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    So..... yesterday get knocked out of PSO freeroll when I raise 5xBB early position with QQ, big blind calls with 56o, pushes on me on flop of J57 rainbow, catches 6 on turn after I call all-in.  Today I all-in with KK in the small blind, the big blind calls with AA.  I get no help from the board of course.  Kind of hard to win those points when none of my hands hold up! :-x   The poker gods frown upon me.  I wonder what I can do to appease them?

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    Played the 18:00 PSO freeroll.  Blinds 25/50, very very loose table preflop.  Big stack/very loose player raises 5xBB UTG.  I reraise him all-in knowing he would call, also to keep out the other loose players.  He calls with AQo.  Flop has a Q, turn is blank, he rivers an A.  Terrible luck, on the river once again.  Big point loss being so early in too.


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      So..... just got 287th in PSO freeroll.  Short stacked, around 5xBB left.  I'm in big blind, its folded to small blind who limps.  I raise BB with AA, as I really want to get all the chips in.  Flop is K47 rainbow.  The guy in small blind randomly decides to bet into me with A6s.  I reraise the rest of my chips (not much more).  I am overjoyed to see his hand.  He catches runner runner clubs for the win.  So... I'm pretty sure EVERY SINGLE PSO FREEROLL I've played I've been knocked out after someone made a bad play and sucked out on my dominating hand.  Really, really getting old!

      On a funny side note, the previous hand someone else had AA cracked by Q10 after all-in preflop.
      :-x :-x :-x


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        It finally happened.  I actually got knocked out for making a mistake as opposed to getting a bad beat on the river.  It feels kind of good for some reason???  I guess that is kind of sad, but the bad beats kind of eat away at you when they happen over and over and over.  Back to the hand though, it was still bad luck on top of more bad luck for me, plus a mistake on my end for once.  Big stack who is running hot, you know somehow having the best hand every hand over the last 15 minutes. My stack is 2700.  His is 8000.   He limps in one or two seats out from UTG for 100.  I reraise with AQs clubs to 345.  Everyone folds to him (I think BB was sitting out!!!) he calls.  Flop is 9 10 4 two clubs.  He checks to me.  I think to myself, great I have position and he checked so its Cbet & semibluff time with my AQs.  So I bet 500.  BIG MISTAKE.  I realized the problem with this after seeing what the big stack did, but it was too late and here is why.  Because of the size of my stack, betting 500 into the pot all but pot commited me with my nut flush draw and two overcards and runner runner straight draw.  When he checked the flop with the straight and flush draws, he either had nothing or he had a monster.  That means my overcards are not really good to showdown, leaving me pretty much with just the flush draw.  My 500chip flop bet scares away hands like a weaker flush draw but doesn't do a thing to scare away a set or two pair.  It is also somehwhat likely that an early position limper maybe have hit a flop with 9 10 on it.  So heres what happened.  After I pot commited myself, he reraises to 1160.  I have to push so I do with the rest of my chips.  He shows top two pair and I completely miss the flush draw of course!  Terrible luck that he would both hit a monster hand and I would miss my flush, but bottom line is I made a mistake and could have avoided getting knocked out.  The correct play would have been to check behind him on the flop and see if I improve on the turn.  Then reassess the situation on the turn and see if I can call his expected turn bet looking at pot odds and my remaining stack size.  A 1/4 to 1/3 pot size bet may have been correct as well since I wouldn't really be pot committed.  What do you think? 

        Sometimes you got to learn the hard way...


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          I had KK that hand by the way. Not sure how I forgot to mention that.


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            Raised around 2.5xBB late position with QQ in PSO freeroll today.  Blinds were 50/100 I had around 1600 chips.  Known terrible player on the button raises all-in and has me covered.  Folded around back to me.  I instant call because I know his range is absolutely huge.  He shows K7o.... no surprise there.  K on the flop, game over for me.  Out with more than a 1000 people still in the tournament.  I wonder how many more times this can happen to me?  Every day so far haha.  :-x


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              I was doing great in the PSO freeroll tonight until this disaster.  I feel like I played my hand extremely well and this guy played his hand EXTREMELY poorly and incorrectly.... and rivers my set of jacks with a flush.  I don't even know what to say at this point.  This happens to me EVERY TOURNAMENT.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!  I'm starting to lose my faith man.

