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I'm Surprised-BOII Reflection

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  • I'm Surprised-BOII Reflection

    I thought for sure the BOII bad beat stories would be stacked up a mile long by this morning. But perhaps this is a good sign - we have accepted, for the most part, that bad beats are part of every tournament. Although I have to admit the satellites yesterday were particularly brutal, as people tried to enact their revenge.

    My story - not uncommon. Card dead most of the tournament I told the table I hadn't seen a big pair all tourney. Three hands later I found the rockets. Maybe because I was just talking about it, a player assumed I had been setting up for a steal, because my 6-7X raise (all-in with my short stack) was called by pp 3s. Flop 788 and 2 spades. I had the As, mr. pp 3 had none. Turn spade rag. Mr pp 3 had 2 outs on the river and picks up the 3s. Nut flush down to the 2 outer boat. This was not a maniac caller, just someone with a decent stack, who thought I was stealing and got lucky. It happens. I'm actually glad I busted this way, as opposed to a blatant error in judgement - something that would have been far more difficult for me to face this morning. My demons will be recognizing that, even without cards, I needed to pull down more hands. With a bigger stack, my AA raise would have been more threatening to even the doubters. Gotta work on that stealing thing when the new year begins.

    Bruno's brush with the 76s player probably qualifies as a legitimate bad beat. Or perhaps poor jmuszzey's run in with an instant message popping up on his screen. When he tried to move/close it he hit the all-in button with 47o. That is more the stuff of tournament tragedy.

    Some great players made it into the money. They had their share of bad beats and luck. But their skillful play saw them through.

    My congratulations to them all,
    oil doe