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Felix Leong

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  • Felix Leong

    Played over 4500 MTT this year and make over 5k profit.
    Took most profit out and currently have like 1k bankroll

    I will be grinding mostly $1 to $10 turbo MTT next year.
    Hope to clock 5,000 MTT and do it profitability... even 1 to 10% roi is fine

    here are my stats for MTT this year

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    sometimes I get really bored of the grind.

    Althought I made quite a bit of side income this year (about 5k) thanks to poker

    Its just not so enjoyable anymore.

    Trying to find my passion and its really hard.

    Nowadays the games are really a lot tougher and its difficult to make a profit even in the low stakes.

    right now in singapore, i see only like 4 really profitable MTT players ... the rest are either breaking even or making a loss.

    But this makes sense.

    In the poker world, only the top 10% will make a profit, the other 90% gets slow burned by the rake.

    I'm glad to be in the green, hopefully next year too



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      i started poker in 2005, playing FL
      loaded in $50 busted
      I gave up!

      I used to play magic the gathering competitively and was travelling to pro tour LA
      When into a bookstore and picked up a poker book, think it was ken warran's guide on hold em.

      thought I would be a master in poker after reading it but still i donked all my money off, busted another $50 and another $50

      Then came the light! I found harrington on holdem vol 1 to 3 and my poker life changed.

      I started to make a small profit from small stakes tournament and accumalated a bankroll of about 3k.

      In 2006 I moved over to NL cash games, mostly playing 0.5/1. Beat the game for like 2 PTBB/100 for like few hundred thousand over hands, make quite a decent about of money.

      Took the 20K poker winnings + my 10K savings (made from playing magic the gathering) and when to do my full time degree in business and management studies.

      While studying full time, i lost my passion for poker... i started partying a lot and also started to donk money on the poker table.. from 2008-2010 I barely broke even...grinded like 1 million hands and was supernova for 2 years in a row, but without much profits.

      2011 working as a full time stock broker, I really do enjoy my job as I love the stock market. I'm pretty happy with my life now as I have a portfolio of about 50k of stocks that give me a regular dividend yield of about 5% (2.5k)

      I don't really touch cash games anymore since they are like so tough... a typical 0.5/1 is mostly filled with regular TAGs.

      Tournaments are still fun and I still have my 1k bankroll on PS, I do hope to play so low stakes MTTs ranging from $1 to $10.


      So see you guys on the tables ^_^


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        I dont think you play in the open or premium leagues but i could be wrong. what are your thoughts on theese leagues in pso?....I would welcome advice from someone who has achieved supernova status!!


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          Well wriiten post!


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            props on the $$$$ made

            motivate yourself by going over ur grind sessions looking for leaks and experimenting with new plays

            adapting your game is vital as NLHE is becoming harder and harder to crack

            post hands and look for views and this will give u a new motivation/passion for the game we all love so well


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              Played a couple of $2.50 180man SNG, made 3rd place in one of them which I'm quite happy about.
              Gonna go out for a jog then head out at night to join my friend watching the new year eve fire works.
              Bankroll stands at $939.10
              Gonna be busy with work next year as I really wanna work hard to grow my own business.

              I still do hope to spend weekends playing some poker.

              Have a great day guys, happy new year and hope 2012 will be better for all of us ^_^


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                2011 ended, I played a total of 4900 multi table tournaments and made a profit of US$5700.

                very happy with the results.

                This year I'm gonna re-learn poker.

                I'm currently re-reading harrington on holdem vol one.

                Why am I doing so?

                Over these 3 years, my game has been detoriating and I need to breath fresh air again.

                My passion for this game has also been withering.

                I hope that by looking at this game from how i looked at it 7 years ago, I can find new meaning in it.

                2012, lets do it ^_^


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                  Its getting quite comfortable grinding the $2.50 180man MTTs.

                  They are a lot easier as compared to the $8 and $15 ones.
                  So I do hope to get a higher return on investments.
                  Hopefully 20% instead of the 10% i made last year.

                  I realise that in the later stage, the regulars are a lot tigther and 3 bet preflop less.

                  for the $8 and $15 its usually top 18 (in the money) when we hit the blinds of 600/1200

                  But for $2.50 it takes maybe half or 1 level more to get into the money.

                  I think these players are too concerned about making it into the money, therefore giving me lots of opportunity to steal from mid and late position with medicore hands while risking little by raising 2.25 bigblinds.