              This guy has been renamed 'donkey'

              PokerStars Game #57407962394: Tournament #360452943, Freeroll  Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (150/300) - 2011/02/09 21:21:46 ET

              Table '360452943 161' 9-max Seat #1 is the button

              Seat 1: Sportsfan (7290 in chips)

              Seat 2: jerrygan (12665 in chips)

              Seat 3: donkey (6075 in chips)

              Seat 4: The Maurader (60 in chips) is sitting out

              Seat 5: Crashweb600 (350 in chips)

              Seat 6: Shrevcitfnst (4050 in chips)

              Seat 7: Thebearisme (8015 in chips) is sitting out

              Seat 8: RockerguyAA (5448 in chips)

              Seat 9: Danaklies (4856 in chips)

              Sportsfan: posts the ante 25

              jerrygan: posts the ante 25

              donkey: posts the ante 25

              The Maurader: posts the ante 25

              Crashweb600: posts the ante 25

              Shrevcitfnst: posts the ante 25

              Thebearisme: posts the ante 25

              RockerguyAA: posts the ante 25

              Danaklies: posts the ante 25

              jerrygan: posts small blind 150

              donkey: posts big blind 300

              *** HOLE CARDS ***

              Dealt to RockerguyAA

              The Maurader: folds

              Crashweb600 has timed out

              Crashweb600: folds

              Crashweb600 is sitting out

              Shrevcitfnst: folds

              Thebearisme: folds

              Crashweb600 has returned

              RockerguyAA: raises 415 to 715

              Danaklies: folds

              Sportsfan: folds

              jerrygan: folds

              donkey: calls 415

              *** FLOP ***

              donkey: bets 300

              RockerguyAA: raises 1500 to 1800

              donkey: calls 1500

              *** TURN ***

              donkey: bets 3535 and is all-in

              RockerguyAA: calls 2908 and is all-in

              Uncalled bet (627) returned to donkey

              *** RIVER ***

              *** SHOW DOWN ***

              donkey shows (a flush, Jack high)

              RockerguyAA: shows (three of a kind, Jacks)

              donkey collected 11221 from pot

              RockerguyAA finished the tournament in 555th place

              *** SUMMARY ***

              Total pot 11221 | Rake 0


              Seat 1: Sportsfan (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

              Seat 2: jerrygan (small blind) folded before Flop

              Seat 3: donkey (big blind) showed and won (11221) with a flush, Jack high

              Seat 4: The Maurader folded before Flop (didn't bet)

              Seat 5: Crashweb600 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

              Seat 6: Shrevcitfnst folded before Flop (didn't bet)

              Seat 7: Thebearisme folded before Flop (didn't bet)

              Seat 8: RockerguyAA showed and lost with three of a kind, Jacks

              Seat 9: Danaklies folded before Flop (didn't bet)



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                Playing the $.11 NAPL Rookie league tonight.  Early into the tournament.  Had my KK run into AA preflop all-in, but luckily won the side pot and kept me in for 800 chips.  Do my thing, sitting on around 2000 chips  with 60/120 blinds.  1 limper and rest fold to me on the button.  I raise 3xBB with JJ.  Small blind reraises on me,  I put in the rest of my chips.  Flop comes rag rag J!!!  He has pocket KK so things looking great.  Turn........ K!  Hit's his 2 outer on the turn.  I'm knocked out, once again, by a real nasty bad beat.

                In the PSO freeroll tonight my AQo was knocked out my Q9s.  Got to love it!  Happy to report I got knocked out in 35th place so it was my first cash finish!  :mrgreen:


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                  IMO, an ace-high flush draw and two overs is a pretty solid flop for that hand, despite you not having paired a thing. Going all-in on the flop was likely the best thing you could have done (maybe not in the league, but in a regular MTT it probably would've been). Remember, you're not the one who UTG limp/called with 9T. It sounds a little as though you are convincing yourself that your play was bad because you lost.

