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Living the dream !

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  • Living the dream !

    So I'm sitting with a busted ass bankroll on a sunday morning, cant ask for a stake, because I feel ashamed that my last FIVE consecutive stakes went bust and I couldnt take it anymore, I cant deposit online I've tried asking for a friends help but turns out I cannot deposit funds from a friends credit card, YIKES , so ...

    I did what any amature would do, opened up google and searched : free online poker bankrolls ...

    A site came up by the name of 888poker and was offering 8$ startup bonus without any deposit, so I downloaded the app on my cell phone and created a new account, WALA ... 2$ in cash and 6$ in 1$ tournament tickets plus 2 tickets to the LIVING THE DREAM 5000$ FREE ROLL.

    Forget about what happened to the 2$ cash and 6 x 1$ tournament tickets.

    My story is about the 1 player from pakistan among 9168 players from all over the world ... odds of Pakistan winning ? you do the math ...

    LIVING THE DREAM 5000$ FREEROLL started at around my 3 pm local time, the tournament began with 8000+ players and late registration closed at 9186. starting chips 3000 and 5 min levels ...

    Now bare in mind this is an entirely new setting for me since I'm so tuned to playing on Pokerstars and Full tilt Poker, so all cozy in my balcony with a pack of cigarettes I started playing ... in under 15 min I had trippled up from various players who some people reffer to as DONKS and was on my way towards the top of the leaderboard, there came a time from 4pm till 4:30pm where I encountered a Russian player, he and I were the only two active players at the table, the rest were sitting out, so I politely asked him if he and I can take the blinds one by one LOL ... he agreed and we kept on collecting blinds till we both beefed up about 8k in chips, my stack was very healthy about 38k, then came the break ...

    At the break I was still not sure what I was up against since my tempo of playing hands had been broken by collecting blinds alternately but I lunged on and kept winning a hand here and there. Rest of the tournament details are foggy right now, but keep reading as I share what all happened.

    I called a friend on the phone and told her what was up, she kept on the line with me for about 45 min as I played, poor soul doesnt know anything about poker and gets a lecture on everything about it in the 45 min I kept talking. she asked me to keep her updated by means of text messages. I agreed and hung up.

    I texted friends that I was doing well in a tournament, the boys I usually play with live.

    So a friend texts in half hour later : hahaha I bet U BUSTED out of the tournament.

    My reply: ask me after 2 hours

    I kept throwing eggs and tomatos at various players who were not respecting the game, YEAH over at 888 poker you can throw stuff lol.

    At around 6 pm, tables started playing hand for hand, and in two minutes, we were all in the money my bankroll just came into positive

    1450 players left and I was if I'm not mistaken somewhere in the top 100. I really wish I had noted down my stats along the way but I didn't really expect to reach that far ... anyways, double ups tripple ups hurray hurrays later I find my self battling out at top 70th place with 500+ players left.


    I called my friend again and asked her to make a guess at where I'd fininsh, she said top 15 and with one member on my rail , I continued on ...

    She texted me at 7:07pm : ''Score? I can't get on call, Dad would Kill me ! hahaha

    My reply at 7:08pm : hahaha im 8 out of 100.

    7:09pm her text : **deleted inappropriate language JWK24** wow, told you top 15 I WON

    7:10pm my reply: Right now the game is still on !

    7:10pm her reply: but I got right no? Best of luck

    7:11pm my reply : Thanks, its not over till its over

    7:11pm her reply: Quit with the money you already own xD

    7:12pm my reply: Im in a tournament sweerheart, I dont have anything till I bust out or it finishes.

    7:12pm her reply: Awww

    7:36pm her text: Score?

    7:36pm my reply : 9 out of 38

    7:37pm her reply: Not bad , Doctor Sahab (sir) ( because yes I am a dotor )

    7:37pm my reply : Game on !

    7:47pm my text : 5 of 26

    7:47pm her reply: oye hoyeee

    7:51pm my text : 2 of 23

    7:52 her reply : **deleted inappropriate language JWK24**
    8:12 her text : SO?

    8:13pm my reply: 3 of 16

    8:13pm her reply: You must win!

    8:16pm my text: 1 of 14

    8:23pm: my text: 3 of 11

    8:48pm my text: 3 of 3

    8:53pm my last text: Im out at 3 of 9168 players and won 125$ $end a kiss my way !

    9:00pm her reply : Thats not bad, thats not bad at all hahaha Congratulations

    So there you have it folks, Im not a big stategy talker, I dont even remember my hands at the moment Im so psyched and happy with my winnings, from minor stakes to a healthy bankroll of 125$, ty 888 poker for making one of my small dreams come true
    Last edited by JWK24; Fri Sep 26, 2014, 09:52 PM.

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