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  • BRIZER73

    4 Day's ive been playing the pso poker league and already i'm hooked - Let's see where i end up this month........ And then beat it next month. Smooth.

  • #2

    Not a bad start to the month but not great either - Have'nt been able to play as many as i would have liked - going to try to break into the top 1000 and build fron there........


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      Got cut off 11 days ago - supposed to pay about £22 a month for our internet and tv etc but the tea leaves (thiefs) sent us a bill for £70 !!!! Would u believe it !!!! So we rang up and they told us to pay £22 - which we did.......nothing happened !!!! When we got back in touch they told us we had to pay the outstanding balance to get our services back !!! And the 1st 6 months is supposed to be half price !!!! lol What a bunch of immoral rip off merchants!!! Anyway i'm back and i have'nt got a chance of breaking into the top 500 or 1000 !!!!! What a joke - guess it does'nt matter being a white star.


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        After cramming in lots of play after being allowed back on the internet by my demonic internet suppliers - lol - i find that the entries have become greatly reduced - then the talk on the table makes it become clear that there is trouble brewing in the USA - 3 sites - Full tilt - Party Poker and Pokerstars being affected - and this leads to around a 60 to 70 % reduction in the number of entrants starting the league games - a new and interesting dynamic - done ok so far - but after a 12 day break thanks to the internet suppliers ( DEVILS WHO TAKE YA CASH ) i am still trying to drag my sorry arse into the top 1000 = got 657 in march after just 4 or 5 days playing so fingers crossed............good luck all.


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          Made the final table twice in 1 night ( or morning depending on where you live ). Got 2nd place the first time losing to HAPPYSAP from ireland after 5 and a half hours and then i got 7th but it was very early in the morning ( 6am in england) - although i was pleased the cash return for the hours put in was'nt good and because of the american situation i will probably get no points which isn't good at all. There have been disasters as well - going out on the bubble !!! was'nt happy and just now i got aces on the 1st hand and lost to trip queens !!!!!! you just can't call it !!!! Good luck at the tables......


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            Guess what ??? I was at the table when some1 informed me that the that the league was back on !!! I asked if it included all the results and the guy said YES !!! So i went to check my position and did'nt really know what to expect ! When 455 came up i was pleased but after making the final table twice in one day ( or night ) i had a run of 8 minus results knocking me down from 1700 to 1600 !!! Not good - and theres 1 day of April left so i better play well and climb the league as much as is possible. For some reason i thought the results would'nt count when the USA was barred ? Totally wrong.


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              Thanks for leaving your comments. Looking forward to building our Blog and PSO table relationship.
              I finished 17th lastnight/morning. Was very tired so I went all with a mediocre hand. I lost then I plunged
              into the sack. Hope you achieved your goals.

              Next time!



              • #8
                HI Bri,
                Nice having you over and thanks for the comments. Well I did not do badly as you know I finished 427 last month.
                On another matter, I played a 25 cents tourney with 90 players and won. I really played hard. I went down to under 500 chips and came right back up to win. at one point I had double the chips of my nearest competitor.

                Today I played two @ $2.20 but did badly in both, I was sleeping on myself while playing, tired from last night. went to bed after 3AM since after the tourney I was following the Osama issue on CNN.

                Congrats on your PSO second place...I played that one too but was distracted by another tourney, finished b4 the money.

                Hope we catch up sometime soon. May play the 10PM tonight for you that may be 2AM.
                Well have fun Bri and see you at the tables.



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                  Hey Bri,
                  I found it...hope I remember how next time.
                  Well I am very proud of you on your posotion in thhe league. Keep it up on your way to the top. I hope to join you there soon.

                  See u at the tables



                  • #10

                    What a bad day. Played 5 times and the best i did was 99th !!!! Got kings and lost to aces - got rivered twice and had a rush of blood to the head once. 4 of the 5 results were in the mid 200's which just isn't good at all. Saw my position drop from 3rd to 9th. What's the problem you might be thinking ! That's not to bad is it ? But you want to know something ?? Since being in the top 5 for most of the month - ive noticed that the points awarded to those setting the pace are TERRIBLE !!! A complete and utter rip off. Now i know it's explained in the scoring section but i used to enter a league meeting knowing top 33% to top 25% and i had positive points. Not the case anymore. So if you have ambitions to break into the top 50 fair enough. But if you want to get into the top 10 BE WARNED - the points are terrible and the penalties for failure are harsh. I also stuck a picture of my ugly mug up on the same day !!!!!! I wonder if there's any connection to that and my game falling apart ??!!!! lol. Good luck at the tables ( if your in the top 10 your going to need it ).


                    • #11
                      Hey Brizer,
                      Man its not just you. I never made it to the top ten(10), however even in my previous position in the top 350(lol)...I had a series of low performance and now I am under top 700...waaay whats up? The weekend was baaadddd. I never got to the last 100 place in any PSO take heart pal...I knw it must be hard for you but it was bad for me down the line among the lesser
                      No doubt you will be back in the top 5 again and I have ambitions of the same. I have not been able to meet you at the tables however I am sure we will soon...So pal...

                      See you at the top.


                      • #12

                        I Think the title says it all. Pokerstars you should be ashamed. You set me up. Oh yes, both of us know it's true don't we ??? You set me up to take a fall and made it happen - you made me believe i had the best hand when all the time you were laughing at me - waiting for me to make my move and then cruelly dashing my hopes. How dare you !!! I should file a lawsuit for false hope - sorry cards and bad luck over and over again. You nearly made me cry !!! (pmsl) but do know something ??? You will never break me !!! Oh no - i'm coming to get you. ( if i don't trip over my shoelace first !! ). One more thing - AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH. Think that just about does it. lol.


                        • #13
                          now then brizer
                          no the feelin ant been doin 2 we since that win when i was 4-1 down heads up,just had black tues just been donked by 6-4o i had a-js hit top pair flop with j he hit 4 i raised he raise over top i pushed he called he hits 4 on riv and been beat with aa 3x it gets sick m8 and i seems theres nothing u can do but keep tryin"WE CAN DO IT"u just have 2 reset and try try again lol,gl m8 chin up c u at the tables GAME ON


                          • #14

                            If you see me at your table - and you pull 4 2 offsuit - play it against me - it's guaranteed that you will beat me !!!! ( Isn't it CHYNA ???). That's the 4th time in 2 days this has happened - so remember - the new best hand in poker is 4 2 offsuit. Or 2 4 offsuit. Whichever you prefer. Bahhhhhhhhh!!!!


                            • #15
                              hows u then m8 4-2 that sucksm8,just 2 let u no,ive won another 1(1 oclock 22ndmorn),had lisbon roar or sumut he league leader,lol,gotta get active lol,c u at tables



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