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Learning how to knit now

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  • Learning how to knit now

    Losing is always annoying but I can handle that. I kick a few doors , smash the keyboard , put my nails in my boyfriends face. I know I shouldn't do that and I always apologize afterwards to the kicked in doors and the broken keyboard. But not to my boyfriend doo , because it's his own fault that I attack him. After I smash my keyboard and kicked the doors , hurting my foot , he asks me in a certain tone and whit a smile :" did you lose again ? How many times did I tell you to stop playing that stupid gambling game and find a hobby that was invented for females , like knitting. " But after getting the first aid kit and while attending to his scratches I explain to him that poker is a great game and not jus a gambling game. If you play well you can win and sometimes you make wrong decisions and then you lose. And sometimes , even if you play well and make the right decisions, you lose against even better hands. And then u get angry ? he asked. No , I replied, I can get slightly irritated when I lose to hands that aren't as good as mine at the start but still that can happen because poker is a game of making combinations and with worse starting hands it is possible to make the best combination. And then I showed him some hands to explain what I meant.I fisrt showed him 2 hands I did win. Then I showed him a hand I lost Ok he said , I can see now that losing this hand can irritate u , but still not worth kicking the poor door. No it isn't , I said. But the next two hands are. They are from my last two tournaments I played. After watching these hands he didn't say anything but just looked at me shaking his head and putting that certain smile on his face again and making that disapproving noise with his tongue. I try to ignore it and pretend I don't see it because I know what it means. He just keeps on doing it till I am so irritated that I say that word he wants to hear ;"WHAT ??? " Before replying he made sure he was out of the reaching distance of my nails. Then he puts on his wise guys face and starts. "It must bite u in the nose before u will see it. It's not just me telling u to stop playing even the programme itself is telling u to stop. The hand with u having AK against 62 , there is directly 62 on the flop. The hand AA against AJ hearts , then the flop is directly 3 hearts cards. This program is just telling u, just like me , GO KNITTING. " For a minute or so I just stood there looking at him not saying anything. Now you are angry again? he asked. I just walked past him and put on my coat and walked to the door. "Now u are just walking away ? Very mature" he said I am not walking away I replied , I am just going to the store to buy a knitting kit.

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    Being a pro at knitting and completely out of wool and nothing else to do I decided to try and play poker again and see if my luck had changed. I am going to buy more wool tomorrow.


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      You dont need to learn how to knit You need to learn how to say "next" umbup:umbup: Seen one bad beat seen them all, beats happen in poker embrace them as part of the game and move on to the NEXT game. Could be bad if you had travelled 100's or 1000's of miles to play a live MTT and bust out early to a bad beat that would hurt and would need to drown my sorrows. But online there is always another game to register too, so no need to get mad just use solid BRM and avoid negative thinking and tilt and you should do ok. And say no to domestic violence


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        ^^ +1

        In the long run you're gonna get your AAs cracked as often as you will crack them yourself. Problem is we tend to remember the beats we suffer from and forget about those times we do benefit from a bad beat.

        One way I found to be helpful in reducing tilt from these beats, in tourneys at least, is to play enough table that you can't really watch the hand once the money is in because you have other action to take care of. I find that I tilt way less when I see all 5 cards dealt plus the result all at once then when I actually see the action. Then again I'm not always on multiple tables, like at the end of a session, and I find myself rooting for a blank on the river, and reacting to the result. But you have to learn to be happy to get the money in good and realizing that you have no control over what happens next.



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