                  I think your play had some things going for it, but if you think you made a mistake, then do what you can to fix. Trying to improve is always a good thing. If you make a justified c-bet, get check-raised, and call with good odds though, and then lose, then it just wasn't your tourney. There'll be another.

                  Keep up the thinking! c!


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                    Had a good run last two nights in the PSO Freeroll.  Placed 82nd last night, my second ITM finish this month!  Also, I'm now on the NAPL Rookie League leaderboard at 70th place (at the time I'm writing this).  While I've run into a lot of bad luck in the PSO, in the NAPL I've been doing crazy good.  So far this month I've placed ITM just under 50% of the time, with two top 50 deep runs so far.  No final tables yet though.  Going to keep at it, I really want to place top 500 in the PSO and top 50 in the NAPL this month. 




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                      Just wanted to say thank you to Pokerstars and the staff for running the PSO.  I only managed to bank $5 from the league in my first and final month in February, but I also scored $15 in the NAPL Rookie Leage.  Together those bonuses gave my bankroll the boost I needed to comfortably do what I wanted to.  The SNG course is gold as far as I am concerned, even though I don't play them at the moment.  The live training is fantastic.  The forums have a lot of entertaining nonsense clogging it up, but there is a lot of great info to be found as well.  Thanks to the PSO forum I found out about Nanonoko and all that he accomplished.  Learning about him and his style has helped me to fix my game and become successful again.  I wasn't sure if it would ever be possible again now that the games are so much tougher, but I see the light now.  My understanding of cash games, variance, and bankroll management has increased exponentially over the last 30 days using the PSO and learning from Randy and Dave as well.  All I can say now is MY EYES ARE OPEN.


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                        Donk. Fail


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                          Just updating what is going on in my poker life right now.  Recently moved up in the cash game limits from $2 to $5 NLHE.  My bankroll is barely big enough to properly run nine of these tables at once, if I have another day or two of bad luck I might need to drop back down to $2 again for a little while.  Hopefully I can run well the next couple days and cement my placement at this new limit!  I am getting a lot more VPP's playing here, and by my estimates I should achieve silver star status during the next 10 days!  I haven't been silver star for over 4 years.  It would really feel good, and the extra 50% fpp's is going to buy me a ton of Sunday Storm sat entries!  Wish me luck!  Hope to see you guys at the tables!!!



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                            The month of March has been very interesting for me.  After doubling my bankroll in February I hit the cash tables this month.  I quickly turned my $40 bankroll into over $100 at the 2NL tables in about 2 weeks.  At about that point I started hitting up some 5NL tables.  First one out of the eight tables at a time, then three, then finally all nine.  I have had some good sessions at 5NL, a couple terrible sessions, and many mediocre sessions.  I achieved Silver Star over a week ago which was fantastic!  It happened during my worst 5NL session so it didn't feel as great as expected.  Since then, my bankroll has been kind of stuck.  High variance is a side effect of my style (and multi-tabling), and lately I have been on the bad end of variance at the 5NL tables.  Also, when I give 2NL a go anytime during the last week, I have been twelve tabling instead of nine.  My edge is diminished greatly when I do this for two reasons.  I am not used to it and it is hard for me to pay attention to players as well, and the tables overlap on my screen which makes it even more difficult to function normally.  I may need to stick with nine tables max until I can either get a bigger monitor or a second one...

                            I wasted $11 cash on the Sunday Storm (1mil+ prizepool).  That wiped out a decent sized chuck of my bankroll.  I would never have spent that much, but the special 1 million prize pool was too much to pass up!  I have no plans to waste any more cash on tournaments for the near future.  I will need to use FPP for them or simply stick the the cash tables.

                            Anyways, I have high hopes for April.  My current goal is to grow my bankroll to $250 so I can take a stab at the 10NL tables!  Secondary goal is to maintain Silver Star status.

                            I'll leave you guys with this - The most important skill to learn when playing no limit cash games is to know when to fold!!!


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                              Glad to hear you're being careful with your roll, Rocker, and that you're doing fairly well. Sorry to hear that things are 'rocky' (pun intended?).

                              Good luck next month. You'll be able to handle more tables soon enough, I imagine.



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