                  Good start for the year, it will be a long road ahead.

                  I'm not confident of reaching my goal of 5k tournaments this year, but I will try.

                  my side quest would be to play a live tournament in macau, wish me luck ^^

                  Bankroll healthy at $997


                  • #10
                    PokerStars Game #73148411353: Tournament #492967279, $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (150/300) - 2012/01/02 20:35:36 CCT [2012/01/02 7:35:36 ET]

                    Table '492967279 32' 9-max Seat #4 is the button

                    Seat 1: lennart123 (5255 in chips)

                    Seat 2: shaaanyyya (3125 in chips)

                    Seat 3: olegsir85 (18019 in chips)

                    Seat 4: SAH1B (7310 in chips)

                    Seat 5: cae07 (18824 in chips)

                    Seat 6: pipi486 (12598 in chips)

                    Seat 7: aad47 (3787 in chips)

                    Seat 8: ottocat01 (2160 in chips)

                    Seat 9: imper1 (10357 in chips)

                    lennart123: posts the ante 40

                    shaaanyyya: posts the ante 40

                    olegsir85: posts the ante 40

                    SAH1B: posts the ante 40

                    cae07: posts the ante 40

                    pipi486: posts the ante 40

                    aad47: posts the ante 40

                    ottocat01: posts the ante 40

                    imper1: posts the ante 40

                    cae07: posts small blind 150

                    pipi486: posts big blind 300

                    *** HOLE CARDS ***

                    Dealt to pipi486

                    aad47: folds

                    ottocat01: folds

                    imper1: folds

                    lennart123: folds

                    shaaanyyya: folds

                    olegsir85: folds

                    SAH1B: folds

                    cae07: calls 150

                    pipi486: raises 600 to 900

                    cae07: raises 1200 to 2100

                    pipi486: raises 10458 to 12558 and is all-in

                    cae07: folds

                    Uncalled bet (10458) returned to pipi486

                    pipi486 collected 4560 from pot

                    pipi486: doesn't show hand

                    *** SUMMARY ***

                    Total pot 4560 | Rake 0

                    Seat 1: lennart123 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    Seat 2: shaaanyyya folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    Seat 3: olegsir85 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    Seat 4: SAH1B (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    Seat 5: cae07 (small blind) folded before Flop

                    Seat 6: pipi486 (big blind) collected (4560)

                    Seat 7: aad47 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    Seat 8: ottocat01 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    Seat 9: imper1 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                    He showed me his A/x but I'm not gonna show him my air, always give your opponents as little info as possible


                    • #11

                      PokerStars Game #73150289226: Tournament #493398537, $2.28+$0.22 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (2000/4000) - 2012/01/02 21:24:48 CCT [2012/01/02 8:24:48 ET]

                      Table '493398537 9' 9-max Seat #8 is the button

                      Seat 2: pipi486 (35794 in chips)

                      Seat 3: p4olkin88 (56456 in chips)

                      Seat 5: _Pawlaczek_ (15379 in chips)

                      Seat 6: tranmere444 (119557 in chips)

                      Seat 8: vickvzla (42814 in chips)

                      pipi486: posts the ante 400

                      p4olkin88: posts the ante 400

                      _Pawlaczek_: posts the ante 400

                      tranmere444: posts the ante 400

                      vickvzla: posts the ante 400

                      pipi486: posts small blind 2000

                      p4olkin88: posts big blind 4000

                      *** HOLE CARDS ***

                      Dealt to pipi486 (final table and u get a crappy hand)

                      _Pawlaczek_: folds

                      tranmere444: folds

                      vickvzla: folds

                      pipi486: calls 2000 (everyone fold and I call in small blind for the good pot odds)

                      p4olkin88: checks (TAG checks, he doesn't raise meaning he is likely a medicore hand too)

                      *** FLOP *** (good flop for my hand, all low cards and I have a top pair)

                      (Pot is about 10k, my stack is 30k. Two ways to play this, to bet out 1/2 pot which is about 5k and if he raise me I might wanna fold and keep my 25k stack. A low risk play)

                      (but against a tight and aggressive player I would like to employ a high risk- high reward play, the hammer)

                      pipi486: checks (I check the flop, feeling that villian will bet often enough for me to raise him. His range could be wide but my top pair should have at least 60% equity against his range. The down side is him checking too and getting a free turn card, in which any over card will be bad for me)

                      p4olkin88: bets 8000 (he bet 3/4 of the pot, which makes it seems like he wants to end it asap)

                      pipi486: raises 23394 to 31394 and is all-in (The Hammer Descends!!!)

