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Stars is soul crushing....

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  • Stars is soul crushing....

    So i've just played 1k cash hands at 2nl 6-max, ended down 4 and a half BIs. I'm just amazed at how many suckouts i can possibly get in one session, i'm seriously considering just giving up with poker especially on stars, its crushing my **deleted inappropriate language JWK24** soul. Just fold he obviously has the nuts despite having 2 blockers myself. Surely not ANOTHER rivered hand winning card...oh wait. One over? no problem here is 4 of a kind. 'Variance' just kicked me out of the park tonight, don't even want to know the odds on me losing ALL of these hands, but i know the odds will be so short, even the most experienced gambler wouldn't bother
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    1. You had a good starting hand, played it by the book preflop, but after you saw the turn, and you saw this guy re-raising you, it was for sure on that board he has something (I mean he called your preflop raise).

    There were so many outs for you to get beaten, your all-in was completely unnecessary. Straight draw, Flush draw. You're not very good with trips there, even if you think "Yeh I got trip aces", There are still many hands that can beat you. A pair of aces in your hand is favorite preflop, but after flop everything can turn arround.

    2. This I must admit was a real bad beat. You should've considered to biggen up your bets a little bit after you saw on the turn that there was no draw for a flush/straight. Even tho you want to get value from your hand, there are still some outs that can beat your pair of aces, so better bet higher to pressure your oponnent.

    3. Happens, you had to consider that there are still higher cards then your JQS. There was still a A and a K Diamonds above you. I would've probably done the same, but the semi-bluff there on the flop was not appropiate vs 2 players.

    4. You really should've reraised there preflop. You allready would've won 24c when other players would've folded and that's a good value for the stackes you're playing. You showed no aggresion on the straight draw flop, you shoul've done it again with some reraising to gain information. Anyway, the player with A9 called, you should've known he got a pair on the flop. You saw that 2nd 9 coming on the river and decided there to bet - not good. Check/fold would've been much safer.

    5. That was just bad played, you saw the villain calling your flop bet, you weren't even highest pair on the table, another 9 turns and you decided to bet again, he called/raised and you continued. You should've folded at least after the turn.


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      You can't be calling turn and river raises with 1 pair hands and blame your losses on variance. Learn to re-evaluate the strength of your hands post-flop when facing aggression and stop calling raises with pairs and you won't be donating stacks as much.



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