decision when I call Lucky 7's raise to 3400 with KJs, and Mustard squeeze-shoves with AQs. Not only that, but Lucky 7 SNAPPED again, this time with JTs. I fold, and watch the board go 8T2...4...A, letting Mustard double-up. We're down to 20 players now, and the three new ones to join the table are an old friend named Emilio, a familiar balding man who I remember busting in my first live cash, and an unfamiliar balding man with glasses in a blue golf shirt to my right.

                            Lucky 7's luckiness comes to an end. He raised big out of position, was 3-bet by Mustard, and not only does Lucky 7 4-bet shove his remaining 20,000 or so chips with A4o(!), but he ACTUALLY EXPECTS TO BE GOOD WHEN HE GETS SNAPPED. Mustard turns over KK, and is disgusted when there's an A in the window, but the flop also contains a K. So Lucky 7 busts to Mustard, and vocally says, "That was fun. I liked acting super-aggro. $65 is chump change for this kind of thing. Imma see if I can get a 10k cash table running." In a casino where you're lucky to get a 1k table running.

                            Unfortunately, my run comes to an end. After I watch Whitebeard limp and overshove 7x the pot on a KT8 two clubs flop, we reach the 600/1200 (200 ante) level, and I get AKo on the button with less than 18,000 chips left. I shove without thinking, and get snapped by Hard Rock's AA. There's a K on the flop, but an A on the turn seals it, and I'm out in 19th place.

                            I still wonder what would have happened if I had cold 4-bet shoved on Lucky 7 with AQo earlier. I was likely partially worried about Aviator, but Lucky 7 would definitely have called - would I have doubled to over 60,000 and been on a commanding presence on the way to the final table? Or would he have sucked out on me? Or worse - would he actually have had a hand? (He did show a couple of good ones). And that A75K three spades board, where I called his 5/6 pot donk-bet on the flop and folded to his turn overshove... should I have called that with my third pair+weak flush draw? Or was that overshove a signal that he hit the flush? I just don't know.

                            I wish I could have someone analyze these. But whatever. Christxof out.
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                              The AQ hand.. for 50+bb, I'm NOT playing there against an UTG open and a 3-bet to 12bb. I'd rip 30bb, but not over 50.
                              However, if we're deep, I'd open the JTs from UTG a % of the time. I'll open JTs, T9s and 98s some, to give me more board coverage from EP than just pairs and big cards.
                              J8 hand, call the 300, fold to the 2-bet shove. We have a marginal at best top pair on a very wet board. Iso raise there is lighting chips on fire.
                              88 hand is a shove or fold on the flop... and I'm snap folding.

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                                You're right, John. Utg in the AQ hand ended up snap-folding, but I had no idea he would do that, so folding as I did was correct. But even if I played the J8o and 88 hands correctly, and saved myself about 10,000 chips total on them, I'd still be eliminated because I'm not folding 23bb with AKo to a 3-bet from the small blind, even if he does cover me. I MIGHT have survived if I also played the JTs hand, but I'd likely still get crippled.
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