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The Novice Online Poker Player

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  • The Novice Online Poker Player

    I am creating this blog so myself and others can comment on their game by game results. I would like to know what hands you played that seem to be bad beats and how ofter they happen. Are you on a continual loosing streak after some good results of putting what you have learned to the test. How many games and or days has this affected your standings.

    If you check my leaderboard standings you will see that I have a few days of decent play and then several days of what I consider a lesson in losing. Not that I never get cards to play each tour, but even the best of hands eventuslly go down to trash that gets lucky.

    3 hands that cost me an early out:
    1) I checked from the big blind with 97 suited to a limp in. The flop was J 10 8. I hit my straight and a flush draw with 1 more suited. I bet and was slow called. The turn had no affect so I bet again and again slow called. The river was A suited and I hit my flush only to be beaten by a bigger flush that was Q 2. Hard to see 2 good hands go to some one who should have never been in the hand.
    2) I called a small bet with A K suited and hit the nut flush on the flop.  He goes all in and I call with a larger stack and of course the nutts. He shows his small pocket pair and wins with the turn and river cards to hit quads.
    3) Finally I am short stacked (less than 8 big blinds) and am all in with pocket K's from early position. I get called with pocket 8's and they hit quads to put me out.

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    Something else I just realized. During my down swing/losing streak, I am seated with mostly new people that I have not played before. I mark every one with something so I know I have been on their table. Then notes for the ones that stand out.... good or bad. Is there a correlation between the 2... hhhmmmmmm.


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      Here I am out again before the points. Lost with trip J's to a flush on the river. I only keep playing because it is free and I know it will not last this way for ever. Even a bad player gets luck so I should get there if I dont quit. As the Gambler himself said .. got to know when to hold'em and when to fold'em. Guess I have more learning to do.


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        Any one know how to change your screen name? I need to change mine to "NoLuckAt All". Just played the last set with virtually no hands and bombed out with A Qo and only 3bb left. The leaders at the table hit everything and a quick check to the leaderboard showed them all at excessive minus. Again .. i am not the best player ...... YET ... but the suck outs continue ..


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          Pwrply, I have been going through the same thing, when I get a good starting hand, and it get's busted on the turn/river. I've been coming up with some ways for them to make this in to a non donkey league, or at least make a new quiz, maybe something that's tested on a curve, so the donkeys don't get in, and the real players even have a hard time making it, like in Quantum Physics class.


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            I began by putting notes on the players that I knew were donkeys but I found I was too busy typing a lot of notes every game. Instead, I began to make a note only on the GOOD players, their style, etc. If I kept noting the donkeys, nearly everyone would have a yellow note attached to them. With notes on the more skilled players, I can track them more easily during a tournament by scrolling down the list of players on the tourney lobby.

            Just a thought.


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              The first game of the day has come and gone for me already. I made it past the all in starters by folding every hand no matter how good I thought it was. I watched to see if my cards would have won and i might have won 1 of the 10 but even my pocket K's would have went down to a straight on the river. Most of my hands have been Q 2o or other garbage cards that I would not play anyway. I played a couple BB hands that I could check and got a small up twice and then a loss with A 10 suited to a short stack all in after the flop of A 7 9. Of course they win on the river with Q 7o and hit the trip 7's. So i fold again and again until I have A Qo in the BB and 3 bet to 450. I have 1 caller. The flop is A 4 5. The pot is 1250 so I am all in with my last 1055.
              He calls me and I an sick to find he called my original bet with 2 3s. So I am out 415th out of 751. Another minus to my standings. I try not to let it bother me but wonder when will it end and if my fear of going out early is causing me to play different and creating my own demise.


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                Hi Stake, I agree that they need to do something about the really bad players that dont care about playing a serious game. I do believe that if you learn how to get around these types of players, you will be sitting near the top of the leaderboard month after month. It also takes some luck as well. The best winning streak I had this month saw me lucking out against the all in players when I waited until they were short stacked and could not bust me out if they got the luck. Dont get me wrong, I still played only appropriate cards. But I hit my quads and others without losing to 7 4. Good luck to all the serious players.