                      p4olkin88: folds

                      Uncalled bet (23394) returned to pipi486 (I take down a very healthy pot)

                      pipi486 collected 26000 from pot

                      pipi486: doesn't show hand

                      *** SUMMARY ***

                      Total pot 26000 | Rake 0


                      Seat 2: pipi486 (small blind) collected (26000)

                      Seat 3: p4olkin88 (big blind) folded on the Flop

                      Seat 5: _Pawlaczek_ folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                      Seat 6: tranmere444 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                      Seat 8: vickvzla (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)


                      THe hammer is a very powerful tool against aggressive players, use it wisely and it will bring u to the final heads up


                      • #12

                        Gonna play in the pokerkaki league, 3 month a season. Top prize is ~
                        - Macau Poker Cup Main Event Entry (Value USD$1420) + 2 nights Value Added Accommodation

                        Well, I have never been to Macau. But deep down in my heart, it beats for me to play in a major tournament in Macau.

                        Since 2008 I had been trying to qualify for the APPT macau, starting from a few bucks I try to grind it up to the $530 qualifer.

                        Three is the number of times I played in the $530 qualifer, and three is also the number of times I busted empty handed in them.

                        How many times I dream of winning that 5k package to macau.

                        I wanna win the free package to macau, can I do it?


                        • #13
                          PokerStars Home Game #73208603219: {Showcase: Pokerkaki Club} Tournament #491907096, $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (15/30) - 2012/01/03 21:31:24 CCT [2012/01/03 8:31:24 ET]

                          Table '491907096 3' 9-max Seat #4 is the button

                          Seat 1: pipi486 (1545 in chips)

                          Seat 3: Normaniter (1530 in chips)

                          Seat 4: Stussyboi (1455 in chips)

                          Seat 5: Mr.Hirobow (1470 in chips) is sitting out

                          Seat 6: jacksms88 (1500 in chips)

                          Seat 7: ikelos (1500 in chips)

                          Seat 8: eleester (1500 in chips)

                          Seat 9: LeoKezoJr (1500 in chips)

                          Mr.Hirobow: posts small blind 15

                          jacksms88: posts big blind 30

                          *** HOLE CARDS ***

                          Dealt to pipi486 (3rd hand in tournament, AQ is decent 1st hand to play)

                          ikelos: folds

                          eleester: raises 45 to 75 (decent raise from EP, no read on villian)

                          LeoKezoJr: folds

                          pipi486: calls 75 (might raise if he was loose, a call against unknown looks fine since I have position)

                          Normaniter: calls 75 (looks like a value call, could be pair, high cards or suited connector)

                          Stussyboi: folds

                          Mr.Hirobow: folds

                          jacksms88: calls 45 (BB calls due to pot odds)

                          *** FLOP *** (decent flop texture for me, giving me a straight draw and over card draw)

                          jacksms88: checks

                          eleester: bets 157 (aggressor leads with 1/2 pot bet)

                          pipi486: calls 157 ( a raise here will be bad since there are 2 more players to act after me, I do a conservative call for straight draw value. will fold if face with a solid raise)

                          Normaniter: calls 157 ( a call here is wide, could be a draw or a pair... pretty sure not a set, a set will usually raise here)

                          jacksms88: folds (BB misses)

                          *** TURN *** (top pair for me, decent.. but fearing AJ,A9,AT)

                          eleester: checks (his check makes me comfortable that he is not AK)

                          pipi486: bets 393 (half pot bet with top pair good kicker, I wanna chase drawers away)

                          Normaniter: calls 393 (my read was like he is on a draw, 2 passive calls... if he has 2 pair, a raise here is almost a must... to much card on the river can make a straight to spoil his 2 pair)

                          eleester: folds

                          *** RIVER ***

                          pipi486: checks (check to keep pot and try draw out a bet from a busted draw)

                          Normaniter: bets 480

                          pipi486: calls 480 (instant call)

                          *** SHOW DOWN ***

                          Normaniter: shows (two pair, Aces and Jacks)

                          pipi486: mucks hand (bad read... paid his 2 pair off.)

