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Please Remind Me That ........

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  • Please Remind Me That ........

    I WANT players to raise my BIG ACES and POCKET PAIRS with K-rag offsuit. Even when they do it back-to-back (same player even). :twisted: :twisted:

    But hitting with cheese twice in a row is a frustrating way to be denied a final table.

    Whining is over. Shut-up, Shuffle-up and
    Deal Me In.

  • #2
    It is not an individual bad beat that gets you, it is when they run in some freaky pattern.

    But sometimes ten Tails show up in a row on a coin flip.



    • #3
      They aren't "Bad Beats", they are "Statistical Anomalies". String a few togethers and they are a "Statistical Clump" instead of a "Run of Bad Luck".

      Even though they sound more benign this way, I still hate'em! :evil:


      • #4
        please remind me...

        player dealt down Ts Td
        player posts the small blind $75
        player posts the big blind $150
        player folds
        player folds
        player folds
        player folds
        player raises $300 to $450
        player raises $1,475 to $1,925 and is all-in
        player calls $1,475
        player shows cards Qh Tc
        player shows cards Ts Td
        >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 6s 2h 3s ]
        >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Qd ]
        >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 9c ]


        • #5
          My play stunk worse than a week dead skunk.


          • #6
            Originally posted by dreams32097
            player shows cards Qh Tc
            Isn't it strange how people are so attracted to QT0 ????
            Also K9, A4s,22, J8s.
            I think they've been reading Lou Krieger's starting hand charts 8O

            C'mon Lou....


            • #7
              It is a known fact that QTo dominates hands like KK.
              Surprised none of you know this. :lol:




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