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                  All decent players know that we must change up our play as we go along. Both to keep'em guessing and to combat against the other playing styles at your table. I watched several of the Sunday Millions, WSOP and other recorded tournements again to pick up on some of those different playing styles and hope to learn how to play against them. There are a few tells and actions I noted down so I could try them on the next tour game (Since I was out early in the last tour I had plenty of time to study up awhile). I have also read several books from some of the best players in the world. All of that advice only goes so far at the tables and you need to find the pieces that help YOUR game. Dont discount the other stuff because you may find that it helps to give your game a little boost when all that you have done to get where you are is now making you question if you know anything at all. The simplicity of the courses on this site are geared for the true beginner that needs a starting point. It is to bad that all those bad players only read enough to pass the test and reap havic on the rest of us that want to test our skills and play a good game.
                  The next tour is running and I am trying to apply my lastest and get past the points break.
                  As Always, Good Luck to all the serious players.


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                    I had mixed results in the last 2 tours I played. The 1st game went better than the second. I finished 14th in the 1st game but was out of the 2nd almost as fast as it started. The same suited A K and an A 5 7 on the flop was looking good in the 3rd hand but lost over half my stack to a low stacked all in with 10 9o. Can you guess? 9 on the turn and 10 on the river. No cards after that and had to stay out of the hands until I was down to 240 in chips and an A 10s. All in and was busted out to pocket K's. No time in that game to try out much of any new things. The earlier game however had some good results. I could afford to play cards I would not normally play after I called an all in with A 9 suited against lower cards trying to steal the pot with 4 people in. Everyone folded around to me and I called. A quick double up in early stages really helps because you can play to the other players more often and the blinds are still low enough that there is minimal loss if you have to fold. I dont mean you should play in every hand but you can see a flop or 2 that you might otherwise fold with less chips. Doing this also adds a changing look for the other players to figure out. When you are hitting, play a few more hands and take advantage of your current streak. Of course you have to do the opposite when you cant find any cards to save your life.The next tour will start soon and I hope I can last long enough to put more things to the test. It is still early enough in the month to make up some points and get back to some better money. This may not be my month to win 1st place but I will place in the money!
                    As always...Good Luck to the serious players. 


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                      I am counting yesterday as a success. Although I did not finish in 4 of the 6 games I played, the 2 i did get past the points put me on a plus for the day. Not enough to make a run at the leaders, but after the 3 day slide, its good to see a silver lining in the clouds. Being a novice, I am still trying new things to improve my game. Some worked great and I will definitely use it again. Others left me short stacked early and tough to recover. I did however turn a short stack of 290 into a 66th place finish in the final game. A little luck at just the right time goes a long way. Hitting your good cards and holding up in the blinds with other than preferred hands is the always a recipe for success. We all need that donk win suck out to survive. Not that you play bad cards, but on the reveil of an all in, you see that you are not the best hand. Then .. wait for it...wait for it ... there it is .. you know you just sucked out a win. It was sick . But for the first time in how many games it was sick in your favor. Now we have hope. A light at the end of the tunnel. A sigh of relief and we are ready for the next set of cards. We dont even care what the next cards are. We will fold in the blink of an eye and smile, if not out side at least inside, all the way through the next couple of hands. Then we feel the second wind of a run to the finish and are back to concentrating on the game and where our next winning hand will come from.
                      As Always.... Good Luck to the serious players!


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                        I have tried everything after going 3 days with out making the points. I have played only the category 3 or higher cards but couldn't hit without getting beat by a flush or straight. I tried playing Donk poker to see if I could get lucky for a hand or 2 to build up and then play safe again but could not suck out that way either. I have used time management to the max. Not clicking a button until the bar turns red. That did help last longer before I was taken out by the blinds and yet another river card. I dont believe the cards, site or anything like it is against me, but where do I go from here. I have been as high as 44th only to head right back down the crapper to 587. Then I crawled and scratched my way back to 56th, now I am probably back to the 500's if not worst. I think I have crashed in 12 games straight. Talking with other daily players and reading the blogs, we are all going through similar situations. So who is advancing if we are all struggling. There are only 4 days left in the month. Can I actually get back to some prolonged play before it ends.

                        Well as always, Good Luck to the serious players.



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