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Who will listen?

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  • Who will listen?

    Scene: Rggator’s Office. Four cats are in the room, all are sleeping.

    Rggator sits slumped in his chair, staring at a dark computer screen. He reaches into the trashcan and pulls out a crumpled note which he straightens and begins reading.

    Dear rggator:

    I am staying at a friend’s house. Please call me when the bad beats end. Maybe it is not too late to work things out. The number is 212-1212. And DO NOT call to share another bad beat story; I will hang up and I will phone my lawyer and tell him to file the papers.

    Signed, Mrs. Rggator.
    Rggator sets the note aside. He picks up the phone and dials his mother’s number. A mechanical voice says: “The party you are trying to reach has placed a PRIVACY BLOCK on this number.”

    Good god, even his own mother won’t take his calls.

    Rggator looks around the room. Wires dangle from the back of his computer where he ripped them out after his last bad beat. The mouse cord hangs from the ceiling fan.

    Rggator stands and shuts the door.

    He begins to speak: His four cats all lift their heads simultaneously and look up at him.

    “A two-outer. Again. Can you believe it? This was a real money tournament guys. I had a 77 and I limped from middle position. A guy reraises me $300, the BB calls. I got implied odds here, so I call. The flop is 76Q rainbow. Perfect. I bet out half the pot. These guys will call anything. I get only one caller though. The turn is a 6. Woohoo. I bet out only $200, like that second 6 scared me. He reraises me $200. Wow. I go for it. Pot-sized raise, which puts me all in. He calls. The pot is up to around $9,500 now. Both hands show. I was expecting an AQ or something, but the guy has JJ.”

    He stares in the direction of the cats.

    The oldest cat puts her paws over her ear. She’s heard this, or a similar story, 1000 times.

    Another cat begins to wail

    The other two cats make a dash for the door. Once paws at the carpet, trying desperately to escape. The small tabby jumps and catches the door handle (this is one smart cat). She misses.

    Rggator is oblivious. “And you know what came on the river….”

    The tabby leaps again, catches the handle and the door inches open. The cat that had been clawing at the bottom of the door, pulls the door open. The cats race from the room, rggator on their heels.

    “How could the guy stay in with JJ, how does he do that?”

    The cats round the corner.

    Hahahaha, thinks rggator. All the outside doors are locked; they can’t escape me now.

    He begins another story: “Ok, I’m in the SB with AA, I raise 6X the BB. The BB, they reraise all in. If you can believe this, they had….”

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    :lol: :lol: 8O :lol: :lol:


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      LOL Randy, my cats don't like the bad beat stories either.


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        :lol: :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen: :lol:

        : :surprise: :shifty:


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          Hazy said:
          LOL Randy, my cats don't like the bad beat stories either.
          My dogs would be happy to give your cats a "bad beat"


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            Like that's possible.


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              LOL Randy, my cats don't like the bad beat stories either.

              My dogs would be happy to give your cats a "bad beat"


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                Good therapy for bad beats = kicking cats!