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  • Debeelee

    Well I have been playing 5 card stud since I was 4 or 5 yrs old but we knew every card game out there except for bridge, but now I know there are more I do not know like Omaha or 7 card stud.
    I went to 7 card stud and won $13.00 (I only had $1.50 left before having to put more cash into my account) I still do not know what I got or how many cards can be seen by others.
    It was the same with Omaha - I accidentally went to it and really did not know what was going on but went all in and won and then the next hand got low. That is the part I do not understand, is it low just for straights? Or is it low for like two people having full books but one being say 3jacks and two 8 and the other being 3 eights and two jacks?
    This is why I joined poker school at 3.30 am down under here in australia. I am an insomniac and it is usually the same people in the tourneys. No-one ever chats on this site though except the occasional ty when I say nice hand. I asked how did people get the stars on their circle but no one ever answers. I realise more than half are from non english speaking countries.
    I really like that you can only chat in english because at a live game two lebanese friends were talking during ones hand. I said hey I cannot speak arab but was married to one for over 20yrs and know you just told him to go in that no one had anything else. They were shocked and were told by the TD (tourney director) not to speak in their language again or they were out. I was happy that one did end up winning as he just had his first baby earlier that night but goes to show that his wife and baby were not as important as poker huh? I know cause as I said I was stupid enough to be married to one and he was only there for one out of the seven children we had together! No! he was off cheating but hey this is poker not life.

    I started playing in tourneys about 9mths ago as my son who lives with me goes and I decided to try it out and now it seems it is me supporting us both. (we have a deal to split the money if either of us wins) makes it very hard when someone asks if you wanna split when you are down to 2 ppl. I feel so mean but I explain if I go halves with them and then give half my half to my son I get less and I am chip leader.
    I am a real softy so this kills me.

    Once I said yes and my son got angry and said the guy would never have done it for me if he were chip leader - hey son you should of told me this. I just overheard the kid asking for a loan of $5 so said yes I'd split with him and if it ever is him and I again and HE is chip leader I shall remind him of my good deed.

    I like playing poker stars but it is not social. I have been going less and less to the real games but have decided on one night a week I def will go which is mondays as I am point leader.

    Can you believe APT wanted to ban me and my son Danny because we played for southern cross? Hey you go where the money is plus the people and TD is nicer with southern cross and you get more winnings and more ppl get in the money. I think something shonky is going on with UPT as with the raffle which is $2 extra per game and you might win if you pull your number out but it is really hard even though there are only 40 or so in there it is not easy pulling out your number and once they gave me 3 goes at it cause they were in a good mood. Well a guy who gets lifts with one of the workers won it twice in a row and both times it was over $900 so it had been building up for a while. Makes me wonder if they just said he won and they went halvies, I hate being suspicious but hey the world is making me this way.

    I have had 2 home invasions so yeh hard to say everyone is trustworthy although I trust everyone till they do wrong by me. Like my sons friends who treat me like one of the gang but asking to borrow money? I would be so angry if my  son asked their parents to borrow money but to borrow and not pay back? I am such a sucker, they know I say all the time you can't get blood out of a stone so if you don't have it just ring and tell me, I am cool like that. I can't get what they haven't got but ring and say they will pay in a few extra days or weeks etc. I am going to have to tell them to treat me like a mates mother from now on and not like a friend. Plus people think some of them are my boyfriends???? Pple are surprised all the time that Danny is my son until I tell them they think we are partners. My  son gets upset and says he must look old but hey son I look young not you look old haha.
    I read a few interviews here and you asked if they made friends on PSO ? How? I would love to make some friends as like I said I have just moved here and have no friends my age or the age I look. Even one woman made fairy cakes and said only for the older people and did not offer me one so I guess I should be flattered but it is stopping them from being friends with me as I look like I should be hanging with 25and over year olds!

    Anyway first blog and as you can prob guess I do write a lot. I have written short stories and have had 2 published. I even use to write 20 page letters in pen when I was travelling so am sorry if I am boring you but believe me I am not a boring person although I admit I talk to myself and sing out of tune really loud in my car lolol my cars name is lolla so she is sort of a laughing car cause of the lol at the beginning but never thought of that when I named her she is just lolla my corolla and everyone calls her lolla now too....

    Well I am having a hard time working out the times of things as it is ET and I am AEST so other countries would go through the same as me. They need to put down the time for where you are from.

    I entered the micro millions today but it was pure luck I was online at the right time as I registered last week and forgot and today went to play a sit and go and that came up saying it was starting in 4 mins - how lucky but I lost anyways.

    Win some and lose some. I have learn't if I have a fullhouse to check so the other players think I am going for high card. I had an ace yesterday with a nine which is a fave hand and three aces turned so I just checked and let the others bet into it - that way they have lost themselves and I have only called - smiley face best way to do it if you can.

    BTW at the club I do not have tells cause people know I do not bluff although I think I have once or twice but was lucky enough to get something so it wasn't bluffing afterall was it? or was it?

    have a great day and great tourneys and hope everyone wins some money. I need to win $100,000 as I have $130,000 in bank and need the rest for a house as cannot get loan as government has put on restrictions for people who do not work. I am at TAFE doing business cert 111 (I did all this before I had kids but now have to have a certificate which is killing me cos I just wanna get back to work) after raising my kids then being a paraplegic and being told I would never walk again (I am but took seven years) I am a glass half full person and told surgeons when they said I would die and if I lived I would never walk nah ah no-one tells me that! So after all that and oh yeh a stroke which put me in a nine week coma and which I think is the reason I am walking as my body needed that rest and best sleep I have ever had I must admit and I could hear everyone talking etc so remember that if you know someone in a coma cause I told my family things they said and did and they were totally shocked but it is very true. I am like a cat with nine lives but have used 7 so these next two better last a long long time thankyou!!!!

    Ciao, sayonarra, adieu, bonjourno, goodnight, bye bye, see you later, nomess day etc etc etc and sorry again if you read my long long blog but it is my personality and I will never change

    Peace and see you at the table - oh btw don't you think it is wrong when a girl or woman has no clothes on for their pic even though they are covering their breasts with their hands? They think it will get a fold or something for them and drives me crazy. Or when they have suggestive poker names, I know you guys probably love it but I hate it and think they should be reported but I am not bitchy enough to report them so will leave it up to you lot please??>?>???????

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    Welcome to the forums and GL!


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      Fantastic first blog post Dee, hope to see you in the Forum from time to time,

      May the cards be with you!



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