                          Normaniter collected 2532 from pot

                          *** SUMMARY ***

                          Total pot 2532 | Rake 0


                          Seat 1: pipi486 mucked

                          Seat 3: Normaniter showed and won (2532) with two pair, Aces and Jacks

                          Seat 4: Stussyboi (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                          Seat 5: Mr.Hirobow (small blind) folded before Flop

                          Seat 6: jacksms88 (big blind) folded on the Flop

                          Seat 7: ikelos folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                          Seat 8: eleester folded on the Turn

                          Seat 9: LeoKezoJr folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                          check fold river?

                          or check call river?

                          what you think?


                          • #14
                            Hi Pipi,

                            I started reading a few of your blogs yesterday and I am really enjoying them so far and glad you are getting back on the grind

                            As for this a,q situation you are defiantly in a difficult situation, due to being out of position mainly. The final bet on the river (just under 1/3 of the pot I think i worked it out as) does seem like quiet a strong bet whereas if he was bluffing I would generally think he would bet a larger portion of the pot, being an unknown villain.


                            • #15

                              PokerStars Home Game #73327922157: {Showcase: Pokerkaki Club} Tournament #494130621, $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (200/400) - 2012/01/05 23:33:47 CCT [2012/01/05 10:33:47 ET]

                              Table '494130621 4' 9-max Seat #4 is the button

                              Seat 1: Jermeey (9841 in chips)

                              Seat 2: 61Chris61 (14542 in chips)

                              Seat 3: pipi486 (24142 in chips)

                              Seat 4: eleester (2961 in chips)

                              Seat 5: Polz51 (3847 in chips)

                              Seat 6: BigDC89 (9982 in chips)

                              Seat 7: dunkel8888 (3927 in chips)

                              Seat 8: issaru07 (11856 in chips)

                              Seat 9: angmotan (2902 in chips)

                              Jermeey: posts the ante 50

                              61Chris61: posts the ante 50

                              pipi486: posts the ante 50

                              eleester: posts the ante 50

                              Polz51: posts the ante 50

                              BigDC89: posts the ante 50

                              dunkel8888: posts the ante 50

                              issaru07: posts the ante 50

                              angmotan: posts the ante 50

                              Polz51: posts small blind 200

                              BigDC89: posts big blind 400

                              *** HOLE CARDS ***

                              Dealt to pipi486 (Final table and i look down at AQ, sweet!)

                              dunkel8888: folds

                              dunkel8888 said, "nah play was fine"

                              issaru07: raises 800 to 1200 (with 11M his 3BB raise looks solid from EP)

                              dunkel8888 said, "running bad these 2 days"

                              angmotan: folds

                              Jermeey: folds

                              61Chris61: folds

                              Polz51 said, "got freeroll to appt meh"

                              pipi486: calls 1200 (two ways to play, 2.5x raise or call to use position. So let use consider a few factors)

                              Villian is 3rd in chips, I am chip leader - better to avoid a big clash

                              I don't really know much about villian and there are still a few more behind me not yet to act

                              If i raise to 3k and he moves all in, do I call?

                              dunkel8888 said, "aces cracked thrice in 1 session"

                              eleester: folds

                              Polz51: folds

                              BigDC89: raises 8732 to 9932 and is all-in (BB goes all-in)

                              issaru07: raises 1874 to 11806 and is all-in (he called pretty fast, showing strength... now my AQ feels weak.. before we fold... think about what hands the other 2 guys has? Range wise the EP guy looked like 99+ AQ+ ... BB looked stronger... like AK or JJ+... AQ doesnt beat their range.. might had called here if I had QQ+ or AK)

                              pipi486: folds

                              Uncalled bet (1874) returned to issaru07

                              *** FLOP ***

                              *** TURN ***

                              *** RIVER ***

                              *** SHOW DOWN ***

                              BigDC89: shows (three of a kind, Kings)

                              issaru07: shows (a pair of Jacks)

                              BigDC89 collected 21714 from pot

                              *** SUMMARY ***

                              Total pot 21714 | Rake 0


                              Seat 1: Jermeey folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                              Seat 2: 61Chris61 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                              Seat 3: pipi486 folded before Flop

                              Seat 4: eleester (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                              Seat 5: Polz51 (small blind) folded before Flop

                              Seat 6: BigDC89 (big blind) showed and won (21714) with three of a kind, Kings

                              Seat 7: dunkel8888 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

                              Seat 8: issaru07 showed and lost with a pair of Jacks

                              Seat 9: angmotan folded before Flop (didn't bet)



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