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2nl cash table, Stars Variance.

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  • 2nl cash table, Stars Variance.

    So i started playing cash yesterday, and look at my first 2 AA hands. I've had AA 8 times so far, 6 folded pots, and these 2. Not folding an over pair to a donktard, can't exactly put him on 36 for the straight... Top set good enough? na.

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    Well,like you said,you just recently started playing 2NL.

    So maybe by now,seeing as this post is 3 weeks old (I just don't come here much anymore) you've had Rule #1 at 2NL drilled into your head...

    ...If they bet like they have,they have it.

    First hand as soon as the shove came I knew it was either 63 or 86. Should they ever be spewing money into the pot to chase a gutter like that? Of course not. But that's what bad players do. Just value bet them to death,but if they suddenly go from calling to betting back at you or even shoving take a long look at the board and how it could interact with their cards? DO NOT look at it as how YOU would play,but from the view-point of "Would a bad player chase a gut-shot like this?"

    Second hand,same thing. As soon as he bet back at you,KT was an obvious possibility.

    Classic bad player line here...limps along with a marginal hand,compounds this by making a horrible call when you 3-bet to 6x. Hard to find you fold button here with top set,I get that. Not sure I could. But his play here is a play you have to account for at 2NL...he limped,once he did that then a hand like KTs falls easily within the range of what he would call your 3-bet with. Heck,a K and a red #5 UNO card would fall into the range he would call your 3-bet with for most players at 2NL because they play like petulant 5-year olds. He had already put 2 cents in the pot,he's never leaving the hand until he sees a flop.

    That's a prevalent mind-set at 2NL.


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      Yeah Moxie, I agree, plenty of times in small tourneys I have been sitting with AA in the early stages (when you are wading through the fish) and someone has called my all in PF with a T3o and landed trips.

      Trey just take it as a learning curve. For next time the situation comes up analyse the flop and if it's a dry board you might as well but be very careful on wet boards like this. if you don't get into a habit of analysing the board and counting your outs+expected outs of your opponent based on betting pattern you will not gain much.

      see Reading-flops for a more in depth explanation.


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        1st hand fold river obviously, i would even check it back probably around 20% of a time. No villain EVER overbet shoves as a bluff on 2NL.
        Second hand is standard imo, just a cooler i would also get it in they will have two pairs and flush draws, but this is villain dependant, nits will have KT like 99% of time, but obviously some will get it in with like 45 clubs there.


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          yep agree it stinks to lose with aces but at least the first hand you could have played better. You should have bet bigger on the turn in the first hand, think about the range he is calling with. And when he shoves river think to yourself what value hands you can beat and is he ever bluffing. I think the only value hands we beat is AQ and KQ, but does he put that much in the pot with those hands.. pretty much never. then all the two pair hands and of course the straight that got there with 63 or 86. I really can't think of a bluff there.

          Second hand was a bit of a cooler, I probably bust in that hand too.

          p.s. when I saw the hand I though 55 or 86 in the first hand
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