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Pocket Aces can be deadly!

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  • Pocket Aces can be deadly!

    Playing in our weekly home game/tournament last weekend with Top2Pair, the following hand came up that still has me thinking. We had 2 brand new players to the event and a 3rd that had played before, but was really weak. One of the brand new players was showing us all kinds of garbage hands from the start, so I slowed down into a more conservative stance and decided to wait for a good hand to pick him off with. Of course we all wish for pocket Aces, and I was delighted when I looked down to see those rockets. I knew this was my best chance to take some chips from the new guy, so I went all-in without hesitating. Too my surprise one of the regular players sitting to my immediate left, said "I'm all-in" within about 2 seconds of my bet. The brand new player then said, in an almost cocky tone, "Alright, I'll play with you...let's see what you got!" The regular player to my left showed me his K-K and grimaced when I showed him my A-A. The regular player just shrugged his shoulders at me. The brand new player then proudly displayed his J-10 diamonds. Of course the flop brings 8-9-2 with 2 diamonds. Our brand new guy just flopped an open ended straight draw and a 4 flush to boot. My oh my! The turn card brings a harmless 3 of clubs, but to my shock and disgust, the river brings us a King...of diamonds! Now the brand new guy makes a flush, the regular player to my left makes trip Kings, and I am left holding the third best hand with my A-A.

    Of course, the brand new guy took all those chips and ended up winning the game. To no surprise, the new guy calls me every day and asks when the next poker game is. Luckily for me, those Aces are going to win 9 out of 10 times. Good luck next time, new guy!