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Bad card day....

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  • Bad card day....

    You gotta laff :lol: (my first ever bad beat post )

    Early in BOII, 3 limpers, I limp with 44 on the button
    Flop is K:d:4:d:5:c:
    EPP bets a fairish amount. I put him on a K or flush draw and call. Headsup.
    Turn is 5:d:, making my boat. He bets 2K. I call, slaughtering his stupid flush (would he bet out with quad 5's, or limp with KK pre-flop? Nah. 54? Nah)
    River is an offsuit A. He bets his stack which I call.
    He has A5o. Ah well. That was hard to read :roll:

    A little later the blinds are still fairly low and I'm down to 3k or so, same player is among 3 limpers. I have KK in the BB and bet all-in. He calls with KQo (?) and the board comes 8QQ8x. Exit me.
    5 minutes later he's out, having dumped about 12k in 3 hands.

    I go and play a NLHE sat. Early on it's folded to me in the SB with KQ. I raise the tiny pot, get called by the BB. Flop is KQ2o. I check, BB goes all-in and I call. He has JTo and the turn is a 9.

    Enough is enough. It's take a break time.

    Later ...